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XL Terrestrial

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He’s an extra-terrestrial with an extra-large appetite for villainy! The size-changing XL Terrestrial studied at the sinister Hive Academy under the tutelage of Brother Blood – where he met other students who shared his taste for treachery.

XL Terrestrial later allied himself with the Brotherhood of Evil- an evil criminal cartel determined to destroy the Teen Titans. The Brotherhood began to capture teen heroes around the world, eliminating them one by one. When Robin was captured, it was up to Beast Boy to save them all. Gathering new allies Jericho, Herald, Pantha and Mas, Beast Boy successfully led an assault team to liberate the Titans and defeat the Brotherhood of Evil.

  • XL Terrestrial appeared briefly in DECEPTION; His first ‘full’ appearance is in the episode, CALLING ALL TITANS.
  • The Hive Academy kids were originally “throwaway” characters, but the animated crew liked them so much they ended up using them in season five.

Story Editor David Slack on the Hive students: “You know, we populated the school with villains, and by the end of season four, we ended up using almost all of them. Because they were good designs. The guy with the eye on his chest – he’s called Seemore. We used him in an upcoming episode on season four. Sooner or later, we wanted to use all those characters, because I think they’re fun designs.”

XL Terrestrial did not appear in the comic books; The character was created for the animated series.

Calling All Titans
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