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Titans Together! Roll Call

Below is a complete member history of the Teen Titans – with each member and when they joined.

The Teen Titans [1965-1979]: When the adult heroes were possessed by the evil Antithesis entity, it was up to the teen sidekicks – Robin, Kid Flash, Aqualad, Wonder Girl and Speedy – to band together to save them. Inspired by their success, the adolescent adventurers decided to remain a team – and the Teen Titans were born! Some members left and new ones emerged – even forming a Titans West sub-group. But as the members approached college, the team began to dissolve and eventually disbanded.

1. Dick Grayson [Robin/Nightwing]
Joined: Brave and the Bold #60 [1965]
When Dick Grayson’s trapeze-artist parents were murdered, he was taken in by the Batman and became his junior partner: Robin, the Boy Wonder. As leader of the Teen Titans, Dick emerged from the shadow of his mentor and adopted the costumed identity of Nightwing.

2. Wally West [Kid Flash/Flash]
Joined: Brave and the Bold #60 [1965]
A bolt of lightning endowed young Wally West with super-speed, enabling him to become Kid Flash, protégé to the Flash! When the Flash was slain during a great crisis, Wally became the Flash in honor of his fallen mentor.

3. Garth [Aqualad/Tempest]
Joined: Brave and the Bold #60 [1965]
Young Garth was abandoned by his own people because of a superstition concerning his unique purple eyes. Befriended by Aquaman, the underwater orphan became his sidekick as Aqualad! Years later, Garth discovered his secret mystic birthright and emerged as the powerful aquatic hero known as Tempest.

4. Donna Troy [Wonder Girl/Troia/Darkstar]
Joined: Brave and the Bold #60 [1965]
Infant Donna Troy was rescued from a fire and raised by the Titans of Myth, who gifted her with great powers. At age 13, Donna was adopted by the Amazons and became Wonder Girl in honor of her sister, Wonder Woman. Donna later embraced her true Titanic heritage and became the heroine known as Troia.

5. Roy Harper [Speedy/Arsenal/Red Arrow]
Joined: Teen Titans #19 [1968], Revealed as founding member in Teen Titans #53 [1978]
When Roy Harper’s forest ranger father perished in a fire, Green Arrow adopted the young orphan and trained the natural-born archer as his sidekick, Speedy. Roy’s time as a government agent exposed him to all manner of weaponry – leading the boy bowman to become an expert marksman as Arsenal. In honor of his mentor, Harper now fights crime as Red Arrow.

6. Lilith Clay Jupiter [Omen]
Joined: Teen Titans #25 [1970]
Lilith Clay – a mysterious precognitive telepath – long sought the truth behind her own parentage. Lilith later discovered her father was none other than Titans mentor, Loren Jupiter. Upon meeting her mysterious mother, Lilith’s powers intensified and she adopted the persona of Omen. Lilith was later tragically killed in battle.

7. Hank Hall [Hawk]
Joined: Teen Titans #25 [1970]
The Lords of Chaos and Order mysteriously granted powers to teen brothers Hank and Don Hall. Pacifist Don became Dove while aggresive Hank became Hawk – both balancing the scales between might and right. Tragedy later claimed both brothers as Dove was killed in battle while Hawk became the villainous Monarch and later perished.

8. Don Hall [Dove]
Joined: Teen Titans #25 [1970]
The Lords of Chaos and Order mysteriously granted powers to teen brothers Hank and Don Hall. Pacifist Don became Dove while aggresive Hank became Hawk – both balancing the scales between might and right. Tragedy later claimed both brothers as Dove was killed in battle while Hawk became the villainous Monarch and later perished.

9. Mal Duncan [Vox/Guardian/Hornblower/Herald]
Joined: Teen Titans #26 [1970]
Streetwise Mal Duncan was invited to join the Titans by Loren Jupiter. Mal later adopted the identity of the Herald when his girlfriend Karen Beecher helped fashion a dimension-opening Gabriel’s Horn for him. When a horrible accident fused Mal’s sub-sonic weapons to his body, he adopted the name Vox and joined the Doom Patrol.

10. Gnarrk [Pre-Crisis]
Joined: Teen Titans #33 [1971]
A gentle caveman out of his own time, Gnarrk bonded with Lilith Clay before his tragic death.ved from Titans continuity

11. Duela Dent [Joker’s Daughter/Harlequin] [Pre-Crisis]
Joined: Teen Titans #46 [1976]
Duela Dent – the daughter of Earth-3’s heroes, Jokester and Three-Face – developed a maddening identity crisis as she found herself constantly phasing between earths. Initially vexing Robin as The Joker’s Daughter, Duela later joined the Teen Titans as Harlequin. A true wild card, demented Duela shuffled between good and evil before being slain by a rogue Monitor agent.

12. Karen Beecher Duncan [Bumblebee]
Joined: Teen Titans #48 [1977]
Super-smart Karen Beecher created a high-tech Bumblebee suit as part of a ruse to bolster her boyfriend Mal’s reputation on the team. As a result, Bumblebee eventually joined the Teen Titans, and later married Mal as well. When exposure to a strange energy shrank her to insect height, Bumblebee joined other freakish heroes as a member of the Doom Patrol.

