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Titans of Tomorrow

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Terrors of Tomorrow

In a divergent timeline, a great Crisis claimed the lives of many of the adult heroes and the then-disbanded Teen Titans weren’t there to save them. Shattered by these events, the Titans lost their optimism to a more cynical worldview. In their time apart, they were also influenced by outside forces such as the warlike Ares and unscrupulous Lex Luthor. As the former teen sidekicks grew into adulthood, they assumed their mentor’s personas or adopted new identities of their own.

In an effort to prevent future tragedies, the Titans of Tomorrow – Batman (Tim Drake), Superman (Conner Kent), Wonder Woman (Cassie Sandsmark), Animal Man (Gar Logan), Aquawoman (Lorena Marquez), the Flash (Bart Allen)  and Dark Raven – gathered together six years after they disbanded to create a police state free of crime, poverty and disease. For the most part, they actually succeeded. But the people gave up their freedom for it. There were rebellions along the West Coast that Raven quelled by siphoning the free will of the rebels. In retaliation, Cyborg and Bumblebee gathered together their own “Titans East” and managed to free twelve of the fifty states.

Titans East explains the origins of the future world in TEEN TITANS (third series) #19 [2004].


Teen Titans Meet Titans of Tomorrow

When the present Teen Titans returned from an adventure in the 31st century, they arrived ten years too late. In the future, they met their totalitarian future-selves. But before the Titans of Tomorrow could find a way to send the Teen Titans back to their proper time, Superboy discovered the future Titans’ brutalities. A confrontation led to a a battle between present and future Titans teams.

Seeking to preserve his timeline, Batman captured Robin in hopes of erasing his memories of the future he had witnessed. Meanwhile, the teenaged Titans located the future Cyborg. Now known as Cyborg 2.0, he rallied together Titans East as a resistance force to oppose the tyrannical Titans. Titans East included Bumblebee, Batwoman, Captain Marvel, Terra, Ravager and secret-member Flash.

The Teen Titans and Titans East sought the cosmic treadmill, which would enable them to return to their proper time. Finally locating the treadmill at the Batcave, three Titans teams engaged in a major skirmish… But amid the chaos, Flash and Kid Flash were able to jump start the cosmic treadmill and return home to their proper time. With that, the present Teen Titans vowed to stay together to prevent this bleak future from transpiring.

ABOVE: The future Conner and Cassie from TEEN TITANS (third series) #17 [2004].
BELOW: Future Tim Drake seeks to insure his future in TEEN TITANS (third series) #18 [2004]. 

The Titans of Tomorrow…Today!

The knowledge of this future would cause temporal ripples when the Teen Titans returned to the present. Every divergent action would create a domino effect – resulting in a different future ten years down the line. The Titans of Tomorrow had only one option: travel ten years in the past to ensure their totalitarian future.

The realigned Titans of Tomorrow – Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Flash, Red Devil and Miss Martian Manhunter – arrived in the present and nearly defeated the entire Justice League – until the Teen Titans were able to free their mentors. Things became even more complicated when the future Lex Luthor arived in the past with an entire Titans Army at his disposal. During the battle, the present-day Titans had to face their future-selves and confront their own self doubts as well. Meanwhile, Luthor targeted three specific Titans he claimed would prevent his timeline from happening: Ravager, Blue Beetle and Supergirl.

Ultimately, Luthor and the Titans of Tomorrow were unsucessful in preserving their timeline. But still seeking to preseve his future, Luthor jumped in time “six years from now”  and manipulated Robin and Miss Martian into creating clones of deceased Titans. He hopes that by bringing back Kon-El and Bart Allen, the future can be molded into his design.

The realigned Titans of Tomorrow, from TEEN TITANS (third series) #50-54  [2007]. 

 The Titans

Batman: Robin becomes Batman in the future after a massive Crisis claims the lives of many major heroes. Tim-Batman becomes determined to create a Utopian society free of poverty, disease and strife. But when Dark Raven siphons the emotions and hope of the West Coast, what cost is paradise? Batman also had a relationship with Bette Kane, who was killed but reborn via the Lazarus Pit  thanks to a deal Tim made with Ras Al Ghul.

Superman: Influenced by father-figure Lex Luthor, Conner develops a sinister edge and becomes Superman. Joining Tim-Batman and winning the heart of Cassie Sandsmark, the Titans are a power to be reckoned with. Superman defers to Tim Drake when it comes to the major decisions.

Wonder Woman: Ares becomes Wonder Girl’s  mentor and she has a long-term relationship with Conner – and becomes Wonder Woman. At one point, Cassie was caught in a love triangle with Superboy and Captain Marvel Jr.; She chose Superboy. In the future, Cassie also breaks Tim’s heart and rejects him when Conner returns to life.

Flash: Bart becomes the Flash in honor of his uncle – and joins the Titans as a spy within the group. Bart is secretly a member of Cyborg 2.0’s Titans East resistance force with his love, Rose Wilson. Years ago, Bart was able to save Rose and return her to sanity. The Flash museum reveals that Bart’s future allies include Rose Wilson, Donna Troy and Max Mercury.

