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USA Today on Young Justice: Invasion

‘Young Justice’ heads into sci-fi direction in new season
By Brian Truitt, USA TODAY – Updated 4/27/2012 3:48 PM
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The creators of the Young Justice animated series want to include so many DC Comics characters, they’re going to have to go offworld to find them all.

Young Justice: Invasion, which kicks off the show’s second season Saturday morning (10:30 ET/PT) on Cartoon Network, will showcase a new direction for the series’ teenage heroes such as Superboy, Aqualad, Artemis and Kid Flash.

“Our first season really focused on trying to play it straight, keep everything very grounded. Fantasy elements and far-out science-fiction elements were really kept to a minimum just to help us establish the reality we were trying to convey in our world and with our characters,” says series co-creator Brandon Vietti.

“Second season, the floodgates are wide open.”

But the tone of the series hasn’t changed, according to co-creator Greg Weisman. Young Justice will still focus on pushing to make the superhero genre to be as realistic as it can be. Just with more cosmic stuff.

“Basically, the galaxy’s coming to Earth,” Weisman says, “and our guys are the front line.”

Bringing in new characters from the DC Universe was always in the creators’ plans — Weisman counted and they have 241 characters total appearing in the first 26-episode season of Young Justice and the second season of 20 episodes combined. They wanted to see the cast grow as former sidekicks and youngsters Robin, Miss Martian, Zatanna and their ilk came into their own under the tutelage of Batman, Superman and the rest of the grownup superheroes.

The team will be growing quickly. Wonder Girl (voiced by Parenthood star Mae Whitman) shows up in Saturday’s episode, as does Adam Strange (Michael Trucco of Battlestar Galactica). Blue Beetle, Beast Boy, Lagoon Boy, Bumblebee, Batgirl and more will debut as the season progresses.

There were student-teacher relationships explored in the first season of Young Justice, Vietti says, but with so many newcomers in the second season, “we have more of a freshman vs. senior relationship dynamic going on.”

And not everyone will make the cut, Weisman says. “Some are going to do really well with the team, others won’t do quite so well.”

Where there are heroes, there are villains and ne’er-do-well sorts. G. Gordon Godfrey, who in comics is a minion of the evil Darkseid, appears in Saturday’s episode and is voiced by movie and animation veteran Tim Curry. (Asked if this means Darkseid and other folks from Apokolips will be coming later in the season, Weisman says, “I’m not going to confirm or deny.”)

Lobo, voiced by David Sobolov (Teen Titans), also makes his debut, and the intergalactic mercenary is one of Vietti’s favorite characters.

“He’s just the embodiment of chaos,” he says of Lobo. “His appearance is the top of the sci-fi iceberg for our team, the first encounter of many we’ll be exploring for the rest of the season.”

Adds Weisman: “The introduction of these characters is all fairly organic. We pretty much knew who we wanted to bring in more or less from day one, and this was all part of our master plan.”

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