13. Bette Kane [Bat-Girl/Flamebird]
Joined: Teen Titans #50 [1977] as founding member, Titans West
An eager Robin fan, tennis pro Bette Kane adopted the Flamebird persona in hopes of meeting the Teen Wonder in person. A founding member of Titans West, it took some time for Flamebird to finally earn the respect of her Titans teammates.en removed from Titans continuity

14. Charley Parker [Golden Eagle]
Joined: Teen Titans #50 [1977] as founding member, Titans West
When teen slacker Charley Parker was mysteriously gifted with Thanagarian battle armor, he thought it would be a good way to earn easy cash as Golden Eagle. After escaping death at the hands of the evil Wildebeest Society, Golden Eagle learned his true identity as Ch’al Andar, son of the Thanagarian outcast, Fel Andar.

15. Garfield Logan [Beast Boy/Changeling]
Joined: Teen Titans #50 [1977] as founding member, Titans West
Forced to undergo an experimental procedure to save his life, Garfield Logan gained the ability to transform into any sort of animal he could imagine. Green-skinned Garfield found a new family as Beast Boy, a junior member of the Doom Patrol. Beast Boy changed his name to Changeling and later joined the Teen Titans. Known once again as Beast Boy, Gar uses his trademark humor to diffuse the most dire of situations.

Honorary: Tula [Aquagirl]
Honorary Member
The young orphan Tula was adopted by one the royal families of Atlantis and raised as a princess of Poseidonis. Tula later became Aquagirl when she became romantically involved with Aqualad. Their romance ended tragically when Aquagirl perished during the Crisis of Infinite Earths.

The New Teen Titans [1980-1989]: As the other-wordly demon Trigon threatened to ravage the earth, his mystical daughter Raven gathered a New Teen Titans team to thwart his plans. Former Titans were joined by all-new members and were able to repel Trigon’s incursion. The Titans remained a team and grew into adulthood, as many of the teen heroes adopted more adult personas.

16. Raven
Joined: DC Comics Presents #26 [1980]
Daughter of an earth woman and the demonic Trigon, Raven constantly fights to keep her evil side in check. The empathic mystic sometimes fell to the dark side, but valiantly found her own inner light – oftimes at the expense of her own happiness. Raven later received a second chance at life when she was reborn in a new teenaged body.

17. Koriand’r [Starfire]
Joined: DC Comics Presents #26 [1980]
Young Princess Koriand’r was forced into slavery to save her home planet of Tamaran. Given to the alien Psions for experimentation, Koriand’r acquired solar-channeling abilities that allowed her to blast powerful starfbolts. Once rescued by the Titans, the passionate alien powerhouse – now dubbed Starfire – made earth her second home.

18. Vic Stone [Cyborg/Cyberion]
Joined: DC Comics Presents #26 [1980]
Once a promising athlete, Vic Stone was severely injured in an explosion, leading his father to save his life through cybernetic implants. A living man-machine, the once-bitter Cyborg learned to accept his new appearance and became a capable hero in his own right.

19. Tara Markov [Terra]
Joined: New Teen Titans #30 [1983]
Bold and brassy Tara Markov gained earth-manipulating abilities through Markovian scientist Dr. Jace. Adopting the name Terra, the bitter malcontent infiltrated the Titans as a member – while secretly acting as a spy for Deathstroke, the Terminator. After utterly betraying the Titans, Terra’s own rage consumed her as she buried herself in a ton of debris.

20. Joseph Wilson [Jericho]
Joined: Tales of the Teen Titans #58 [1985]
As son of Slade Wilson, Joe Wilson was born with the mutant ability to possess people once he made eye contact. The gentle mute hero known as Jericho joined the Titans despite his familial ties. Long believed slain during an encounter with the Wildebeest Society, Jericho’s fractured spirit survived and his body was mystically reborn. The new Vigilante later neutralized the now-insane Jericho by cutting out both his eyes.

Honorary: Kole Weathers [Kole]
Honorary Member
The gentle crystal spinner Kole Weathers gained powers as a product of her father’s bizarre experiments. Kole was rescued by the Titans and grew close to Jericho before her untimely demise in the Crisis on Infinite Earths.

21. Danny Chase
Joined: New Teen Titans [2nd] Annual #3 [1987]
Telekenetic Danny Chase initially joined with the Titans to rescue his parents, who were government operatives. Danny was dismissed from the Titans because of his immaturity but secretly aided the team as Phantasm, before being slain during the final encounter with the Wildebeest Society.

The New Titans [1990-1996]: As the Titans began to enter their twenties, they dropped the “Teen” and became the New Titans. The team was then thrown into turmoil when the Titans were viciously hunted by the Wildebeest Society. Titans were lost as new allies were found – such as Pantha, Phantasm and Baby Wildebeest. Events became even more complicated when the time-tossed Team Titans from an alternate future emerged. The team remained in flux until Arsenal assembled his own team of Titans after the Zero Hour time crisis. That team soon disbanded.

22. Pantha [X-24, Real Name Unknown]
Joined: New Titans #74 [1991]
A result of the Wildebeest Society’s macabre experiments, shy vet student Rosabelle Mendez was transformed into the were-cat known as Pantha. Suffering amnesia, Pantha long sought the truths behind her origins. Pantha’s razor sharp personality was softened when Baby Wildebeest bonded with the ferocious feline as his ‘mama.’ Pantha and Wildebeest were later tragically killed during the Infinite Crisis.

