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He’s four hundred pounds of primal, heroic fury! Wildebeest met the Titans when the evil Master of Games held his own Tournament of Heroes super-competition. The contest was actually a ruse – the Master of Games was out to steal their super-abilities to use for his own evil purposes. The boy heroes joined together to defeat the Master of Games.

After this adventure, Wildebeest was given a Titans communicator and made an honorary member of the team. Later, the Brotherhood of Evil hunted down teen heroes around the globe. Wildebeest encounted Madame Rouge and was one of the first heroes to fall. Wildebeest was later liberated by Beast Boy’s team of Titans. The combined might of Titans together led to the downfall of the Brotherhood.

  • The animated Wildebeest is a blend of the various comic book versions of the Wildebeest character[s].
  • In Wildebeest’s first appearance in WINNER TAKE ALL, his voice was uncredited
Producer David Slack on Wildebeest: “We had so many characters in that episode. It’s amazing how fast the script fills up with just five people – never mind nine. So Wildebeest just grunts. When you have that many characters to juggle, it’s not so bad to have a character that just grunts. Dwayne [McDuffie] and I were still able to make some jokes about what he does. With Wildebeest, you just ‘write the look’; He’s this great, big guy.”

Wildebeest was originally a mysterious villain dressed in a Wildebeest costume who first appeared in NEW TEEN TITANS #36-37 [1987]. Later, it was revealed there was a whole Wildebeest Society; To that end, the original Wildebeest, who became the Society’s leader, created the clever strategy of permitting only one member to be seen in public at any one time. The Society was defeated by the Titans, leaving them with a baby Wildebeest.

Baby Wildebeest was a genetic experiment created by the evil society. The docile baby would hulk-out to a giant Wildebeest creature to defend his newfound friends, the Titans.

Winner Take All
Calling All Titans
Titans Together

Dee Bradley Baker as Wildebeest

Dee Bradley Baker provides various voices for the series, including: Plasmus, Cinderblock, Soto, Soto’s dog, Wildebeest, Larry the Titan and Glgrdsklechhh.

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