Animal Man: Beast Boy has given into his feral side. As Animal Man, he has increased shape shifting abilities and a darker edge. Also, in the past, Gar rebuffed Terra – leading her to join Cyborg’s Titans East team.

Dark Raven: Raven becomes “Dark Raven,” the world’s greatest religious figure. Siphoning emotion and hope from those around her, Dark Raven subjugates people to bend to her will.

Aquawoman: Lorena joined the Titans as Aquagirl years ago and remained with the team to become Aquawoman. Aquawoman seemingly killed Tempest with her heightened telepathic powers. Rose Wilson mentions she and Lorena were good friends at one time.

Red Devil: Once the genial Kid Devil, Edward Bloomberg matured into a gruff and tough man-monster known as Red Devil. In this future, Red Devil killed Blue Beetle. He also had his heart broken by Ravager.

Miss Martian Manhunter: After embracing her White Martian heritage, the once-sensitive teen alien becamed the hardened Miss Martian Manhunter. When Miss Martian Manhunter confronted her younger self in the past, Miss Martian unwittingly killed her future self. But a renmant of Miss Martian Manhunter’s evil psyche found its way into the mind of Miss Martian.


The Titans of Tomorrow Pin-Up from TEEN TITANS (third series) #100 [2011].

 Titans East

Cyborg 2.0: Cyborg has upgraded his part to becomes Cyborg 2.0, rallying together Titans East as a resistance force to oppose the tyrannical Titans. Cyborg 2.0 was pulled into the past by Mr. Orr to lead his Cyborg Revenge Squad.

Bumblebee: Karen Beecher is a Cybernetic Insect Queen, with nanotech-insects at her control. She leads Titans East with Cyborg 2.0.

Terra: Terra is part of Cyborg 2.0’s Titans East team. Terra claims Gar “refused to have anything to do with her.”

Terra III: When the future timeline was altered with the death of Terra II, Terra III supplanted her as a member of Cyborg 2.0’s resistance force.

Rose Wilson/Ravager: Rose broke Slade’s control and became a Titan as part of Cyborg 2.0’s Titans East. She is also romantically involved with Bart Allen, who freed Rose from Slade’s control. Rose never reconciled with her father, who is still a gun-for-hire in the future.

Captain Marvel: Captain Marvel, Jr.  becomes Captain Marvel in the future. He romantically vied for Wonder Girl’s attentions but lost out to Superboy. Like the first Captain Marvel, Freddie has a childlike-mind in a powerhouse adult body. Freddie joined Cyborg’s Titans East team to challenge the Titans.

Batwoman: Seemingly killed by Duela Dent, Bette Kane was restored to life using the Lazarus Pit in a deal Tim-Batman made with Ras Al Ghul. Now reborn, Bette assumed the mantle of Batwoman. Bette was also romantically linked with Tim-Batman – but later joined Titans East when Tim’s team became darker.

Batwoman II: When the future timeline was altered, Cassandra Cain supplanted Bette Kane as Batwoman in the future.

Titans East, from TEEN TITANS (third series) #18 [2004].

 Titans Around The Globe

Starfire: Starfire is leading a “wonderful life” with Nightwing – “far away from all this.” Batwoman urges Starfire to “seek [Nightwing] out. You need to be there for him.”

Duela Dent/Joker’s Daughter: Duela Dent destroyed Arkham Asylum when she broke her father out six years prior to the events of “Titans Tomorrow.” Her mind was a puzzle that was eventually put together. She tried to reconcile with him. He refused her. She took it out on everyone – and embarked on a killing spree that claimed Alfred, Flamebird, Batgirl and others. She left “Riddle me this” notes and chattering teeth. She called herself Joker’s Daughter. She is eventually killed by Tim-Batman in a final showdown.

Mal Duncan: There is a mention of “President Duncan.”

Nightwing: Nightwing is leading a “wonderful life” with Starfire “far away from all this.” Batwoman urges Starfire to “seek [Nightwing] out. You need to be there for him.”

Donna Troy: Listed as a Bart-ally in the future Flash museum.

Arsenal/Green Arrow: Roy Harper became Green Arrow and seemingly died. Slade remarks: “As bad as Green Arrow ever got. Hope you rot in hell, Harper.”

Speedy: Mia Dearden becomes a Titan – as Speedy – in the future. She is part of Cyborg 2.0’s resistance force. She was being held captive by the Titans at the Fortress of Paradise in Kansas. Mia Dearden later assumed the identity of Red Arrow in the future.

Tempest, Hawk & Dove, Red Star, Mirage: All part of Cyborg 2.0’s resistance. Tempest was seemingly killed [or injured] by extensive telepathic probing by Aquagirl. Mirage, Red Star and Hawk & Dove were spotted near the Kansas border.

Deathstroke: Slade was working for Titans East and Cyborg 2.0’s resistance force – albeit for the money and not the cause itself. Rose insists that Slade has not changed a bit. Slade also mentions that Bart “took my daughter away from me” – indicating that Bart saved Rose from Slade’s influence. Slade withstands torture at the hands of Superboy – before unleashing a cyber-bomb contained in his eye. Whether or not Slade’s immortality saved him is unclear.

