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This slick superthief is always ready for a clean getaway. With his teleporting techno-suit, he can zap himself in and out of a bank vault with a load of cash. In fact, he can even teleport anything he touches, which makes capturing Warp a tricky prospect. If Warp was not so obsessed with taking credit for his robberies, he might be the perfect criminal.

Warp traveled back in time to steal a priceless antique clock. But when the Teen Titans showed up to stop him, the villain tried to escape. And in a last-ditch effort to catch the crook, Starfire was pulled into his Time Vortex – and was accidentally hurled 20 years into the future. There, she made a disturbing discovery: in this future, her friends were not friends anymore, and the Titans were history. With the help of the future-Titans – now gathered together once more – Starfire defeated Warp – and turned his chronal weapon against him – making the adult Warp regress to a crying infant.

  • In the comic book series, Warp speaks with a heavy French accent
  • In the comics, Warp was a member of the SECOND group of Brotherhood of Evil; The first Brotherhood of Evil were the main adversaries of the Doom Patrol – a group in which Beast Boy was a junior member

Warp is a villain from the comic book series. He is a member of the Brotherhood of Evil, a group of international terrorists. He first appeared in New Teen Titans #14 [first series] in 1981. The French villain is able to create dimensional warps from one place to another. However, he is not a time traveler, as he is in the animated series.

How Long Is Forever?

Xander Berkeley as Warp

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