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Titans Tower III

Teen Titans Headquarters

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A new generation assumed the Teen Titans legacy, as former members of Young Justice – Superboy, Wonder Girl II, Robin III and Kid Flash II – joined with the more experienced Cyborg, Beast Boy and Starfire.

The group quickly established their own high-tech Titans Tower on the West Coast, located in San Francisco Bay beside the Golden Gate Bridge. Cyborg designed the Tower, but the city of San Francisco and a handful of Silicon Valley investors paid for the structure. The bankroll of the new Tower came with a price: The Teen Titans were responsible for escorting super-powered criminals to a new prison fortress located on Alcatraz Island.

Both a state-of-the-art training center and uber-crash-pad, this Titans Tower provided a weekend destination for young heroes in training. The headquarters also paid tribute to its proud legacy, with a entrance sculpture of the founding five and a memorial room honoring fallen members.

Titans Tower exterior shot.


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Teen Titans (third series) #1 [2003]: The newest Teen Titans gather at the newly built Titans Tower in San Francisco. First appearance of Titans Tower III.


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