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They Once Were Titans: Where Are They Now?

They Once Were the Teen Titans:
Where Are They Now in the DCnU?



DC Comics relaunched their entire comic book line in September of 2011, completely reconfiguring the established history of the Teen Titans. When DC announced their bold “New 52″ initiative, many fans were concerned over the implications of de-aging the iconic heroes and creating a compressed “5 year timeline” – from Superman’s debut to present day. This was especially problematic for youthful characters all co-existing in the revamped DC Universe, including four Robins (Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake and Damian Wayne). So, where would the Teen Titans fit in all this?

In this new era, Tim Drake’s Teen Titans are formally organized for the first time in Teen Titans #1-7 [2011] (Note: the DCnU histories of these reconfigured characters are catalogued here). This means that the previous teams  – from the original Fab Five to the Wolfman/Pérez New Teen Titans to the Johns/McKone Teen Titans – never existed in the DCnU.


They Once Were Titans

Where Are They Now in the DCnU?

Nightwing (Dick Grayson)
Raised under the traveling tent of Haly’s Circus, Dick Grayson was part of his
family’s act, The Flying Graysons. After Dick’s parents were murdered during a performance, he was taken in by the Batman and became his junior partner. As Robin, the laughing daredevil thrived under the Dark Knight’s guidance and became
an expert crime-fighter in his own right. Dick later emerged from the shadow of his
mentor and adopted his own costumed identity as Nightwing.

Essential DCnU Reading:
Nightwing [2011] #1-6, 0

Arsenal (Roy Harper)
Roy Harper is a self-proclaimed “recovering super-hero”, taking it one day at a time. He was once Speedy, Green Arrow’s arrow-slinging partner. But the two heroes had  a falling out that shattered their friendship and cost Roy his place inside of Q-Core. Harper then became a soldier of fortune as the sharp-shooting Arsenal.

Essential DCnU Reading:
Red Hood And The Outlaws [2011] #1-3, 6

Wally West (Kid Flash/Flash)
There are no plans for Wally West in the DCnU. From Flash writer/artist Francis Manapul: “Manapul stated he had grown up on Wally and “day number one” had made it his mission to try and get Wally into the book and the DC was firm and said, “no, you can’t.” He said he “snuck” him in the book early on to “test the waters”
but he had to remove him.”

Donna Troy (Wonder Girl/Troia)
There are no plans for Donna Troy in the DCnU. According to the DC Road Show, Donna Troy has been “benched”: “You won’t be seeing Donna Troy yet in the new DCU, nor the Stephanie and Cassandra Batgirls. They haven’t been killed off though, just benched.”

Garth (Aqualad/Tempest)
Garth, a mysterious purple-eyed boy, is destined to bring about the destruction of Atlantis. Orm, Aquaman’s half-brother, hopes to avoid this catastrophe.

Essential DCnU Reading:
Aquaman [2011] #14 (mention)

Tula (once Aquagirl)
Tula is the half-sister of the would-be Ocean Master, Orm. Although respectful to Aquaman as her king, it is unknown where Tula’s true loyalties lie.

Essential DCnU Reading:
Aquaman [2011] #18

Omen (Lilith Clay)
Psychic Lilith Clay serves the evil N.O.W.H.E.R.E.  organization as Omen, sadistically corrupting Harvest’s meta-human captives by tapping into their darkest fears. Robin believes Lilith’s mind may have been tampered by Harvest.

Essential DCnU Reading:
Teen Titans [2011] #8, Annual #1

Hawkfire (Bette Kane)
Inspired by Gotham’s dark night defenders, athletic Bette Kane became the caped crime fighter known as Flamebird. When Bette learned her own cousin was secretly the Batwoman, she began her training in earnest under Kate Kane’s watchful wing and emerged as Hawkfire.

Essential DCnU Reading:
Batwoman [2011] #1-4
Batwoman [2012] #17 (first Hawkfire)

JokersDaughter_DCnU_headJoker’s Daughter (Duela (last name unconfirmed))
It’s hard to know what’s true when it comes to the so-called “Joker’s Daughter.” Bored with her affluent life, the deranged Duela wrapped herself in layers of lies concerning her own backstory. But the disturbed teen runaway found her true calling when she decided to emulate the Joker, as the Clown Prince of Crime’s darling daughter.

Essential DCnU Reading:
Catwoman [2011] #23
Batman: The Dark Knight #23.4: Joker’s Daughter  [2013] #1

Cyborg (Victor Stone)
Victor Stone was once a promising athlete, until a group of vicious alien invaders ravaged his body. Vic’s father, a scientific genius, ultimately saved his son’s life through experimental cybernetic implants. Transformed into a super-powered Cyborg, Vic aided other heroes in repelling the extra-terrestrial attackers and
became a founding member of the Justice League.

