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The Wildebeests II

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The New Wildebeests were engineered by Goth,
as revealed in SINS OF YOUTH SECRET FILES #1 [2000].


When the Titans were effected by Klarion the Witch Boy’s aging spell, the demonic Goth once again took advantage of their distress, this time allying himself with the conniving Contessa Erica Alexandra del Portenza. To this end, he created an army of upgraded Wildebeests. These Wildebeests looked like their predecessors, but once unmasked, were revealed to be actual wildebeest-like man-monsters. Goth commanded these ferocious new Wildebeests to attack JFK International and Grand Central Station, but the Titans eventually contained the savage creatures.

Beast Boy and Flamebird later encountered a pack of these same Wildebeests in Brooklyn, and naturally assumed the ‘beests posed a serious threat. But they soon uncovered creatures’ keeper – an older gentleman who had trained and domesticated the man-monsters in an effort to keep his neighborhood safe.

The new Wildebeests and their keeper from TITANS #35 [2001].

Powers and Abilities

The New Wildebeests are fierce, feral beasts. The seem savage when provoked, but at the same time are simple creatures, who can be trained by the proper master.


Essential Reading

Sins of Youth Secret Files #1 [2000]: In a tale from the past, the Silver Age Teen Titans prevent rock-star Limbo from stealing an anti-aging formula. In the present, Goth uses real demonic Wildebeests to cause havoc. Goth revealed to be in league with the Contessa. Goth revealed to have taken various guises to lure teens to subversion, including Limbo. Origin of Goth.
Titans #35 [2001]: Beast Boy and Flamebird roll into town on a “secret mission” – but it doesn’t take much counter intelligence to realize that Beast Boy wants the kids to come back to California with him so he can exert full leadership control of the next version of Titans West. Meanwhile, Jesse’s mom’s new fiancee is unexpectedly found dead in bed.
Titans #36 [2001]: The Wildebeests are on the loose, and it’s up to the D.E.O. kids – aided by Beast Boy and Flamebird – to stop them! But who are the Wildebeests working for, and is what they’re doing necessarily bad? Also, the murderer of Liberty Belle’s fiancee is discovered, and the implications for Libby’s and Jesse Quick’s relationship run deep.

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