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Wonder Girl Free To Appear on YOUNG JUSTICE

GREAT news for Teen Titans fans… there is no longer any rights issues preventing Wonder Girl from appearing on the upcoming YOUNG JUSTICE cartoon!

From Producer Greg Weisman’s blog: “There is NO LONGER a legal issue about Wonder Girl. But there was when we originally developed the series.”

Greg also explains more about the series: “Just as on Spec Spidey, we developed YJ to combine characters from different eras to create a cohesive, coherent yet contemporary whole, without losing what’s classic and iconic about these teen characters. That meant borrowing from classic Teen Titans as well as Young Justice and other arenas as well. Just as we borrowed from Spidey’s high school years, his college years and more recent arenas as well. On Spec Spidey, we said it was early days in the Marvel Universe (recast as 2008). On YJ, it’s early days in the DC Universe (recast as 2010).

It’s the exact same thing — from my point of view at least. It’s adaptation with a starting point. Where it goes from that starting point…? Time will tell.”

And, on Peter David writing for the show: “He’ll have written two episodes by the end of Season One.”

Visit the Young Justice Animated Series Guide for more information.

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    So, does this mean the Artemis character will disappear, or will WG not be on the show at first? Regardless, this is great news!

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      Wonder Girl won’t be on the show at first, obviously because they’re already well along on the show’s development. It’s FAR too late for them to make Artemis disappear. Wonder Girl didn’t get free until very recently.

      According to the producers, Artemis wasn’t brought in to be a stand-in for Wonder Girl, Speedy or Arrowette. They seem to imply that her character was brought in for a specific reason. I’m guessing that Artemis will either remain on the team for the entire series, or she’ll prove to be one of the character’s who the producers hinted would be killed in the progression of the series.

      Meanwhile, I’m betting Wonder Girl will either be a reoccurring guest start, who might later join the team either in the second half of the first season or the second season (assuming they get one).

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    It’s a real pity that this ban wasn’t lifted during the Teen Titans cartoon. While that series wasn’t my favorite DC cartoon, I would have loved to have seen Donna, Dick, Wally, Roy and Gar doing an “original” Titans episode.

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    This is fantastic news. I cannot wait until Wonder Girl appears.


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