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Welcome To 3.0

Welcome To 3.0

So…. you might have noticed a few changes here at the tower. Welcome to the next generation of!

With the announcement of the DCnU in September of 2011, I thought it would be a good time to refresh things here. The last time I did a major overhaul was back in 2005 (dubbed Titanstower 2.0). The site, as it is, has been around for years, and it felt like it needed an update. Through this new portal, it will be easier to create and update files, share images and galleries, and invite more conversation. It should also be forward-compatible with iPads and mobile devices.

Take a look through the new and improved Meeting Room, where I’ve added more info and images to each character and updated everything to pre-DCnU. Browse through the new Gallery, where you can access Who’s Who art, Secret Files art and much more! Check out the Library, with a vast selection of articles and info. See what’s in the Theater, where I’ve added lots of Titans-related media appearances with loads of info and new images – including micro-sites for Teen Titans Go! and Young Justice.

In the next few weeks, I’ll finish up the Young Justice Episode Guides, and tackle the character profiles for the DCnU Teen Titans. It’s been tricky, since their past histories have been in flux since the relaunch… but with some origin issues coming up, hopefully we’ll have enough clarity to start that section in earnest.

The best is yet to come….

Titans together!

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  1. tamaranorbust

    The updates look great – I bet they take a lot of effort. Much appreciated!