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Deathstroke’s Dossier: Titans East

Meet Deathstroke’s new shock troops: Titans East!
Sneak a peek at his dossier on how they’ll take the Teen Titans down!
by Ben Morse & Geoff Johns
Originally published in Wizard Magazine #180 [2006]


I know the Teen Titans well. I’ve gone up against every incarnation of this team, for money, for pride or out of obligation – I’ve even fought on their Side a few times. I know them well enough to know they can’t be underestimated, Particularly not when they have Something i want – and right now, that is what they have.

The Titans are not like the Justice League – you can’t beat them with mere force. Their youth makes them unpredictable so only by gaining the upper hand before the first punch is thrown can you defeat them. I’ve formed a strike force specifically designed to take the Titans apart so I can get what I need. Whether the weakness they’ve been selected to exploit is physical or emotional, every member of my team has been selected only after great thought. They’re all here for a reason.

MATCH: The impact of their beloved Superboy’s death on the Titans cannot be overestimated. Match’s strength is an asset, but his true value lies in the psychological edge he provides. His presence guarantees that Wonder Girl – the most powerful Titan – will not be operating at full capacity.

JOKER’S DAUGHTER: When most people look at Duela Dent, they only see a woman who is completely insane. They overlook that this is somebody who has been a Teen Titan – who has been in their Tower and lived among them. I can deal with insanity when information comes hand in hand with it.

KID CRUSADER: Even the best-laid plans can be thrown off by a single wild card. To me, Kid Devil is a wild card. To Kid Crusader – the only person I can find who has even heard of Kid Devil – he’s the face of evil and must be eliminated at all costs.

BATGIRL: I watched Cassandra Cain dominate my daughter, Rose, in hand-to-hand combat – something I thought nearly impossible. How will Rose react when the foe she could not defeat Stands at her father’s side? And perhaps more importantly, Batgirl provides me with insight into Robin that is second to none. I’ve underestimated the Titans’ leader before. I don’t make the same mistake twice.

RISK: Because he chose to fight for the Teen Titans, Risk lost an arm. In his mind, he might as well have lost his life. He’s furious at the world, and fury is easily manipulated. The Titans will hesitate against him out of guilt, and that hesitation will be their undoing.

INERTIA: If I learned anything working with Zoom in the Society, it’s the value of a speedster – and the Titans do not have one. While Zoom had at least some twisted social conscience, Inertia has no conscience at all. He can take two Titans off the board before the others know what hit them. And if control proves an issue, I have no problem aiming for his kneecaps.

SUN GIRL: My most dangerous weapon and my greatest concern, Deborah Morgna harnesses the power of the sun, but her real talent – and true love – is manipulating others. Disturbingly, she reminds me a great deal of Terra. Even more disturbingly, she reminds me of Rose. Hopefully neither of those assessments indicates things to come.

By Matt Powell – Posted December 19, 2006 6:45 PM at

Geoff Johns offers details on Deathstroke’s Titans East, who aim to put the hurt on the Teen Titans

Red-hot writer Geoff Johns aims to redefine the meaning of “Titans Together,” beginning with a beating of the teen wonders courtesy of their East Coast counterparts. January’s Teen Titans #43 kicks off the new arc featuring Deathstroke’s sinister team, Titans East. The roster of East Coasters includes Batgirl, Risk, Match, Altar Boy, Enigma, Sun Girl and Inertia.

“Deathstroke is extremely manipulative,” says Johns of the team’s deadly leader. “He’s manipulated all these kids just like Terra. We’ll find out why Batgirl [and the other members of Titans East] are with him.”

The plot unfolds as the New York-based group of teen terrors comes aboard with a myriad of agendas. “They each have their own motivations,” says Johns. “Some are jaded, some are sadistic, sociopathic, some are getting paid, and some of it’s personal. The new character [Alter Boy] is on what he thinks is a god’s quest to exterminate Kid Devil from the face of the earth.”

If you’re evil, you can call yourself a Titan to get under a hero’s skin, but to really make it sting, take their house too! “They co-opted the old island that the old [Titans] tower was on,” says Johns. As for the team’s leader, the word “death” is in his name, so don’t expect ’Stroke to take it easy on these kids. “Everybody’s expendable except for his son and daughter,” affirms Johns. “He doesn’t care about anyone else.” From the lineup, Johns says Batgirl may be the character to watch, and the powerhouse Match may be the most underrated member of the lot.

And where are the Titans during all this? Just trying to keep each other together. “They’re starting to grow back into a family, and Ravager and Jericho are representative of that,” says Johns. “[Now that] Ravager finds she has a sibling on the team, she’s going to grow closer with her brother. That’s going to mirror what the Titans go through as they start to change from a scattered team to a real family again.

“Titans East [wants to] challenge that family,” explains Johns. “Deathstroke wants his part of that family exorcised from the Teen Titans.” Johns hints you may see some familiar faces showing up as some former Titans pitch in, but even still, there will definitely be some changes on the horizon. “You’ll see a drastically different Titans East emerge out of this arc,” reveals Johns.

by Vaneta Rogers – 08-08-2006 –

Tuesday, August 08, 2006, Newsarama reports: “During one of the breaks in his con schedule, Newsarama sat down with the writer to discuss all the titles he’s got coming out, who is in the Titans East and Justice Society teams he’s developing, and what was up with that little bomb he dropped about the much-discussed status of Batgirl Cassandra Cain.”

More members of Titans East are revealed!

1. Batgirl! “We’re going to go with what they’ve been doing, but with some twists.”
2. Inertia! “Inertia will be on the team.”
3. Risk! “Yes, Risk is on there.You’re going to meet him in the next issue and see where he is in his life. He’s still missing an arm. And his attitude is like, at one point someone’s going to say, “Why don’t you get a cybernetic arm?” And he says, “I only need one arm.” That’s his attitude. He’s just kind of gruff and at the end of his rope.”
4. Kid Crusader: “You’ll meet Kid Devil’s arch enemy. […] He’s on Titans East. Kid Devil is actually kind of excited when he sees that, because he likes to brag that he has an arch enemy.”
5. Sungirl: “There’s a brand new character who, in a very strange way, is a pre-cursor to a character from the far future.”
6. Joker’s Daughter! “OK. I’ll reveal one more. Just ’cause it’s fun. Um… Joker’s daughter. […] Yeah. We’re going to really get into her. Tony [Daniel] did an amazing redesign on the Joker’s daughter for Titans East.”
7. unknown member
8. unknown member

About Titans East: “The story reason is extremely specific. The Titans East want two things from the Teen Titans. I can’t say much more than that. But the team has a very specific reason they’re going after the Teen Titans.”

DC Nation: #22 – August 16, 2006
by Dan Didio

Now where were we? Oh yeah, we were talking about what new series and big events we have to look forward to for the remainder of this year, before we can start talking about what super secret projects we have planned for next year. Next year, next time… maybe. Right now, let’s talk TEEN TITANS, in particular TEEN TITANS EAST.

Come this November, the Teen Titans you know and love come face to face with their east coast counterparts. But this will be far from a social gathering, as this group of super-powered teens was organized by no other than the Titans’ greatest nemesis, Deathstroke. I can guarantee that their first meeting will be a deadly one. Pulled together by shared evil intentions are former heroes Batgirl, Risk, the Joker’s Daughter, returning villains Inertia and Match, and all-new threats Choir Boy and Sun Girl. The action begins in TEEN TITANS #42. With a gathering like this, you know you’re in for trouble!


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