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Alias: Trigon The Terrible

Titans Adversary

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Trigon the Terrible is a soul-eating demon who hunts for ultimate power. The cruel conquerer used his magics to seduce an earth woman, ultimately producing a daughter named Rachel Roth. Fearing Trigon’s evil grasp, Rachel’s mother raised her in a hidden dimension known as Azarath. But even in this peaceful land of tranquility, the girl struggled for control as her father’s influence crept into her soul.

Young Rachel later fled to earth in an effort to elude her demonic birthright. But Trigon claimed his daughter and transformed Rachel into Raven: a black bird of terror.

Trigon transforms his daughter in TEEN TITANS #16 [2013].

Powers & Abilities

Trigon is a powerhouse who looks upon his mortal opponents as insects. He is overwhelming in combat, using his powers to rid himself of any opposition and proclaiming his superiority or glory. Trigon has devastating force beams from his eyes and hordes of demons under his command. He seeks to conquer all, including his daughter Raven, whom he feels belongs to him.


Essential Reading

Phantom Stranger #1 [2012]: The Phantom Stranger strikes a bargain with Lord Trigon – delivering the demon’s lost daughter Rachel into his hands.  First DCnU appearances of Raven (as Rachel Roth) and Trigon.
Teen Titans #16 [2012]: Our heroes learn a lesson they’ll never forget as Arsenal takes control in Red Robin’s absence! Trigon transforms Rachel Roth into Raven: a black bird of terror.

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