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When John Trumbull Outed Dan Didio’s Wife as a Donna Troy Fan

Every week, the Comics Should Be Good blog at CBR runs a feature, “The Line It Is Drawn.” Each week, a group of artists (including myself) chooses a piece based on Twitter feed suggestions around a theme. For Cover Homage week, one fan suggested “Uncanny X-Men #141 as a DCNu parody: various poster characters listed as Rebooted, Never Existed…”

Artist John Trumbull did a fantastic job in a hilarious piece that features fan-favorites Wally West and Donna Troy:

John offered up this clever piece of art as a print at the Ashbury Park Comic-Con on March 30th.

Trumbull first posted on Facebook: “…and Dan Didio just stopped by my table. A long silent stare at my New 52 piece before he moved on. :)”

Followed by, “Back home from the Asbury Park Comic Con. Lots of fun bits to the day, but the definite highlight has to be this: Dan Didio and his wife came back around to my table and bought a copy of my New 52 piece. It will apparently be displayed at a place of honor somewhere in the Didio household.”

Even funnier: Trumbull shared that Didio’s wife  is a Donna Troy fan, and it’s part of the reason Dan bought the print. To which Trumbull quipped, “Oh so you have a mixed marriage.”


Trumbull signed the print for them. It reads, “To (Dan’s wife’s name): Tell Dan it’s nothing personal.”

I think she has grounds for annulment. ; )

Here’s a photo from the show:

You can find more of John’s work on his Deviant Art Page, and more from “The Line It Is Drawn” here!

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