23. Phantasm [Danny Chase, Souls of Azarath]
Joined: New Titans #74 [1991]
During the final battle with the Wildebeests, the Souls of Azarath bonded with Arella and Danny Chase to become a true Phantasm. Cold and aloof, the formless telekenetic entity has aided the Titans when needed.

24. Leonid Kovar [Red Star]
Joined: New Titans #77 [1991]
Leonid Kovar’s exposure to a space ship gave him powers – enabling him to become Russia’s first young hero as Starfire. Leonid later joined the Titans as Red Star and developed fiery new abilities.

25. Baby Wildebeest
Joined: New Titans #85 [1992]
The Wildebeest Society’s strange experiments led to the creation of an actual Baby Wildebeest. In moments of extreme stress, Baby could transform into a fierce adult Wildebeest creature! Baby quickly bonded with Pantha, who he regarded as his ‘mama.’ Pantha and Wildebeest were later tragically killed during the Infinite Crisis.

26. Miriam Delgado [Mirage]
Joined: first appeared as Team Titan in New Titans #79 [1991]
Brazilian Miriam Delgado became the illusion-casting Mirage to repel Lord Chaos’ brutal armies. Believing she was from an alternate future, Miri later learned she was implanted with false memories. Mirage left the Titans when she gave birth to her daughter, Julienne.

27. Tara Markov [Terra II ]
Joined: first appeared as Team Titan in New Titans #79 [1991]
Originating from the underground world of Strata, a young girl was injected with the first Terra’s DNA in a mission to protect the earth. But “Tara Markov’s” memories became tampered when she became a time-tossed member of the Team Titans. The second Terra feared she was the original Titans’ traitor – but ultimately proved her heroism when she sacrificed her life trying to stop Black Adam’s worldwide rampage.

28. Dagon [Nightrider]
Joined: first appeared as Team Titan in New Titans #79 [1991]
Once human, David was transformed into a vampire during one of Lord Chaos’ macabre experiments. Adopting the vampiric name of Dagon – and the heroic name of Nightrider – David joined the Team Titans, who helped control his bloodlust. Dagon was erased from time during the Zero Hour time crisis.

29. Charlie Watkins [Killowat]
Joined: first appeared as Team Titan in New Titans #79 [1991]
Originally a soldier for Lord Chaos, Charlie Watkins realized the error of his ways during an accident with a bank of energy converters. Crackling with electricity, Charlie joined the Team Titans as Killowat! Killowat was erased from time during the Zero Hour time crisis.

30. Carrie Levine [Redwing]
Joined: first appeared as Team Titan in New Titans #79 [1991]
A mutant born with red wings, Carrie Levine joined the resistance after her parents were slain by Lord Chaos. The avian avenger even became sidekick to the future Nightwing. Redwing was erased from time during the Zero Hour time crisis.

31. Jon Levine [Prestor Jon]
Joined: first appeared as Team Titan in New Titans #79 [1991]
Brother to Carrie [Redwing] Levine, Jon Levine had the mutant ability to interface with computers. Joining the Teamers after his parents’ death, Prestor Jon lost his corporeal form and became a living computer. Prestor Jon was erased from time during the Zero Hour time crisis.

32. Battalion [Real Name Unknown]
Joined: first appeared as Team Titan in Team Titans #2 [1992]
Battalion became leader to the Team Titans after his own family was brutally slain by Lord Chaos. A self-described “drill sergeant from Hell”, battle-worn Battalion trained the Teamers in battle. Battalion was erased from time during the Zero Hour time crisis.

33. Bart Allen [Impulse/Kid Flash]
Joined: New Titans #0 [1994]
Bart Allen – grandson of the Flash – was born with hyper-velocity and was raised in a virtual reality environment in the far future. Traveling to the past, Bart became the act-before-thinking speedster who was quickly dubbed Impulse. Bart later tried to live down his impulsive ways as Kid Flash when he joined the Teen Titans.

34. Grant Emerson [Damage]
Joined: New Titans #0 [1994]
The biological son of the original Atom, Grant Emerson was imbued with the DNA of various Golden Age heroes by Vandal Savage. As a teen, Grant’s massive energy bursts quickly earned him the name, Damage. After his face was horribly scarred in battle, the troubled teen hero developed a more explosive personality.

35. Kyle Rayner [Green Lantern]
Joined: New Titans #116 [1994]
Young artist Kyle Rayner was given the last known power ring in the universe and became the newest Green Lantern. As Kyle learned to become a hero, he served as a Titan for a short time.

36. Supergirl [Matrix]
Joined: New Titans #121 [1995]
A protoplasmic shape-shifter from a pocket universe, Matrix felt most comfortable when she adopted the form of Supergirl. Arsenal invited Supergirl into the ranks of the Titans, where she became a member for a short time.

37. Rose Wilson [Ravager]
Joined: New Titans #122 [1995]
As daughter to Deathstroke the Terminator, Rose Wilson’s ninja-like reflexes were enhanced by flashes of precognition. After mourning her mother’s death, Rose was befriended by the Titans. Seeking to reclaim his daughter, Deathstroke brainwashed Rose to become a lethal killer as the new Ravager. After losing her left eye, Ravager broke free from her father and now dispenses her own brand of hard justice.

