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Alias: Sammy Jaye, ‘Prof,’ Unknown

New Teen Titan Adversary


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At one time, the three alter egos of Trident were operatives of the H.I.V.E., with “Prof” being a weapons design specialist. Eventually they decided to team up and strike out on their own. Each adopted the costume and code-name of Trident, and each was armed with a powerful trident. The weapon had three tines: the right shot fire, the left shot ice, and the middle released a blast of devastating force.

Trident operated in New York City, each criminal taking turns at committing several large robberies. It was believed that Trident was only one person. Eventually, the Sammy Jaye Trident tried to cheat his two partners out of their share of loot. The other two killed Sammy, and his costumed body was discovered by the New Teen Titans. It was Starfire who eventually figured out that there was more than one Trident.

Some time after the two surviving Tridents were imprisoned, Wildebeest sprang the Black Trident from jail, as well as Gizmo, the Puppeteer and the Disruptor. These villains were eventually recaptured by the Titans.

Trident is revealed as three different people in NEW TEEN TITANS #33 [1983].


Sammy Jaye was an average thug who seemed uneducated. Prof is intelligent, and his language reflects this. The black Trident is an ex-Golden Gloves boxer.

 Powers and Abilities

Trident carries his super-powered weapon developed by the ‘Prof.’ The trident had three tines: the right shot fire, the left shot ice, and the middle released a blast of devastating force.


Essential Reading

New Teen Titans #33 [1983]: While Robin is casing Anthony Scarapelli’s home with Adrian Chase, the other Titans puzzle over their encounters with a villain calling himself Trident; Starfire deduces that Trident is actually three different criminals who wear the same costume. First appearance of Trident.
New Teen Titans (second series) #41-42 [1988]: Wildebeest recruits the Puppeteer, the Disruptor, Gizmo and Trident to attack the Titans.

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