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Titanic 25th Anniversary

Titanic 25th Anniversary
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Titans #25 features the final part of the three-part “Who Is Troia?” story arc, “a story designed to reinvigorate the character of Troia, and also clear up any confusion about her origin,” Faerber explained.

Talk about the Titans team and most people think about the characters featured in each issue of the comic. But for most fans, the real team excitement related to Titans #25 is the creative team as writer Jay Faerber and artist Paul Pelletier are joined by some all-star creative guests, including original Teen Titans artist Nick Cardy and New Teen Titans creators Marv Wolfman and George Pérez; other contributes include Tom Grummett, Phil Jimenez, and Terry Dodson, who are joining the others to “lend us a hand on this thirty-eight-page issue, which features tons of Titans-related guest stars, and serves as a trip down memory lane for Donna Troy fans.” In addition to supplying interior art, Jimenez is also handling the cover art for all three issues, and there’s a chance that DC will combine the pieces into a retail poster.

Titans #25 features the final part of the three-part “Who Is Troia?” story arc, “a story designed to reinvigorate the character of Troia, and also clear up any confusion about her origin,” Faerber explained.

“When we got clearance to do a 38-page issue, editor Eddie Berganza suggested I try and come up with an organic way to have a second artist come aboard to help regular penciller Paul Pelletier, so he didn’t fall behind while pencilling the extra-long story. This was right around the time George Pérez announced he was leaving Avengers, and I told Eddie we should try and get George. Honestly, I didn’t think George would be available, but it was worth a shot, right? Turns out George was able to make room in his tight schedule to give us five pages — pencilled and inked! With George on board, Eddie and I decided to ask if Marv Wolfman would like to step in to write those five pages, and to our delight, he agreed. We then decided to push our luck even more, and asked other former Titans artists to come back and contribute a few pages each.

We asked Tom Grummett, Terry Dodson, Phil Jimenez, and a fellow named Nick Cardy (who’s going to be inked by George Pérez!), and astonishingly enough, they all said yes.

“By the way, not many people know that one of Terry Dodson’s very first series was Team Titans, back in the early 90s, and I’ve been trying to work with him again ever since we both left Generation X. I’ve made numerous offers to him, and he’s always too busy. So I was particularly pleased when he and his inker, Rachel Dodson, agreed to sign on.

“I can’t really go into detail about how the story’s been constructed, except to say that each artist’s sequence was written especially for that artist. So it’s not like it’s a big 38-page story that we just chopped up and handed out randomly. It was very specifically designed for each of these fine talents. I’ve always said that I’ve gotten to work with a lot of fantastic artists in my still-young career, and this about takes the cake. My luck can’t hold out much longer. A safe’s bound to fall on my head any day now…”

[from the DC Message Boards – Jay Faerber Speaks]

Glad you’re psyched about the line-up for #25. I’m pretty proud of it myself. Terry Dodson and I, for instance, have been trying to work together again ever since we left GenX, and it’s great to FINALLY see his pencils over my stuff. And Tom Grummett’s rendition of the Titans is a TREMENDOUS blast from the past. I felt like I was right back in college. And you all know how Phil likes to draw crowd scenes, right? Well wait until you see the crowd that assembles in Titans Tower! Woo-ee! And Nick Cardy, a literal living legend, proves he hasn’t missed a beat. His depiction of the youthful Fab Five is as fresh and vibrant as ever. And then there are these two guys named Wolfman and Pérez, who banged out a few pages for us. ;-) I only hope the meager stuff Paul and I did stands up in comparison to these “artistic Titans!”

– Jay

As we get closer to this “Who is Troia?” arc, I should re-emphasize that I’m not changing ANYTHING about Donna’s backstory. This isn’t another retcon. We’re just telling a big story, focusing on Donna, and hopefully clearing up (not changing) some of her history as we go. And no, I don’t think Donna’s “naked” without some sort of weapon. I think she’s fine as-is. I don’t think characters should be judged in comparison to other characters — like, just because Diana and Artemis have weapons, that’s not a good enough reason for Donna to have one. I think it’s safe to assume Donna’s “anti-evil” touch has since faded away. And honestly, I never thought it was a good power, and I don’t think it’s anything that needs to be resolved. In the grand scheme of things, it’s not very important.


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