38. Minion [Jarras Minion]
Joined: New Titans #123 [1995]
When Jarras Minion’s planet of Talyn was destroyed, he escaped using the morphing Omegadrome battlesuit. Raised as a pacifist, Minion was at odds with his desire for revenge. His brief tenure with the Titans taught him a better way to resolve conflicts. After Minion gave the Omegadrome to Cyborg, he returned to the stars.

Teen Titans II [1996-1998]: The second group of Teen Titans were united by a common origin. The sinister H’San Natall alien race produced alien/human half-breeds to act as warrior sleeper agents on Earth. The seedlings – Argent, Risk, Joto and Prysm – were activated on their 16th birthdays. Led by the teenaged Atom, the youths joined under the auspices of former Titans mentor, Loren Jupiter. The team was later joined by Fringe and Captain Marvel Jr. After an outer-space adventure which ended the H’San Natall conflict, the team disbanded.

39. Ray Palmer [Atom]
Joined: Teen Titans (second series) #1 [1996]
Discovering a fragment of a white dwarf star, scientist Ray Palmer developed technology to grow and shrink as the Atom. When the adult hero was temporarily de-aged to 17 years old by the time villain Extant, he reluctantly joined – and became the leader of – the newest group of Teen Titans.

40. Toni Monetti [Argent]
Joined: Teen Titans (second series) #1 [1996]
The H’San Natall race produced alien/human hybrids that would be activated with super-human powers on their 16th birthdays. On that day, silver-skinned Toni Monetti learned she had the ability to control bursts of silver plasma energy. Joining the Teen Titans as Argent, Toni evolved from spoiled rich girl to capable heroine.

41. Cody Driscoll [Risk]
Joined: Teen Titans (second series) #1 [1996]
The H’San Natall race produced alien/human hybrids that would be activated with super-human powers on their 16th birthdays. On that day, Cody ‘Risky’ Driscoll learned he had fives times the speed, strength and stamina of an average 16 year old. Now dubbed Risk, daredevil Cody joined the Teen Titans. Risk became furious at the world after losing both arms in battle – prompting the teen thrill-seeker to embark on a life of crime.

42. Isaiah Crockett [Joto/Hotspot]
Joined: Teen Titans (second series) #1 [1996]
The H’San Natall race produced alien/human hybrids that would be activated with super-human powers on their 16th birthdays. On that day, Isaiah Crockett’s average middle-class life was shattered when he learned he of his heat-manipulating powers. Taking the name Joto – which is Swahili for ‘heat’ – Isaiah joined the Teen Titans. Joto later adopted a new codename: Hotspot.

43. Audrey Spears [Prysm]
Joined: Teen Titans (second series) #1 [1996]
An alien/human hybrid, Prysm grew up as “Audrey Spears” in a virtual reality picture-perfect world based on earth’s television shows. The Teen Titans pulled her out and welcomed her into their ranks. Able to absorb and reflect light, Prysm is a force to be reckoned with; But the shy and naïve heroine just wants to fit in.

44. Fringe
Joined: Teen Titans (second series) #17 [1998]
Abandoned as a child because of his appearance, the man-monster Fringe was raised by an alien H’San Natall entity that became his protector. The monstrous powerhouse was befriended by Prysm and joined the Teen Titans.

45. Freddie Freeman [Captain Marvel, Jr./CM3]
Joined: Teen Titans (second series) #17 [1998]
Crippled Freddy Freeman can harness a portion of the Shazam power by saying “Captain Marvel.” The powerful teen joined the Teen Titans and developed a crush on Argent. Since then, Captain Marvel Jr. has aided the Titans when called.

The Titans [1998-2003]: After rescuing Cyborg from alien programming, the original five Titans decided to reform as a team and welcomed five other members into their ranks. The team confronted the anti-Titans group Tartarus, a new H.I.V.E, Dark Angel and a mysterious group of D.E.O. Orphans. But when Troia and Omen were seemingly slain by a rogue Superman Android, the Titans and Young Justice were so distraught that both teams died that day. Meanwhile, on the West Coast, Beast Boy and Flamebird tried to jump-start a new Titans team known as Titans L.A. – but lack of dedication put an end to the team before it truly began.

46. Jesse Chambers [Jesse Quick]
Joined: Titans Secret Files #1 [1999]
Jesse Chambers – daughter of Liberty Belle and Jonny Quick – inherited super-powers from her meta-human parents. Able to access super-speed powers with a phrase, Jesse became the heroine known as Jesse Quick. After losing her super-speed powers, Jesse adopted her mother’s persona as the new Liberty Belle.

47. ‘Hero’ Cruz [‘Hero’]
Joined: Titans Secret Files #2 [2000] as a member of Titans L.A.
On an adventure with Superboy and the Ravers, teenager ‘Hero’ Cruz stole the mystical H-dial from the villainous Scavanger. By dialing H-E-R-O, Hero becomes a different super-powered guise on each mission. The openly gay teenage hero joined the short-lived Titans L.A. Branch before its rapid dissolution.

48. Ryuko Orsono [Bushido]
Joined: Titans Secret Files #2 [2000] as a member of Titans L.A.
Japanese teenager Ryuko Orsono became the proud Bushido warrior upon his mother’s death – fulfilling a long family line of honorable heroes. Bushido briefly joined the short-lived Titans L.A. Branch before his death during the Infinite Crisis.