Essential DCnU Reading:
Justice League [2011] #1-6

Starfire (Princess Koriand’r)
As a child, Princess Koriand’r of Tamaran was traded into slavery by her sister in an effort to buy peace from a race of marauding aliens. The alien powerhouse – who became known as Starfire – escaped her captors and found her way to Earth. Since then, Kori has sworn never to be chained again.

Essential DCnU Reading:
Red Hood And The Outlaws [2011] #1-3, 6

Beast Boy (Garfield Logan)
Garfield Logan was kidnapped by the nefarious N.O.W.H.E.R.E. organization, whose brutal experiments unlocked his latent shape-shifting abilities. In the heart of the brutal prison lab, Beast Boy bonded with the feisty geo-morpher known as Terra.

Essential DCnU Reading:
Superboy [2011] #8-9, Teen Titans [2011] #9, Annual #1, Ravagers [2011] #0

Terra (Tara Markov)
Tara Markov was abducted by the nefarious N.O.W.H.E.R.E. organization and forced to compete in their meta-human Ravager protocols. To that end, their scientists genetically enhanced the girl with amazing earth-moving abilities. In this horrific prison lab, the smart-mouthed terraformer bonded with Beast Boy.

Essential DCnU Reading:
Superboy [2011] #8-9, Teen Titans [2011] #9, Annual #1, Ravagers [2011] #0

Raven (Rachel Roth)
Rachel Roth is the daughter of an earth woman and the soul-eating demon known as Trigon. Raised by her mother in the hidden dimension of Azarath, young Rachel later fled to earth in an effort to elude her demonic birthright. But Trigon ultimately unlocked his daughter’s dark side –  transforming her into Raven, a black bird of terror.

Essential DCnU Reading:
The Phantom Stranger  [2012] #1
Teen Titans [2011] #16 (first Rachel as Raven)

Jericho (Joseph Wilson)
Joseph Wilson is the son of the chemically-enhanced assassin known as Deathstroke. As a result, Joe Wilson was born with the mutant ability to possess people. In an effort to escape his father’s dangerous lifestyle, Joseph and his mother faked their own deaths. As Jericho, Joe Wilson hoped to use his abilities to cause
Deathstroke’s world to crumble… but the conflict ended in Joseph’s own demise.

Essential DCnU Reading:
Deathstroke [2011] #0, 19-20

Rose Wilson
As daughter of the deadly Deathstroke, Rose Wilson followed in her father’s footsteps as a hired gun. Once a dangerous assassin, Rose Wilson’s violent tendencies were dampened by N.O.W.H.E.R.E., an organization that recruited Rose for their own nefarious purposes.

Essential DCnU Reading:
Superboy [2011] #1, 6-8
Deathstroke [2011] #19-20


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  1. tamaranorbust

    I think we are going to understand just how wrecked things are when we see Raven written by DD in the Phantom Stranger. As one of the very few fans on the planet who did not like what was done to the original Terra, I am happy to see her back in this form – but not sure they won’t muck that up too.

  2. avatar

    DC seems to be overly occupied with maiming in disfigurement these days. Of course this goes back to Superboy-Prim ripping Risk’s arms off, and Red Arrow losing his arm etc. Now Lillith is alive again, only to be blind with her eyes sewn shut. Is this the DCU or a Saw flick?


  3. avatar

    Why no Raven? It shows nearly every other main member except Raven. Im very interested in what happened to her.

    • avatar

      or Is it a silly question? I’ve not read the comics in a long time.

      • avatar

        She hasn’t appeared yet in the DCnU, so there’s nothing to say…. but she is slated to appear soon (unlike Wally, Donna and Garth…)

        • avatar

          I have seen some new pics of her appearance it’s probably one of the worst things they have done to Titan’s character in the new 52.

  4. avatar

    I just want to say I find it funny how in comic book land they can’t a plot line or character alone. Kill terra, bring her back, kill her again, have some genetic clone created via virus infection take her place and so on. Terra is a prominent example but Why do they keep having to rewrite story lines? Just to explore every possible character arc? Maybe the comics will fair better if they work with what they have and see where it leads them. People who die should stay dead. Isn’t mean they can’t effect current events in their own way. Maybe cyborg should retire from crime fighting and assist in a supportive role from the lab/workbench.

    Its ok to retire certain characters and plotlines in favor of new heroes and bad guys, etc. It could make for a much richer story. One only needs to look at the star wars universe for a good idea (although I think they went a little too far in the other direction with introducing way too many new story lines and characters)

    And don’t be afraid of any unresolved plotlines and mysteries. This part irks me the most. The best stories always have unanswered questions. It serves as a teaser for the audience. Look at any good war story to see what I mean.

