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Wizard #136: “A Toon of Titanic Proportions”

Cartoon Network, Kids’ WB! team up for a “Teen Titans” cartoon, slated to bow in 2003
An article from Wizard #136, 2002

Talk about a titanic acquisition.

Cartoon Network and the Kids’ WBl have teamed up to produce a brand-new, half-hour animated series based on DC Comics’ classic comic property, Teen Titans. Set to debut sometime in 2003 (premiere date and airing times have yet to be scheduled), “Teen Titans” borrows heavily from the 1980s New Teen Titans era by writer Marv Wolfman and artist George Pérez, notably in the cast, which consists of Robin, the Boy Wonder, Cyborg, Starfire, Raven and Beast Boy (a.k.a. Changeling).

However, while New Teen Titans often dealt with serious teen issues like drug abuse and runaways, the “Teen Titans” cartoon will have the five heroes banding together in a future era to protect Earth from intergalactic strife and interplanetary battles.

“I know they made a lot of changes, both visually and conceptually,” noted Pérez. “But considering how long I’ve been away from the book and how many changes have been made since Marv and I worked on the series, the idea that they’re giving a little tip of the hat by using the characters that Marv and I created… I’m tickled!”

Heading up production on “Teen Titans” will be Emmy Award-winning Producer Glen Murakami, who scored big successes with his work on “Justice League” and “Batman Beyond.” “With the animated series being brought to life by Glen Murakami’s great team, we look forward to new worlds of creative magic,” said DC Comics President/Publisher Paul Levitz.

For those not familiar with the comic book versions of the young heroes who make up the Teen Titans, check out the rundowns of each character in the call-out captions below!

CYBORG: When Vic Stone was injured in an explosion at STAR Labs, his father replaced the ruined parts at his body with cybernetic implants, which gave him super-strength, enhanced speed and a wide variety of special weapons, including lasers, sonic disruptors and advanced computer hardware.

RAVEN: The daughter at an Earth woman and an other-dimensional demon, Raven possesses vast empathic and healing powers, can travel in-between dimensions and has the ability to unleash her “soul-self” which can force an enemy to be overwhelmed by his or her worst fears.

BEAST BOY: After undergoing an experimental medical treatment to save his life, Gar Logan (also known as the Changeling in the comic series) gained the ablity to transform his physical structure into any animal he could imagine.

STARFIRE: Koriandr hails from the proud warrior planet of Tamaran. where all of her race can convert solar energy into flight. But when she was kidnapped by the evil Psions, their experiments granted her the ability to store untold amounts of energy and unleash devastating blasts.

ROBIN, THE BOY WONDER: Batman’s trusted partner and ward, Robin acts as the Teen Titans leader. Utilizing his superb technical training, computer skills and high-flying acrobatics to reach the heights of human potential

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