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Titans Lair

Teen Titans Headquarters

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Teen Titans File Photo:

The Teen Titans in Titans Lair, by Bill Walko.



Originally designed for secure and stable records storage for WayneCo information services, this underground facility has been upgraded several times. Its location is still a secret.

Titans’ Lair is a one-level, modified cavern on the outskirts of Gotham City. The only electronic equipment available to members was a short-wave radio and a television receiver. The Titans received mail from teenagers needing help, and they sponsored airtime on a special television channel called the Hot Closed Circuit, so anyone could deliver a five-minute appeal to the Teen Titans. Wonder Girl usually picked up the mail, most of it coming from teens with questions or kids in trouble.

Titans Lair, from TEEN TITANS (first series) #2 [1966].

The Titans’ Helicopter emerged from behind a billboard advertising a television show. It is presumed that there is a river, possibly the Gotham River, close by, since Aqualad has access to the Lair from the North Atlantic Ocean.

The Titans abandoned the Lair for a time, during their training program with Loren Jupiter. They eventually reclaimed it as their headquarters. However, when Dr. Light discovered the location of Titans’ Lair, the Titans were forced to find a new headquarters.

Titans Copter

Headquarters Schematic


 Essential Reading

Teen Titans #2 [1966]: Garn, a caveboy, and Akkuru, his giant enemy, are frozen in suspended animation by a prehistoric glacier and revived in modern times. First Titans Lair, although not referred to as such until #5.
Teen Titans #5 [1966]: At the request of Dr. Paul Turner, head of the Lacklock Camp and a friend of Robin’s, the Teen Titans track down the Ant, a teenaged costumed criminal suspected of being a former inmate of Lacklock, Eddie Whit. The Titans learn that Whit is being blackmailed by his crooked employers. Together with Eddie’s younger brother and the inmates of Lacklock, the Titans lure the real crooks into the open and dismantle their operation. First “official” Titans Lair.
Teen Titans #44 [1976]: The Teen Titans reorganize after a two-year hiatus, with Robin, Kid flash, Wonder Girl, Speedy, and Mal as full-time members. Robin, Kid Flash, Wonder Girl, Speedy and Mal are lured to Titans’ Lair by a false distress signal, where they battle Dr. Light, who seeks revenge on the JLA; The Teen Titans do not work as a team and are defeated, except for Mal. Titans Lair location discovered by Dr. Light. Last appearance of Titans Lair.


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