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TT#53: “And In The End”

A groovy flashback lettercol
from Teen Titans #53 (the last issue)

It is with regret that we announce this is the last issue of TEEN TITANS! As is always the case when a magazine is cancelled, we must point to low sales as the culprit. We know there are plenty of loyal TT-fans out there, but just not enough of you to keep the book afloat.

Rather than fill this page with letters on some of our previous efforts, we thought you would prefer a look at where the various Titans are headed, since the team is disbanded in this issue.

Robin will be appearing regularly, as always, in BATMAN FAMILY, which will be becoming our fifth regular Dollar comic with #17, on sale in January. (The last of the 60 cent size is now on sale and features a Batgirl/Robin team-up, plus a Man-Bat adventure) The Teen Wonder will be at Hudson University as usual, with his travels taking him to Gotham City, Washington, or wherever crime is to be fought!

Kid Flash, recently undecided about where to continue his college career, could very well end up at Hudson University too. Future issues of BATMAN FAMILY will tell, and you can also watch for the Fastest Teen Alive in issues of THE FLASH,’

Wonder Girl is headed for a college on the West Coast, one not yet chosen-but that’s where she’s headed.

Speedy is taking his Great Frog band on the road and will be touring the country with it… making a stop in Star City to see his mentor, Green Arrow, along the way (That meeting will take place in an upcoming issue of WORLD’S FINEST!)

Aqualad has returned to the undersea kingdom of Atlantis and will be swimming through the pages of AOUAMAN from time to time.

The Guardian/Hornblower/Mal will continue to run Gabriel’s Horn with the aid of his fiancee, Karen (The Bumblebee) Beecher. There are tentative plans for the two of them to turn up in SECRET SOCIETY OF SUPER-VILLAINS, so keep an eye out for that.

The Harlequin will be laughing her way through some guest appearances in BATMAN FAMILY (such as #16, now on sale) as she continues to attend classes at Hudson University with Robin.

And what of Titans West, the group that never really had the chance to become a group?

Hank (Hawk) Hail is back aboard the USS. Tippecanoe, the ship to which he was assigned by the Navy, while brother Don (Dove) Hall continues to attend classes at a west coast college.

Gar (Beast Boy) Logan continues to star in Space Trek 2022, the popular television show.

Kathy (Bat-Girl) Kane, tennis pro, will continue to tour the country and will be turning up in some issues of BATMAN FAMILY (Including the aforementioned #16). She said she has plans to team up with Robin again, so who knows?

John Gnarrk is back to work for the auto repair shop in Coast City and you can be sure fiancee LilIth will be close by.

And Charley (Golden Eagle) Parker will undoubtedly be trying to make something of himself, perhaps being able to hold a job for more than a week before getting fired,

And what about the creative staff who have been working on TEEN TITANS?

Bob Rozakis, who has been writing the magazine since its revival (after Paul Levitz provided the first plot), will continue to script the adventures of Balgiri, Robin and Man-Bat in BATMAN FAMILY, has the legendary heroes of World War II heading In new directions in FREEDOM FIGHTERS, is currently reshaping the outlook on KARATE KID, and will soon be returning to scripting chores on SECRET SOCIETY OF SUPER-VILLAINS.

Don Heck, who has been our most recent “permanent” penciller, will be working with BR on the Batgirl and Robin stories in BATMAN and will be working with Gerry Conway and editor Al Milgrom on a brand new magazine heading your way in December!

Joe Giella. Frank Chiaramonte, Bob Smith, Vince Colletta, and the resfof our battery of inkers will be popping up all over the DC line, lending their talents to everything from ACTION COMICS to WORLD’S FINEST!

And editor Jack C. Harris will get no rest just because there’s no more TEEN TITANS on his list of books to edit. That gap has been filled with a new magazine called FIRESTORM, speeding your way on December 6th! And Jack has his hands full already with sucnhmagazines as WORLD’S FINEST, FREEDOM FIGHTERS, SHAZAM!, BLACK LIGHTNING, SECRET SOCIETY OF SUPER-VILLAINS, CHALLENGERS OF THE UNKNOWN, SHADE and DOORWAY TO NIGHTMARE.

So here we are at the end of the letter column at the end of the book! It’s been fun, and we hope the day will come when the TEEN TITANS ones again swing Into action! Until then, see ya in the comic books…


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