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Wizard #88: Devin Grayson Interview

from Wizard #88 [Devin Grayson Interview, 1998]
Devin talks about Catwoman, Titans, and being a woman writing comics.

First on the menu is Grayson’s dream project, DC’s new Titans series, launching in January. “[DC editor] Eddie Berganza put it like this when he pitched the idea to me: ‘Could we possibly interest you in writing Titans?’ ” she says, raising her eyebrows knowingly. “He knew damn well that I’d be ecstatic about that. I can remember him saying, ‘Are you cool with that?’ I almost fainted. I’m insanely excited about this.”

Grayson glows when she talks about Titans but doesn’t want to give too much away. Here’s some info she would spill: The five founding members-Nightwing, Flash, Tempest Arsenal and Donna Troy (formerly Wonder Girl, with a new code name pending copyright approval)-will be on the team, as well as a second wave of former Titans (she’s not saying who yet). Big threats are planned, along with some intra-team romance.. and a theme that Grayson explores in much of her work: family.

“When I talk about family, I’m talking about the concept-not genetics,” Grayson explains. “It’s the kind you search out; the people you look for throughout your life who allow you to be as much yourself as possible. Dick Grayson and Donna Troy are so clearly that for each other. In fact, all the Titans are. That’s why Titans is such a dream lob for me. It resonates of that feeling: ‘Yeah-We’re going to be there for each other no matter what, because we don’t have anyone else.’

The Titans will be doing more than bonding they’II be taking on some familiar villains. The terrorist group HIVE will return with a new leader and a new mission: to rid the world of all superpowered beings. A Titans version of the Injustice Gang will form, co-led by the immortal megalomaniac Vandal Savage. Expect to see an all-new villain named Goth to surface around issue #3, as well as guest appearances galore.

“It’s a really powerful team, something that can be problematic,” she continues. “You start looking at a threat and you have to say, ‘Whoa. Just one of these guys could handle this.’ But that’s the interesting part. If one of them could take this down, why are they working together? They can work alone. But they come together and explore the needs in one another’s lives. That’s family to me.”

Don’t call the Titans a bunch of second-stringers…

… at least not while writer Devin Grayson is around. She’s spent months reading back issues to make sure her upcoming Titans series, launching in January, is loyal to the characters and keeps readers happy. Here’s her take on the personalities of the five core members of the team-and what motivates each of them.

Nightwing [Dick Grayson]

“Dick Grayson knows leading a team is time-consuming and stressful. But his conflict is he’s a deeply responsible person; it’s really hard to let this stuff happen without in some way checking in or watching over the people involved. When the team starts up, he has some serious questions about whether it’s a good idea to start the Titans up again.”

Donna Troy

“Donna [first as Wonder Girl, then Troia] used to be the den mother, but we’re not going to see a lot of that She’s been through a really difficult time lately. Basically, she’s been told that she was [wiped from existence in Wonder Woman#134-#136], but then was restored through the memories of Wally [West, aka. Flash]. When we start, she’s going to be examining those issues. But she will have her Amazonian powers back… and some new ones.”

Flash [Wally West]

“Dick’s busy, but Wally West’s even busier. Not only does he have his own city to protect-if not the world-he’s a member of the JLA and the Titans. He joins the Titans out of friendship. In a sense he makes a sacrifice, but he does it gracefully. There’s no resentment there. But when the Titans start scheduling meetings at the same time the JIA does, that’ll tick him off a little,”

Arsenal [Roy Harper]

“On some levels, Roy Harper would just be happy continuing to be his own man without the Titans. But he finds the dynamics pretty irresistible-not to mention the free rent [in their new HQ on Titans Island]. Since he’s raising his baby daughter full-time, he knows you can’t really get a better group of baby sitters than the Titans, He’s a man who just kind of goes where his path takes him.”

Tempest [Garth]

“Tempest [aka. Garth] is a man with something to prove. He’s another one of the members who’d just as soon do his own thing, but he’s gaining a sense of confidence, although he may be the guietest one on the team. He becomes the Titans’ treasurer. That’s a new position for hire, and he’ll find he has more of a voice than he ever had before.


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