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Thunder & Lightning

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Not exactly bad guys, these two are literally forces of nature come to life. Thunder’s earth-shattering sonic booms can crumble concrete, bend steel and even knock the Teen Titans around. Lightning is the world’s biggest taser. Together they wreaked havoc – all in the name of having a little fun. But their idea of fun could destroy a city.

The hapless pair was duped by Slade – creating a fiery mythical creature that threatened the city. Beast Boy eventually made them see the error of their ways; Thunder and Lightning teamed with the Titans to put an end to the destruction.

Producer Sam Register on Thunder & Lightning: “And there are episodes we all want to do. Like I wanted to do Thunder and Lightning because I liked that from the comics.”

In New Teen Titans [first series] #32 [1983], Two young men calling themselves Thunder and Lightning were causing major disturbances in St. Louis with their super-powers. The Titans learned that the Vietnamese brothers were searching for their father, Second Lt. Walter Williams. Thunder and Lightning reveal that they are the children of American soldier Walter Williams and a Vietnamese mother.

Thunder and Lightning later learn their father was actually an alien in disguise in New Teen Titans [first series] #36 [1983]. Following this, the brothers sought to control their powers but remained allies with the Titans.

Forces of Nature
Calling All Titans
Titans Together

Scott Bullock as Thunder
Quinton Flynn as Lightning

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