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Wonder Girl

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The Teen Titans found themselves on a race around the world against the Brotherhood of Evil, who were trying to eliminate teen superheroes for their own sinister purposes. Along the way, the Titans rallied a collection of new allies to their cause! Among them, a ponytailed heroine with Amazon strength and fists of fury!

  • In the comic books, Wonder Girl is a founding member of the Teen Titans.
  • The creative team desperately wanted to use Wonder Girl, one of the founding members of the Teen Titans. But due to legal and licensing reasons, Wonder Girl was not available for use. But if you look carefully at the Brotherhood’s viewscreens in HOMECOMING [part two], there is an ‘unidentified’ black haired girl with a ponytail and yellow star earrings. This is Wonder Girl’s first ‘unofficial’ appearance on the series.
  • The viewscreens grouped the five founding Teen Titans in order: Robin, Speedy, Kid Flash, Speedy and Wonder Girl.
  • Wonder Girl makes her second ‘unofficial’ appearance on the animated series in CALLING ALL TITANS with another cameo. She is seen on the compass wheel.
  • Wonder Girl officially debuted in the Teen Titans animated universe with TEEN TITANS GO! #36, a comic book that featured a cover by Glen Murakami using the unused animated series design: “Celebrate the debut of an all-new Titan with a special cover by the cartoon series’ producer and character designer, Glen Murakami! When there’s trouble, you know who to call…but who does Robin call when the other Titans are in danger? This time he recruits Aqualad, Kid Flash, Speedy and…Wonder Girl!”

Producer David Slack on the ponytailed heroine: “That is an un-named female heroine. And will remain so.”

TEEN TITANS GO! Comic Book Writer J Torres on using Wonder Girl: “She was kind of snuck onto the show, appearing only in a couple of quick cameos. I don’t think they were allowed to do more than that with her, but I immediately asked if we could use her in the comic after seeing the cameos. We generally had to follow the show’s lead in terms of introducing new characters but now that it’s wrapped, we have a little more freedom. So, I eventually got the go ahead. With Robin, Aqualad, Speedy, and Kid Flash already on the show, she was the only missing founding member. And like a lot of Titans fans, I wanted to see the fab five together again.”

“In her debut issue, I play it like she’s been around a while and already a Titan. She was there when the Titans fought the Brotherhood of Evil towards the end of the animated series. They’re teammates, they’re buds, let’s just jump right into the action, shall we? We do get to know a little bit about her background, but we may explore that further the next time she shows up in the comic.”

Wonder Girl, also known as Donna Troy, is Wonder Woman’s younger sister. She first appeared – and joined the Teen Titans – in Brave and the Bold #60 [1965]. When Donna discovered her true Titanic heritage, she became the heroine known as Troia.

Homecoming [part two]
Calling All Titans


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