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Titanic Poster

Three years ago, I asked my friend José Luís (artist, TEEN TITANS and RED TORNADO) to work on a custom Titans poster for me.

I always dreamt of a huge poster that would showcase all of the various team members together. And I believed José Luís would be the perfect man for the job. With the inks of Jonas Trindade and the colors of Dijjo Lima, the result turned out better than my wildest dreams. With 7 interlocking panels, the entire image comprised one giant image. WoW!

I chose some of the supporting characters, too… but unfortunately I forgot about Battalion (not a Teen), Epsilon (never truly a member) and Phantasm (who is represented by Danny Chase anyway). Anyway, in the future, I am planning on another panel with them plus Deathstroke’s “Titans For Hire” Team.

And of course, I had to insert myself between them, too. How fantastic! How (dare I say?) Titanic!

Pannel 01: Static, Terra III, Osiris, Azrael, Misfit, Power Boy, Lagoon Boy, Hero Cruz, Batgirl, Mas, Menos, Damage, Little Barda, Son of Vulcan.

Pannel 02: Blue Beetle, Supergirl (Matrix), Golden Eagle, Flamebird, Traci 13, Hotspot, Bushido, Kid Devil, Speedy, Risk, Zatara, Enigma, Red Hood.

Pannel 03: Minion, Omegadrome, Argent, Dagon, Molecule, Tula, Terra II, Mirage, Magenta, Dove, Danny Chase, Duela Dent, Atom, Red Robin, Lilith, Pantha, Hawk I, Baby Wyldbeest.

Pannel 04: Miss Martian, Starfire, Donna Troy, Bumblebee, Dove II, Wonder Girl, Tarcisio, Beast Boy, Flash, Nightwing, Arsenal, Lian Harper, Cyborg.

Pannel 05: Solstice, Offspring, Supergirl, Kole, Bombshell, Prysm, Tempest, Ravager, Jericho, Raven, Red Star.

Pannel 06: Capitain Marvel Jr, Anima, Red Wing, Prestor Jon (in Red Wing’s hand), Terra I, Anima, Fringe, Krypto, Gnarrk, Jesse Quick, Kid Flash, Aquagirl, Superboy, Chris King, Hawk III.

Pannel 07: Green Lantern, Lightning, Killowat, Thunder, Kid Eternity, Protector, Spoiler, Young Frankenstein, Aqualad, Talon, Vox, Robin, Marvin, Wendy.

End of transmission. About this author:  I live in Brazil and I am a physicaltherapist. In my free time, I try to work on Torre Titã, a Brazilian blog inspired by I discovered the Titans with The New Teen Titans v2 #20. I fell in love with Donna Troy as soon as I saw her. And since I already loved Green Arrow, I instantly became a great fan of Speedy as well. Like all Titans fans, I still hope to see our Titans together again and done right. Read more from this author


  1. tamaranorbust

    What a gorgeous commission! Beautiful work by Jose Luis – hats off to him. Thank you for sharing.

  2. avatar

    that is so amazing! love seeing all incarnations together like that :D