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Top 10 Titans Romances: Donna & Kyle

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I’ll be counting down the greatest Titans love stories all day long!

6. Donna Troy (Darkstar) and Kyle Rayner (Green Lantern)

A powerless Donna Troy had just witnessed the dissolution of her marriage. Rookie hero Kyle Rayner was helpless to save his girlfriend from being brutally murdered. But in the wake of these tragedies, these two young heroes found love.

Donna found a new calling as a Darkstar, and first met Kyle Rayner during a conflict with the powerful Psimon (New Titans #115, then Green Lantern #57, then New Titans #116 [1994]).

Their love story unfolded primarily in the pages of Green Lantern. It started in issue #58, as Donna helped Kyle move into his new Greenwich Village apartment. Kyle and Donna grew closer, and finally shared a first kiss under the mistletoe (Green Lantern #59). Their first official date (on the moon) was unfortunately interrupted when Kalibak attacked (Green Lantern #61).

Kyle and Donna continued to date and their relationship seemed to be progressing (Green Lantern #61-69 and New Titans #117-130), despite Kyle’s slight immaturity and Donna’s slight apprehensions about trust in relationships. Then in Green Lantern #70, everything came to a head. Donna caught Kyle sketching a naked woman in his apartment – a woman he was obviously attracted to. Donna was hurt and felt betrayed, partly because Kyle neglected to tell her about it. Kyle and Donna remained Titans team mates (although not a couple) until the team broke up (as depicted in Titans Secret Files #1).

While New Titans ended with issue #130, Donna returned to the pages of Green Lantern (issues #73-75) to help Kyle resolve an intergalactic conflict involving Darkseid’s son Grayven. By battle’s end, Donna gave up her Darkstar identity alltogether to live her life as a normal woman.

After Donna and Kyle re-examined their lives, they realized they cared for each other quite a bit and decided to resume their relationship. Donna and Kyle became closer than before; Kyle expressed his love and gave Donna a necklace made from his power ring energy as a sign of that love. (all in Green Lantern #78). Their bond strengthened as Kyle bonded with Donna’s son, Robert (Green Lantern #82) and Donna met Kyle’s mother (Green Lantern #88).

In Green Lantern #89, Donna received horrifying news: her ex-husband, Terry and son, Robert, were killed in a car accident. After getting this news, Donna left Kyle and withdrew from their blossoming relationship (detailed in Green Lantern #90).

Kyle and Donna’s next confrontation in Wonder Woman #125 was awkward and painful. But Donna and Kyle have since talked and sorted through their relationship, to some extent. Although they still have feelings for each other, they have decided to remain friends (as seen in JLA/Titans #3,  Titans #6 and Green Lantern #118).

Romantic Reads:
Green Lantern [1994] #57-70, 73-90, 118
New Titans [1994] #115-130, Annual #11
Wonder Woman [1995] #125
Titans Secret Files [1999] #1
JLA/Titans [1999] #3
Titans [1999] #6

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    The sad thing is that this–my favorite Titans romance–was killed not for anything that was story or character related, but because John Byrne wanted it gone so he could have Donna exclusively for WONDER WOMAN….


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