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Trident is the sinister scourge of the seven seas. The amphibious super-villain terrorized Atlantis – home of Aqualad – and appeared to be in various places at the same time. The vainglorious Trident does have one weakness: his massive ego.

Aqualad eventually teamed up with the Teen Titans after Trident had stolen a boatload of toxic waste. Beast Boy and Aqualad developed a fierce and funny rivalry – and eventually teamed up to defeat the aquatic adversary.

Locating his secret base in an underwater cave, Aqualad and Beast Boy discovered Trident had been cloning himself using nuclear energy. The duo used Trident’s   own ego against him – creating a battle of the Trident clones that resulted in a cave in – which sealed Trident into a prison of his own making.

  • Clancy Brown – the voice of Trident – also provides the voice of Lex Luthor in the Superman Animated Series and Justice League Animated Series
  • Marv Wolfman – who co-created the New Teen Titans – wrote the episode DEEP SIX; He wrote the original Trident story twenty years prior in in New Teen Titans #33 [1983].

Producer Sam Register on Trident: “There was the ‘Too Many Tridents’ issue that [Marv] Wolfman wrote,” Register said, recalling one of his favorite issues of the comics. “He kind of went back and did a new version of that same episode.”

Trident appeared as a thief who operated in New York City. In truth, three criminals were taking turns at committing several large robberies. It was believed that Trident was only one person. Eventually, the Sammy Jaye Trident tried to cheat his two partners out of their share of loot. The other two killed Sammy, and his costumed body was discovered by the New Teen Titans. It was Starfire who eventually figured out that there was more than one Trident. This story was told in New Teen Titans #33 [1983], which was written by Marv Wolfman.

Deep Six

Clancy Brown as Trident

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