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Titans Tower I

Teen Titans Headquarters

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Titans’ Tower was originally built for the New Teen Titans by Dr. Silas Stone, after his son Victor became a member. Located on an island in New York’s East River, the Tower was designed with comfort and utility in mind, resulting in a place where the Titans could meet, play, relax and even live. The island is a woodland park of about 40 acres.

When the original Titans’ Tower was destroyed by Trigon the Terrible during the Titans’ final battle with him, the heroes commissioned one of New York’s top architectural engineering firms to rebuild it. The new Tower was almost exactly like the original, with only a few minor technological advancements.

Access to the Tower and island is via air or water. The T-barges, both cargo and passenger types, are the most often used means of transport. Users require a Titan ID card in order to operate any craft, but angry mobs of protesters have been known to invade the island by using small boats.

Located by the East River in New York City, Titans Tower was the most visible of the Titans’ bases thus far. Perhaps this explains the numerous attacks it suffered by the enemies of the team, until its final destruction by the Wildebeest Society.

Following the destruction of the Tower, the Titans were in a constant state of flux. During this time, they used Steve Dayton’s Estate as a temporary meeting place and headquarters.

ABOVE: Titans Tower exterior shots.
BELOW: Titans Tower meeting room.

George Pérez on designing Titans Tower: “There is a building in New York that is similar to the Titans Tower. It may not look it, but it is architecturally sound. It can stand. I want to show somebody doing maintenance work on the thing. Have somebody gardening. I want to show a little Japanese gardener, “My god, this tree has fallen down three times. Tell Changeling to clean up after himself when he becomes a Tyrannosaurus.”

Headquarters Schematic


 Essential Reading

DC Comics Presents #26 [1980]: featuring a 16-page preview to New Teen Titans! The mysterious empath Raven invades Dick Grayson’s dreams and shows him a glimpse of his near-future as part of the Teen Titans. First appearances of Raven, Cyborg & Starfire. Beast Boy now known as Changeling. First Titans Tower I.
New Teen Titans #7 [1981]: Titans’ Tower is unveiled. The Fearsome Five renew their assault on the Titans, using Silas Stone, Cyborg’s father, and the dimensional transmitter in Titans’ Tower to bring Psimon back; Once the Fearsome Five is defeated, Silas reveals that he is dying of cancer; After two months of reconciliation between himself and his son, Silas dies. Death of Silas Stone.
Secret Origins #46 [1989]: Secret Origin of the Titans Tower. Vic Stone recalls the history and origin of the Titans Tower. Other ‘secret origins’ of DC headquarters are featured as well in this issue.
New Titans #76 [1991]: Nightwing and company are shocked as an evil Jericho speaks and manifests a lion soul-self. They escape and reconnoiter at the Titans Tower, which is attacked by Wildebeest agents and is destroyed! Last appearance of Titans Tower I.


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