Mad Mod: The Titans battle Mad Mod’s synthetics at some point in the future. The Titans mention they killed Mad Mod.

Mr. Twister: Titans East halts a hurricane created by Mr. Twister.

Brother Blood: Thrown into the Phantom Zone with Brainiac by Superman.

Lex Luthor : Lex gains tremendous sway over Conner; Conner even calls him “Pa.” Lex lives in Smallville, Kansas on a piece of land that is both “Fortress of Solitude” and Kent farm. He encourages Conner to stay with Cassie to produce him a grandchild. One hand is gloved, indicating kryptonite-ring poisoning. To ensure the society built by the Titans of Tomorrow, Luthor assembled a virtual Titans Army to travel to the past and eliminate those who would disrupt this future timeline: Ravager, Blue Beetle and Supergirl.

Steve Dayton: Last seen in the present, Dayton was crazy from the Mento helmet and merged with cyberspace. In the Batcave, Tim-Batman talks to his supercomputer named Mento.

Dove II, Metamorpho, Grace, Max Mercury and Geo-Force: All seen in the Titans Hall of Mentors.

Max Mercury: Bart says he was visiting Max in the Speed Force. Max is also listed as a Kid Flash ally in the Flash museum. Max also appears in the Hall of Mentors museum.

Hardrock: Ross Richman became the rock-skinned behemoth known as Hardrock and joined the Titans. He later becomes a member of Luthor’s Titans Army in the future.

Starwoman: Courtney Whitmore has become a member of Luthor’s Titans Army in the future.

Shining Knight: Ystina has become a member of Luthor’s Titans Army in the future.

Prysm: Prysm has become a member of Luthor’s Titans Army in the future.

Toyman: Former villain Hiro Okamura reforms to join the Titans in the future. There, he commands a giant robot enforcer. He has become a member of Luthor’s Titans Army in the future.

Black Ray: Formerly the Ray, Ray Terrill has become a member of Luthor’s Titans Army in the future.

Vulcan: Miguel Devante has become a member of Luthor’s Titans Army in the future.

Zatara: Zachary Zatara has become a member of Luthor’s Titans Army in the future.

Pandemic: As Fever, Shyleen Lao joined Thayer Jost’s short-lived Doom Patrol team. In the future, Shyleen’s powers evolved into the hot fever-powered Pandemic. She later becomes a member of Luthor’s Titans Army in the future.

Huntress: Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe started her super-hero career as the Batgirl-wannabe dubbed Misfit. She joins the Titans as Huntress and later becomes a member of Luthor’s Titans Army in the future.


 Essential Reading

Teen Titans #17 [2004]: The 3-part “Titans Tomorrow” kicks off here, as the Titans return from the trip with the Legion… ten years too late! Get ready to meet the all-new Titans lineup: Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Animal Man, Aquawoman and the Flash! But all is not as well as it seems in the future, and the Teen Titans are going to find out why.
Teen Titans #18 [2004]: Part 2 of the 3-part “Titans Tomorrow!” Face to face with themselves ten years from now, the Teen Titans make a pact that doesn’t bode well for the future. Now they must find a way home, before the Titans of Tomorrow catch up with them! Plus, discover the Flash’s shocking secret!
Teen Titans #19 [2004]: The 3-part “Titans Tomorrow” concludes! The Teen Titans continue their desperate attempt to return home ten years in the past, where they’ve made a frightening decision about the future. But to protect this future, Batman, Superman and the other adult Titans are willing to sacrifice everything!
Teen Titans (third series) #50-54 [2007]: “Titans of Tomorrow… Today!” The Teen Titans to take on not only Starro and its minions, but also the Titans of Tomorrow – and Lex Luthor’s Titans Army.
DC Special: Cyborg #5-6 (mini-series) [2008]: Mr. Orr gathers together The Cyborg Revenge Squad, a group specially formulated to take down Cyborg. The Cyborg Revenge Squad tries to prevent Victor Stone from exposing Mr. Orr’s Project M – and that means executing the Phantom Limbs, who were living proof of the program. But Cyborg defeats the Revenge Squad and saves The Phantom Limbs by initiating a backdoor program left by his father. First appearance of Cyborg Revenge Squad in issue #5. Marriage of Sarah Charles and DeShaun in issue #6.


 Geoff Johns on Titans of Tomorrow

Geoff Johns reveals on his site that “Titans Tomorrow was MORE than just a very cool alternate future story! He writes: “I’m thrilled with this arc and EVERY single line in it will effect the Teen Titans book from this point on. *A lot of lines are missed so far…study carefully. Mike did a great job, and is wrapping up his last issue, but we’ve got an TERRIFIC guy swooping in to bring us to our next stage with Teen Titans. The cover of #24 should make everything pretty clear, but expect major things with Titans in ’05. *And Bumblebee rules, though Red Star is beginning to grow on me in the upcoming Doctor Light arc. ”

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