Teen Titans III [2003-2011]: Deciding the next generation of super-heroes needed a place to go, Cyborg, Starfire and Beast Boy created a new Titans Tower headquarters in San Francisco. Joined by Robin III, Superboy, Wonder Girl II and Kid Flash II, they became the latest version of Teen Titans! After Superboy’s death during the Infinite Crisis, the team was thrown in turmoil and faced a year of turbulent membership changes. The team remained in constant upheaval until Robin returned and reorganized the Titans into a team, welcoming new members Ravager, Kid Devil, Miss Martian, and Blue Beetle.

49. Tim Drake [Robin III]
Joined: Teen Titans (third series) #1 [2003]
Tim Drake learned the secret identity of Batman and petitioned to become the new Robin. At first reluctant, Batman eventually conceded and trained Tim to become the newest Boy Wonder.

50. Conner Kent [Superboy]
Joined: Teen Titans (third series) #1 [2003]
In an attempt to clone Superman, Cadmus Labs combined the Kryptonian DNA of Superman with the human DNA of Lex Luthor. The impetuous clone escaped the lab and later became known as the hero, Superboy. The Teen of Steel later was welcomed to live in Smallville as “Conner Kent” and joined the Teen Titans while he came to grips with his true lineage.

51. Cassie Sandsmark [Wondergirl II]
Joined: Teen Titans (third series) #1 [2003]
Upon meeting Wonder Woman, teenaged Cassie Sandsmark petitioned Zeus for powers of her own. Little did Cassie know that her true father was Zeus himself! Blessed with powers from the gods, Cassie became Wonder Girl, despite her mother’s objections. As Wonder Girl, Cassie has matured from gawky adventurer to self-assured heroine.

52. Mia Dearden [Speedy II]
Joined: Teen Titans (third series) #21 [2005]
Tough-as-nails Mia Dearden was rescued from a life on the streets by Green Arrow. But Mia’s past came back to haunt her when she was diagnosed as H.I.V. Positive. Resolved to make a difference, Mia became the newest arrow-slinging heroine as Speedy, sidekick to Green Arrow.

53. Eddie “Gopher” Bloomberg [Kid Devil/Red Devil]
Joined: Teen Titans (third series) #34 [2006]; Revealed as member during “missing year”
Edward “Gopher” Bloomberg grew to idolize stuntman Dan Cassidy while working for his aunt’s film company. When Dan was magically transformed into Blue Devil, Gopher fashioned his own high-tech super-suit to become Kid Devil, Blue Devil’s (unwanted) kid sidekick. Eddie later made a dangerous deal with the devilish trickster, Neron, who transformed him into a honest-to-gosh red-skinned Kid Devil. After proving his mettle with the Teen Titans, Eddie beagn calling himself Red Devil.

54. M’gann M’orzz [Miss Martian ]
Joined: Teen Titans (third series) #34 [2006]; Revealed as member during “missing year”
M’gann M’orzz is an anomoly among her conquering White Martian race; The shape-shifting teen alien rejected her people and found her way to earth. Once there, she modeled herself after the the Justice League’s Martian Manhunter as Miss Martian. Adopting the earth name “Megan Morse,” the sensitive heroine strives to use her powers for good.

55. Dawn Granger [Dove II]
Joined: Teen Titans (third series) #34 [2006]; Revealed as member during “missing year”
The Lords of Chaos and Order originally granted powers to teen brothers Hank and Don Hall. When the first Dove was killed, his powers transferred to the pragmatic Dawn Granger. As Dove II, Dawn sought out Hawk to became an effective crime-fighting duo until Hawk became corrupted by chaos. Dove II returned from near-death to find a new Hawk in her sister, Holly.

56. Holly Granger [Hawk III]
Joined: Teen Titans (third series) #34 [2006]; Revealed as member during “missing year”
The Lords of Chaos and Order originally granted powers to teen brothers Hank and Don Hall – who were both lost in battle. Now, two sisters wield those same mystical powers – pragmatic Dawn Granger as Dove and her rebellious sister, Holly, as Hawk.

57. Lorena Marquez [Aquagirl II]
Joined: Teen Titans (third series) #34 [2006]; Revealed as member during “missing year”
After a genetic anomaly was introduced to the San Diego water supply, the California city sunk into the ocean. Teenager Lorena Marquez soon discovered that her body had been altered to survive the ocean depths. It wasn’t long before out-spoken Lorena allied with Aquaman as the newest Aquagirl.

58. Zachary Zatara
Joined: Teen Titans (third series) #34 [2006]; Revealed as member during “missing year”
As cousin to Zatanna and nephew to the late Zatara, Zachary Zatara had magic in his blood. The teen magician learned that to be true when his latent magic powers sparked as a new age of magic dawned. Now, the spoiled teen magician can get whatever he wants with a simple backwards-speaking incantation.

59. Ernie O’Brian [Offspring]
Joined: Teen Titans (third series) #34 [2006]; Revealed as member during “missing year”
As son of Plastic Man, Luke O’Brian inherited super-stretching powers of his own. Taking the name Offspring, Luke’s exploits mix humor and heroism, much like his father. Despite his infectious sense of humor, Offspring wants to prove to the world that he’s not just a walking punchline.