  5. tamaranorbust

    Interesting that they keep showing Lilith as a monster and there’s little effort by DC to show what happened to her, considering she was supposed to have (well from Roy’s first comment in RHaO) been part of the nu non-Titans team. I’m starting to worry that they are going to really nail Gar this time around.

  6. Zatara

    Should Miss Martian be added to this list since she appeared for a panel in Teen Titans #1?

    • avatar

      I’m holding off on anyone mentioned in that first issue, since now a lot of it is negated (the DCnU TT is the first one and Tim was now always Red Robin, and Flamebird was not a Titan….. )

      • Zatara

        I don’t think the panel was removed in the reprint.

        • avatar

          Yeah, but DC might still contradict and retcon things once they officially re-introduce the character. After all, Beast Boy was shown as a green elephant and dino in issue 1 of the n52 Teen Titans, but then in issue 0 of the Ravangers, he seems to be Caucasian and only then turned red and gained his powers.

          So it makes sense for Nightwing to hold off on giving entry to characters who’s status hasn’t been finalized.

  7. avatar

    One thing I’d love to know is how the new Group came up with the team name of “Teen Titans” without the original group as the inspiration. I mean, the name Teen Titans came up because Donna Troy as a young girl gave them the name based on the Titans of Myth. In the new continuity, they just… have the name. No back story, no deep meaning…

    • Zatara

      According to Red Hood and the Outlaws, the original team (or at least the New Teens Titans version of the team) did exist in some form. At least Nightwing, Arsenal, and Starfire were members, with Roy also mentioning Garth, Dustin, Vic, Lilith and Gar. Granted the later three are pretty much retconned by now, and I don’t know who Dustin is, but issue 6 has a few panels of the team in action.

      • avatar

        Yeah… I’m afraid what they established in Red Hood and the Outlaws might not have happened as they originally claimed it did, anymore… According to DC (right now at least), the ONLY team EVER to go by the name “Teen Titans” is the team of heroes that Tim Drake created at the start of the New 52. All prior “team-ups” were informal, one time adventures that never resulted in an actual formal team being created and thus the name “Teen Titans” was never used before.

        Basically any claims of a prior team of young heroes or any interaction that certain characters were said to have had prior to the recent issues 0, is up for debate, retconned or have been flat out disavowed by DC and recent issues of the books.

        Thank you DC for making your “new and simple” continuity more confusing than the old one…

        • Zatara

          It was always far more complicated than it needed to be, especially with Batman, when you ask yourself the question of “If this is continuing stories from the old continuity, how did everything we know happened happen in 5 years?”

          It’s the same with Green Lantern when in 5 years Hal became the green lantern, coast city was destroyed, he wiped out the corps, kyle became the latern, the corps came back, coast city was rebuilt, hal became the lantern again, and all the big GL events after that point happened.

          Its really a big issue that DC let some titles just keep their stories going from the old universe because they were more popular cause it just makes the new universe make no sense to fans from before flashpoint.

          It just seems DC’s been making all the wrong decisions lately. Maybe that will change, some of the stuff is still good, like RH&O for me, but they really have been alienating their long time fans.

          • avatar

            Totally agree. Biggest problem I think with the new 52 is the 5 year timeline (which they really did not plan out at all.) Should have at least been 10 years.

  8. avatar

    I tried to read the New 52 Teen Titans. I wasn’t impressed. I’ll stick to my NEW TEEN TITANS, and TITANS books. They may be old, but they are better stories. I accept Batman…b/c its Batman. Aquaman is cool for the first time in his existance. But no Oracle. BIRDS OF PREY are so only in name. Can we go back to which ever Earth now has the old superheroes? Earth 22, maybe…

  9. avatar

    I;m with Sid.
    For me, there really wasn’t anything exciting or interesting about the new DCnU titles aside from Aquaman and Green Lantern. I tried the first few issues of Justice League, but I lost interest with the introduction of the new rogue that turned out to be the author of the Justice League book. The Shazam back-up didn’t do anything to impress me either. Teen Titans, Red Hood and the Outlaws, Superboy and Supergirl all looked uninteresting to me. Glad I have my Wolfman and Perez collection.

    • avatar

      I do like Batwoman but then again Batwoman is fairly new and they didn’t screw with her history.

      Hate what they did with Superboy(and not just because of the Tronlike costume though Hate that too.). Especially since the last Superboy series he was starting to get away from the brooding self-pitying guy from his Titans run and get a little bit back to his Young Justice/ first Superboy series days.