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Titans in “Convergence”

In about a week DC is about to start it’s next event book, Convergence, a two-month long saga focusing on the return of several defunct eras in DC’s history.

The basic premise of the series is that Brainiac, the infamous information-hungry alien mastermind known for destroying worlds after stealing and shrinking whole cities for his insane collection, has gained access into the timeline of DC’s Multiverse. And as such, he’s collected somewhere between 40 to 50 different cities from past versions of the DCU. The Pre-Flashpoint DCU, Pre-Zero Hour, Pre-Crisis on Infinite Earths, Earth-2, Earth-4, Earth-S, Earth-X, the 31st Century, the Red Son Universe, Kingdom Come, the Red Rain Universe, Earth-C, Qward, DC One Million, and many more. The cities are housed in domed structures, and as an experiment, Brainiac is planning on letting the heroes and villains loose on one another to see what happens.

This event ties in to the New 52: Future’s End and Earth-2: World’s End books, and DC is promising a new status quo will begin in June alongside their formally dropping the “New 52” banner after what feels like an eternity. There will be a main Convergence title starting at #0 on April 1st, 2015, and a number of two issue books spanning April and May 2015.

The initial premise of DC doing this series is mainly because they’re moving their offices to the West Coast, and while Convergence is happening, all the main DC books will be on hiatus. So this series is mostly going to be a breather. But this also gives some writers a chance to establish what they consider to be “closure” on certain storylines that never received proper endings. I put quotation marks around “closure” because, when it comes to comic books, closure is something that doesn’t really exist. Characters die and they do stories as “proper goodbyes” only to be brought back years later. But some of the creative teams on the books featured under Convergence are either trying to rectify some glaring issues or follow up on storylines that were originally dropped.

Fabian Nicieza and Ron Wagner are working on “Convergence: Titans,” which focuses on the reunion of pre-Flashpoint Donna Troy and Starfire with Roy Harper and… Lian Harper? Fabian has discussed in online interviews that he specifically wishes to undo the “nasty and unfair things” done to Roy by Cry for Justice and the books which followed after it. Roy will be seeking redemption, and it seems Lian has been brought back to life, but the Titans Family Reunion is interrupted by Lord Havok and the Extremists.

Marv Wolfman is working with Nicola Scott to revisit the Pre-Crisis Titans in “Convergence: New Teen Titans,” with Wolfman promising to revisit the dropped storyline of Kole and Jericho’s budding romance while the Titans battle the Tangent Comics version of the Doom Patrol. And all the while we get Discowing drawn by Nicola Scott.

Gail Simone gets reunited with Oracle, and with Jan Duursema, they plan to give Barbara Gordon and Dick Grayson of the pre-Flashpoint Gotham will have another chance at a relationship and a happy ending in “Convergence: Nightwing/Oracle.”

Wally West is Flash again in “Convergence: Speed Force,” and he’s alongside his twin children Iris and Jai West while they look for the missing Linda Park. Brought to you by Tony Bedard and Tom Grummett.

An all female Justice League containing Supergirl and Jesse Quick in “Convergence: Justice League” will battle the Flashpoint version of Aquaman when he crashes Jesse’ baby shower hoping to abduct Mera. This one’s written by Frank Tieri and drawn by Vicente Cifuentes.

Tom Peyer and Steve Yeowell are reuniting Ray Palmer and Ryan Choi in “Convergence: The Atom,” and also features the two giving Deathstroke his just desserts for what happened in ‘Villains for Hire.’

Batman and Damian Wayne have a rather… tense reunion with Red Hood via Ron Marz and Denys Cowan’s “Convergence: Batman and Robin.”

Stephanie Brown returns as Batgirl alongside Cassandra Cain as Blackbat and Tim Drake as Red Robin in “Convergence: Batgirl,” by Alisa Kwitney and Rick Leonardi, and the trio must also deal with the Catman and Gorilla Grodd of the Flashpoint Universe.

In a Pre-Zero Hour dome, a powerless Kyle Rayner meets an imprisoned Hal Jordan, formerly called Parallax, in “Convergence: Green Lantern” by Tony Bedard and Ron Wagner.

In “Convergence: Superboy,” a pre-Zero Hour, but not pre-leather jacket, Superboy, deals with a crisis of confidence that is not improved by the appearance of the Kingdom Come Superman. Another title by Fabian Nicieza but with Karl Moline on art.

She was one of the strangest Maids of Might, and now Matrix is back in “Convergence: Supergirl,” alongside her ex-boyfriend Lex Luthor, Lady Quark, and… Ambush Bug? Featuring Keith Giffen on writing and Tim Green II on art.

Tom Mandrake returns to the Suicide Squad with Frank Tieri providing the writing, and it looks as if the Kingdom Come Titans and Teen Titans will face the Squad in “Convergence: Suicide Squad.” (Note: This cover is for the second issue)

Also appearing are the Earth-S and Earth-2 versions of Captain Marvel Jr. and Speedy. CM Jr will be with the Marvel Family in “Convergence: Shazam,” where they encounter the Gotham By Gaslight heroes, while Speedy and Green Arrow are with the original Seven Soldiers of Victory fighting against Qward in “Convergence: World’s Finest,” by Paul Levitz, Joe Rubinstein, and Jim Fern.

So let’s see…

Wally is Flash again, Kole and Jericho get another shot at love, someone remembered Matrix, Jesse is having her baby, and someone is FINALLY doing something about the mess they made of the Harpers and Ryan Choi.

If only Tempest were involved.

But hey, you can’t have everything.

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    Thanks for the update, Jude! Looks like the Titanverse will be busy in this Convergence thing. Some sound more interesting than others.

    How are you guys liking the bits of news about the upcoming TV series? Or Cyborg in the movies?