60. Amon Tomaz [Osiris]
Joined: Teen Titans (third series) #38 [2006]: Revealed as member during “missing year”
When Amon Tomaz was severely beaten and crippled by the criminal cartel known as Intergang, Black Adam gifted the Egyptian teen with a portion of his magical abilities. Taking the name Osiris, Amon summoned the power of the gods by speaking “Black Adam.” Tragically, Osiris was later devoured by his “friend”, the lizard-creature known as Sobek.

60. Power Boy
Joined: Teen Titans (third series) #38 [2006]; Revealed as member during “missing year”
Raised on the hellish world of Apokolips, a power-enhanced boy learned his superhuman abilities were fueled by the emotions of others. Originally an agent of Darkseid, the teen abandoned the demonic despot when he fell in love with Supergirl. Assuming the name “Power Boy,” he became a Teen Titan only to be slain in battle.

61. Little Barda
Joined: Teen Titans (third series) #38 [2006]; Revealed as member during “missing year”
Hailing from the brutal world of Apokolips, Little Barda made her way to earth and joined the Teen Titans for a brief time.

62. Amy Allen [Bombshell]
Joined: Teen Titans (third series) #38 [2006]; Revealed as member during “missing year”
Facing jail, small-time criminal Amy Allen was recruited into a rogue military black ops unit. Grafted with extra-terrestrial metal and given military training, Amy was transformed into the quantum-wielding powerhouse known as Bombshell. Reckless as her namesake, Bombshell is learning to keep explosive personality in check.

63. Mas
Joined: Teen Titans (third series) #38 [2006]; Revealed as member during “missing year”
Mas Y Menos are a pair of hyper-active high-speed twins. When connected by holding hands, the Spanish-speaking heroes can reach super-sonic speeds! But knock them apart, and they are just normal teenage boys.

64. Menos
Joined: Teen Titans (third series) #38 [2006]; Revealed as member during “missing year”
Mas Y Menos are a pair of hyper-active high-speed twins. When connected by holding hands, the Spanish-speaking heroes can reach super-sonic speeds! But knock them apart, and they are just normal teenage boys.

65. Riddler’s Daughter/Enimga
Joined: Teen Titans (third series) #38 [2006]; Revealed as member during “missing year”
Fancying herself the “Riddler’s Daughter,” the inquisitive teen briefly joined the Teen Titans. After changing her name to Enigma, she defected to join Deathstroke’s nefarious Titans East. Her true parentage and history are as puzzling as her namesakes.

66. Talon
Joined: Teen Titans (third series) #38 [2006]; Revealed as member during “missing year”
On the parallel world known as Earth-3, evil versions of the Justice League use their human abilities to terrorize the planet. As an evil analogue to Batman, Owlman likewise adopted a young Robin-like sidekick named Talon. After Talon betrayed his mentor by falling in love with Joker’s Daughter, he fled Earth-3 for another earth.

67. Molecule
Joined: Teen Titans (third series) #38 [2006]; Revealed as member during “missing year”
The super-shrinking adventurer known as Molecule joined the Teen Titans for a short time after the events of Infinite Crisis. Molecule was later murdered by the Terror Titans.

68. Young Frankenstein
Joined: Teen Titans (third series) #38 [2006]; Revealed as member during “missing year”
The teenaged man-monster known as Young Frankenstein joined the Teen Titans for a short time after the events of Infinite Crisis. The creature’s heroism later led to his death at the hands of Black Adam. But a bolt of lightning revived the behemoth – and Young Frankenstein was free to walk the earth once more.

69. Anima
Joined: Teen Titans East Special #1 [2007]
A bite from an alien parasite utterly transformed runaway teenager Courtney Mason – allowing her to channel the Animus, a living embodiment of mankind’s rage. Courtney then became the wandering heroine known as Anima, helping those in need by calling upon the fearsome force inside her. Anima was later slain while battling Prometheus.

70. Son of Vulcan
Joined: Teen Titans East Special #1 [2007]
Shortly after Vulcan recruited orphan Miguel “Mikey” Devante as his sidekick, the flame-wielding hero was slain by an evil White Martian. Before he died, Vulcan gifted his fire-based powers to Mikey and equipped the inexperienced hero with an arsenal of weaponry. In honor of his fallen mentor, Mikey has sworn to continue the legacy of the Son of Vulcan!

71. Lagoon Boy
Joined: Teen Titans East Special #1 [2007]
Though young and slight of build, the aquatic young mutant known as Lagoon Boy can inflate his body like a puffer fish to intimidate predators and foes. His love for the surface world united him in friendship with the mutated whale, Bludder, and the Trironian mermaid, Sheeva. Eventually, Lagoon Boy’s travels led him to meet other teen heroes and become part of their community.

72. Kara Zor-El [Supergirl]
Joined: Teen Titans (third series) #50 [2007]
Kara Zor-El was sent to Earth in a rocket ship at roughly the same time as her cousin, Kal-El, but aged at a slower rate in suspended animation. Years after Kal-El became Superman, Kara crashed to Earth and soon adopted the name Supergirl. Despite her stong-willed bravado, the Kryptonian teen is still trying to discover what she wants to be.

73. Jaime Reyes [Blue Beetle]
Joined: Teen Titans (third series) #61 [2008]
When the mystic scarab of the Blue Beetle fused to the spine of Jaime Reyes, a new Blue Beetle was born! The Texas teen learned the alien artifact could expand to create a super-powered carapace around his body, enabling him to become El Paso’s super-powered protector from threats both criminal and magical.

