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Cartoon Network’s Teen Titans

Cartoon Network’s Teen Titans

Fighting for truth, justice and the last piece of pizza, the Teen Titans animated series debuted on Cartoon Network on Saturday, July 19, 2003.

A new generation of superheroes came to life as Robin led Cyborg, Beast Boy, Starfire and Raven in this all-new, high-adventure series based on the popular DC Comic Book Series. Teen Titans was produced by Warner Bros. Animation under the guidance of Emmy Award-winner Glen Murakami.

The series ran for 65 episodes from 2003-2006.

 Series Guide

 Art & Design

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>> Development Art & Sketches >> GO!

>> Series Model Sheets >> GO!

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 Episode Guide

>> Episode Guide: A quick reference guide to all five seasons and all 65 episodes. >> GO!

>> Season One: With super skills and powers galore, these crimefighting partners – Robin Raven, Beast Boy, Cyborg and Starfire – kick butt and squash evil like nobody’s business! Watch as the Titans face all your favorite villains – Mad Mod, The Puppet King, Killer Moth and of course their arch-nemesis Slade – in one power-packed showdown after another! >> Complete Season One Guide: GO!

>> Season Two: Dangerous enemy or lifelong friend? That’s the question of Season Two when Terra, a free-spirited teen with awesome earth-manipulating powers, rolls into town. When Slade eyes the volatile young girl as his new apprentice, trusting Terra could prove to be a fatal mistake for Beast Boy and his fellow Teen Titans! >> Complete Season Two Guide: GO!

>> Season Three: The brainwashing villian Blood Brother has his mind set on controlling the world and it’s up to the Teen Titans – Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Beast Boy and Raven – to stop him. Even with help from the new Titans East, formed by heroes Speedy, Aqualad, Bumblebee and high-speed flying twin Mas Y Menos, this battle may be too much to comprehend!  >> Complete Season Three Guide: GO!

>> Season Four: It’s Raven’s birthday and the Teen Titans are ready to celebrate, all except the birthday girl who dreads the day each year because she knows an awful secret surrounds her birth. Her worst fears come true when a villain from the past crashes the party to deliver a fateful present: Raven’s destiny is to destroy the world! >> Complete Season Four Guide: GO!

>> Season Five: The teen scene is over for these adolescent phenoms – Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Beast Boy and Raven – as they launch into a feud with the ultimate team of villains: The Brotherhood of Evil. Led by criminal mastermind Brain, this motley group – Madam Rouge, Monsieur Mallah and General Immortus – plots to rid the world of every young super hero. >> Complete Season Five Guide: GO!

>> “Teen Titans: Trouble In Tokyo” Plus “The Lost Episode”: Trouble takes the Titans to the Land of the Rising Sun after the ninja Saico-Tek assaults Titans Tower. Once in Japan, the team discovers that a mysterious figure known as Brushogen is behind Saico-Tek and a horde of anime-inspired creatures that are laying waste to Tokyo. >> Complete Guide: GO!

 Character Guide

Robin Starfire Beast Boy Raven Cyborg
Terra Aqualad Speedy Bumblebee Mas Y Menos
& Lightning
Wildebeest Hotspot Red Star Kole
Gnarrk Kid Flash Jericho Herald Killowat
Argent Pantha Bushido Tyke Titans  Wonder Girl

Red X Galfore Silkie Larry
True Master Sarasim Arella Doom Patrol

Slade Blackire Mad Mod Brother
Brotherhood Plasmus Cinderblock Dr. Light Mumbo
Gizmo Mammoth Jinx Overload Puppet King
Trident Warp Atlas Control
of Games
Kitten Jonny
Kardiak Adonis
Prof. Chang Punk Rocket Katarou The Source See-More
Private Hive Billy
Le Blanc
Ding Dong
Kyd Wykkyd Angel XL Terrestrial Cheshire Psimon

 Behind The Scenes

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>> Bringing Titans to TV: Producer Sam Register talks about developing the comic series for TV!

>> Drawing Inspiration: An Interview with Glen Murakami! Glen talks about the influences of the original comic book series – and how he went about designing the characters for animation!

>> Secrets of Season One: A Revealing Look at the First Season with Story Editor David Slack! See how Slade’s master plan was conceived – through the eyes of the creators!

>> Second Season Shakedown: The Terra-ble Twos: Story Editor David Slack Shakes Down The Second Season! Learn how the Terra story unfolded – plus the inside scoop on Speedy, Larry the Titan and more!

>> Third Season: Three For Three: Story Editor David Slack – with writers Rob Hoegee and Amy Wolfram – discuss the bloody good Season Three!

>> Fourth Season: Four Shadowings: Series Writers David Slack, Rob Hoegee and Amy Wolfram On Season Four! Delve into Demons, Dark Corners and Some Devilish Fun in the Fourth Season!

>> Season Five: Titans Go Global!: Series Writers David Slack, Rob Hoegee and Amy Wolfram Play Travel Guide As The Titans Tour The World!

>> Five Seasons of Murakanime: An Interview with Glen Murakami: It’s Glen Murakami – Producer of Teen Titans the animated series – in perhaps his most comprehensive TEEN TITANS interview ever!

>> Talking TEEN TITANS GO! with J Torres! Comic book writer J Torres took some time to talk about adapting the animated series to comic book form!

>> San Diego Comic-Con Report 2004: DC Animation Action Panel: Behind the scenes and previews with the creators of Teen Titans, Justice League Unlimited and The Batman!

>> San Diego Comic-Con Report 2005: Teen Titans talent take the stage and bring to life an action-packed script in an exclusive performance, led by multiple Emmy Award-winning voice director Andrea Romano!

>> Official Announcement: Cartoon Network Announces ‘Teen Titans’ Details

>> “A ‘Toon of Titanic Proportions” An article from Wizard #136, 2002

>> Marv Wolfman on Teen Titans Animated: talks about the Titans Cartoon Development

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>> Bat Pack vs. Brat Pack: An article in TV Guide July 19-25, 2003 issue

>> Adventures of Robin and His Merry Band of Mega Friends: An article from NY Times TV Magazine July 20, 2003 by George Gene Gustines.

>> Cinescape Magazine #72: “Young Justice: The 80s-era DC Comics superteens are back in the new Cartoon Network animated series.” An Article from Cinescape Magazine #72 [September 2003] by Eric Moro. Plus, early model sheets!

>> Sam Register Interview: Comics2Film/CBR News spoke with Sam Register, Cartoon Network senior vice president of original animation who helped shepherd DC’s pre-adult heroes to animated life.