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Tucker & Maude Stone

Cyborg’s Grandparents

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Cyborg & The Family Stone

Maude and Tucker Stone made their living as vaudeville entertainers, performing in acts that ranged from musical numbers to escape-artist feats. Despite their unique lifestyle, Maude and Tucker had a very stable relationship. And even when they married, the larger-than-life couple continued their vaudeville careers.

Maude and Tucker Stone later had a son named Silas, who grew up embarrassed of his parents’ unconventional lifestyle. Instead of the flashy world of stage acts, Silas immersed himself in study. Young Silas was an overachiever and eventually became a scientist of some renown. But as Silas grew up, Maude and Tucker traveled more and more – leading the young scientist to become estranged from his parents.

Vic’s grandparents – Maude & Tucker Stone – reenter his life in

Silas eventually met and fell in love with a fellow scientist, Elinore. After marrying, the couple welcomed the birth of a son named Victor. As the only child of two research scientists, Vic was pushed and trained to follow in his parents’ footsteps. Tucker and Maude spent a little time with Vic as he grew up, and gave him the affectionate nickname, ‘Corky.’ But as Vic became older, the couple’s vaudeville career led them to travel more and more. Eventually, Tucker and Maude left the United States and toured around the world full time.


Meanwhile, back in the United States, an accident at S.T.A.R. Labs claimed the life of Elinore Stone and gave Silas Stone fatal radiation poisoning. The same accident forced Vic to be rebuilt as a half-man/half-machine known as Cyborg. This eventually led young Victor and Silas to reconcile their differences, as Silas died peacefully.

A couple of years after Victor joined the New Teen Titans as Cyborg, Tucker and Maude reentered his life. Vic harbored some resentment towards them, as their traveling vaudeville career caused them to be absent during his formative years and even miss their own son’s funeral. After a long talk, old wounds were healed and Vic’s grandparents became a strong, supportive element in his life.

Vic’s grandparents fear for his safety in NEW TITANS #73 [1991]. 


Essential Reading

Tales of the Teen Titans #45-47 [1984]: Vic Stone is reunited with his grandparents, who he harbored resentment towards; The reunion is strained, but Vic is ultimately glad to see them again. First appearance of Tucker and Maude Stone in issue #45.
New Titans #73 [1991]: Vic’s grandparents worry about their grandson.
New Titans #79 [1991]: Vic’s grandparents worry about Vic’s condition.

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