74. Christopher “Kit” Freeman [Kid Eternity]
Joined: Teen Titans (third series) #69 [2009]
After being killed by Nazis, young Christopher “Kit” Freeman was told he was not fated to die for another 75 years. In return, cosmic forces gifted the boy with the power to summon the dead by shouting “Eternity!” The spirit – now called Kid Eternity – was sent back to earth where he uses his unique abilities to help others.

75. Virgil Hawkins [Static]
Joined: Teen Titans (third series) #69 [2009]
Continually threatened by bullies and ignored by girls, Virgil Hawkins led a dismal and depressing life. But when a mutagenic gas accidentally gave the African American adolescent superhuman abilities, Virgil was reborn as Static, the electrically powered teen super-hero.

76. Damian Wayne [Robin IV]
Joined: Teen Titans (third series) #88 [2011]
The son of Batman and Talia Al Ghul,  Damian Wayne was genetically engineered to one day kill and replace his famous father. Trained from birth by the League of Assassins, Damian later rebelled when Batman accepted him as a son. Now, the Dark Knight seeks to temper the boy’s violent tendencies by training him as the newest Robin.

77. Kiran Singh [Solstice]
Joined: Teen Titans (third series) #97 [2011]
East-Indian teenager Kiran Singh is a bright spirit – influenced by the various cultures she’s encountered during her travels throughout the world. Using her brilliant light powers as Solstice, she lends a positive energy to the Teen Titans.

Titans Allies: Over the years, the Titans have amassed a set of friends and allies in their never-ending battle against evil. Some have been lost in battle and others still aid the Titans when called.

Loren Jupiter
First Allied: Teen Titans #25 [1970]
Wealthy philanthropist Loren Jupiter funded the original Titans team for a time – as well as Atom’s Teen Titans much later. Jupiter later was revealed as the father of Titans’ psychic Lilith Clay and Titans’ foe, the illusion-casting Haze.

The Doom Patrol
First Allied: The Doom Patrol #104 [1966]
Victims of cruel fate, three individuals were given strange powers that made them outcasts from society. United by their wheelchair-bound leader known as “The Chief,” the oddball adventurers – Robotman, Elasti-Girl and Negative Man – became underground heroes as the Doom Patrol! Although the membership has changed through the years, the Doom Patrol has always offered freakish pariahs the chance to become heroes.

Steve Dayton [Mento/Crimelord]
First Allied: New Teen Titans #13-15 [1981-1982]
Smitten with Elasti-Girl of the Doom Patrol, millionaire inventor Steve Dayton fashioned a psionic helmet and became the self-styled super-hero, Mento. Elasti-Girl and Mento wed – and adopted Beast Boy as their son. Although the Mento helmet has pushed him to the brink of insanity, Dayton has learned to tame his inner demons.

Arella [Angela Roth]
First Allied: New Teen Titans #5 [1980]
Impregnated by the demon Trigon, Angela Roth found refuge in the peaceful city of Azarath, where she adopted the name, Arella. There, she gave birth to Raven and protected her from Trigon’s evil. Arella’s devotion to her daughter led to her death during an encounter with the Wildebbest Society.

Frances Kane [Magenta]
First Allied: New Teen Titans #17 [1982]
When Frances Kane’s magnetic powers manifested, the insecure teen believed she was possessed by demons. Her childhood sweetheart, Wally West, pulled her back from the brink of insanity. Frances later adopted a meta-human persona as Magenta, but found her powers fractured her mind – violently shifting her personality from positive to negative.

Adrian Chase [Vigilante]
First Allied: New Teen Titans Annual #2 [1983]
When his family was brutally killed by mobsters, District Attorney Adrian Chase took the law into his own hands as the gun-toting Vigilante. As Vigilante’s methods became more extreme, Chase entered into a state of self-loathing and took his own life.

Jason Hart [The Protector]
First Allied: The New Teen Titans #1 (Drug Awareness Giveaway) [1983]
High school student Jason Hart became alarmed at the nation’s growing drug problem. Allied with the Teen Titans, resourceful Jason became the crime-fighter known as The Protector and took to the streets to wage a war on illegal narcotics.

Gan and Tavis Williams [Thunder & Lightning]
First Allied: New Teen Titans #32 [1983]
The offspring of a Vietnamese woman and an alien entity, Gan and Tavis Williams manifested uncontrollable elemental powers. Dubbed Thunder & Lightning, the Teen Titans and S.T.A.R. Labs contained the duo and uncovered the truths behind their origins. Since then, the elemental twins have become trusted allies to the Titans as well as protectors of S.T.A.R. Labs.

Adeline Kane Wilson
First Allied: Tales of the Teen Titans #42-44, Annual #3 [1984]
The ex-wife of the mercenary, Deathstroke, Adeline Kane formed her own detective agency, Searchers, Inc. Adeline was mother to the Titan, Jericho as well as Titans’ foe, The Ravager. After a blood transfusion from Deathtroke, Adeline gained immortal powers and was driven insane. Addie later became Mistress of the criminal organization, H.I.V.E., and was destroyed in battle.

