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Trigon is Raven’s demonic father from another dimension. He represents the dark side of Raven, which she is able to keep in check through meditation. Trigon’s evil is something that can manifest if Raven isn’t careful.

Trigon awakened Slade from his molten tomb and embued him with mystical powers. Slade – now Trigon’s footsoldier – helped the demon fulfill an old prophesy. Upon Raven’s birthday, Trigon began to set plans into motion to bring about the end of earth as we know it. Flesh will become stone. Skies will burn red. And it seemed there was nothing Raven could do to stop it.

Indeed, Raven did bring Trigon to earth – and he transformed the planet into a frightening wasteland. The prophesy was fulfilled. And Raven was changed into a helpless child. But Raven learned – with the help of the Titans – that there is always hope. Raven tapped into her own eldritch energies to age herself and use Trigon’s own ‘power’ against him. In a flash of white, Raven was able to cleanse the earth of Trigon’s evil. This marked the end of an old prophesy – and a new beginning for Raven.

  • Trigon is Raven’s father, but her mother – known as Arella – is human.
  • In the comic book series, Arella teamed up with Slade and Beast Boy’s step-dad, Mento, to rescue the Titans from the Wildebeests during the Titans Hunt!
  • In 2008, the comic book series revealed that Trigon sired six other children on Earth. Raven’s evil half-brothers became known as “The Sons of Trigon.”

Producer/Story Editor David Slack on using Trigon: “It is a tricky issue. We had a good template laid out by Marv and George in the comics. Obviously, they went a little farther than we are willing or able to. But there was an example there – how to tell the story you want to tell, but still be delicate about it. My main concern with using Trigon in NEVERMORE, was that we couldn’t save him for a big reveal later on. [laughs]. So we showed Trigon without actually showing him [since NEVERMORE takes place in Raven’s head]. I think if we ever bring him back, he’ll be a lot scarier.”

Producer Glen Murakami on redesigning Trigon: “He just wasn’t cool enough. I looked back on that design, and it was good at the time for that episode. But now, looking at the story for season four, I thought he’s got to be scarier; He’s got to be meaner. He had to work better for the story we were doing now. I think the newer Trigon does look cooler.”

“We did things like that through the coarse of the series. Like with Plasmus. When the animation came back with Plasmus, I sorta thought “Well, that’s just like Clayface.” I remember the first character designs of Plasmus were closer to the comic book version. But I did want the animated version to be more of a monster. Then the animation came back, and he seemed sort of boring. So we redesigned him as we went on. We did that with Dr. Light, too. He came back and we gave him a powerpack. We try to even have the villains grow. If we weren’t satisfied with the initial pass, we went back and refined them.”

Trigon is Raven’s demonic father from another dimension. Her mother is an earth woman known as Arella. Raven always fights her dark side from being released and consuming her. Trigon appears in New Teen Titans [first series] #1-6 and New Teen Titans [second series] #1-5 [1984].

The Prophecy
The End [parts 1, 2 & 3]

Kevin Michael Richardson (the voice of Trigon) 
Kevin Michael Richardson adds a sinister air to the demonic Trigon. Kevin also provides the voice for the monstrous Mammoth. He is probably best known as the Joker in WB’s 2004 “The Batman” animated series. Kevin has done voice work for a number of animated series and movies. In Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman (2003), he provided the voice for Carlton Duquesne. His talents can be seen in Scooby-Doo and the Alien Invaders, Static Shock, the PJs – as well as many other series.

Kevin has also provided voices for various videogames such as Enter the Matrix (2003) [as Thadeus], Superman: Shadow of Apokolips (2002) [as Darkseid] and many Star Wars video games.

Keith Szarabajka provided the voice of Trigon in the episode, NEVERMORE.

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