Azrael [Real Name Unknown]
First Allied: Tales of the Teen Titans #52 [1985]
When a mysterious winged alien was unthawed from a block of ice, he immediately fell in love with Lilith Clay. When Lilith left, the distraught alien became duped into Brother Blood’s cult – where he was given the name, Azrael. Eventually freed from Blood’s thrall, Azrael once again flies free.

Jason Todd [Robin II]
First Allied: New Teen Titans (second series) #19-21 [1986]
After attempting to steal the wheels off the Batmobile, brash street urchin Jason Todd met the Batman. Becoming the second Robin, Jason’s fiery temperament led to his apparent death at the hands of the Joker. But Jason has returned from death to wage a violent war on crime on his own terms.

Chris King [Dial “H” for HERO]
First Allied: New Teen Titans (second series) #45-46 [1988]
When Chris King and Vicki Grant stumbled upon two mystical dials, they discovered they could transform into a different super-powered persona each time they dialed H-E-R-O! When Vicki went rogue, Chris sought the Titans for help. Since then, King has learned to internalize his transformations and aids the Titans when called.

Slade Wilson [Deathstroke, The Terminator]
First Allied: New Titans #71 [1990]
A hard-edged mercenary, Slade Wilson, a.k.a. Deathstroke the Terminator, fulfilled any contract he undertook. The chemically-enhanced assassin accepted the contract to kill the Titans on his dead son’s behalf. But when Slade’s attempts to kill the Titans led to ruin, he abandoned the contract and even became their ally on occasion. After losing those close to him, Slade returned to his violent ways.

William Randolph Wintergreen
First Allied: Tales of the Teen Titans #42-44, Annual #3 [1984]
Slade Wilson disobeyed orders to save the life of British soldier, William Randolph Wintergreen – earning a debt Wintergreen intended to repay in kind. Wintergreen catalogued Slade’s exploits as the mercenary, Deathstroke the Terminator, often serving as his moral conscience. Wintergreen’s devotion to Slade ultimately led to his death.

Pat Trayce [Vigilante II]
First Allied: Deathstroke #6-9 [1991-1992]
Tough Gotham Detective Pat Trayce – frustrated with the revolving-door justice system – became the Vigilante in an effort to punish the man who killed her partner. Trained by Deathstroke, Vigilante found herself in a tumultuous on-again/off-again affair with the famed mercenary. Trayce also runs a search & rescue operation known as Vigilance.

Sarge Steel
First Allied: New Titans #100 [1993]
Sarge Steel earned his nickname when the tough soldier’s hand was replaced with a steel alloy appendage after a rigged hand grenade cost him his left hand. Steel later became a high ranking government operative in both the Central Bureau of Intelligence and Checkmate. When the government assumed control of the New Titans, Sarge Steel often clashed with then-leader, Arsenal.

Neil Richards [Mad Mod]
First Allied: Teen Titans (second series) #2 [1996]
The madcap Mad Mod clashed with the original Teen Titans when the outrageous villain attempted to use his clothing design label as a smuggling operation. The criminal of Carnaby Street eventually reformed and befriended Titans’ mentor, Loren Jupiter.

Sasha Martens and Wiley Wolverman [Hawk & Dove III]
First Allied: JLA/Titans #1-3 [1998]
Army brat Sasha Martens and laidback musician Wiley Wolverman had only one thing in common: Both were part of a secret government experiment designed to genetically engineer meta-humans. Now sprouting wings at will and powered with sonic shrieks, the mismatched duo became the newest Hawk & Dove.

Epsilon [Real Name Unknown]
First Allied: Titans #21-22 [2000]
The Department of Extranormal Operations [D.E.O.] established an orphanage full of super-powered young charges. The psychotic orphan known as Epsilon was possessed by fellow orphan, Kevin Tanaka, who secured safe haven for his friends at Titans Tower. After the real Epsilon burst free, he destroyed the tower in a battle that seemingly claimed his own life as well.

The D.E.O. Orphans [Grace, Zeke, Eli, Scrap, Nikki and Kevin]
First Allied: Titans #27-29 [2001]
Six meta-human orphans – Grace, Zeke, Eli, Scrap, Nikki and Kevin – fled the Department of Extranormal Operations [D.E.O.] to secure safe haven at Titans Tower headquarters. The plan backfired when Epsilon emerged and destroyed Titans Tower, resulting in the death of D.E.O. orphan, Kevin Tanaka. After that tragedy, Nightwing intervened on their behalf, and the kids returned to a restructured D.E.O. Orphanage.

First Allied: Teen Titans #7 [2004]
Rescued from an alternate universe, the Kryptonian canine known as Krypto was brought back to earth by Superman. After a disasterous stay in Metropolis, Superboy was charged to care for the super-pup.

Wendy & Marvin
First Allied: Teen Titans #34 [2006]
The clever criminal known as The Calculator fathered twin children, Wendy and Marvin, both of whom shared his advanced intellect. The super-smart siblings acted as caretakers to the Titans Tower after they graduated M.I.T. on their sixteenth birthday – until Marvin was slain by King Lycus’ vicious hellhound.

Atlee [Terra III ]
First Allied: Terror Titans #1 [2008]
Born in the underground world of Strata, young Atlee possessed earth-manipulating abilities unique to her people. Destined to protect Strata’s future, optimistic Atlee journeyed to the surface to defend the earth as Terra.


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