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Pylon & The Veil

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Pylon declares his anti-alien agenda in the pages of TEEN TITANS #3 [1996].


Veiled Threats

A mysterious man known only as Pylon founded the secret anti-alien organization known as The Veil. Composed of giants of industry and influential political figures, the group had one objective: Eliminate all alien influence from the planet earth.

The Veil first came into conflict with the Teen Titans when they kidnapped Supergirl and the man-monster, Fringe. Both were subjected to experiments until rescued by the Atom’s nascent group of Teen Titans. The Veil continued to plague the Teen Titans, employing a super-villain group known as Dark Nemesis and launching an attack during one of their membership drives. The Titans were presumably targeted because Argent, Risk, Prysm and Joto were alien-human hybrids – a result of the evil H’San Natall’s extraterrestrial breeding experiments.

Pylon – aka N’Takki – is revealed as a H’San Natall in the pages of TEEN TITANS #23 [1998]

Unknown to the Teen Titans, Pylon was actually N’Takki, a warrior caste member of the H’San Natall. N’Takki also assumed the role of Congressman aide, Garrison James. Using these false identities, N’Takki was able to completely discredit the Teen Titans. After revealing his true nature, N’Takki released a gas that killed all 3,500 members of the Veil.

The defeated Teen Titans were captured and brought to a H’San Natall ship for reprogramming, as Pylon revealed his true identity to the team. The H’San Natall’s invasion plan was accelerated, but then stalled as Prysm was reunited with her alien father and human mother. And eventually, the Titans – with the help of Superman  – were able to talk the H’San Natall out of any further acts of aggression.


Essential Reading

Teen Titans #3 [1996]: Pylon announces his anti-alien agenda. First Appearance of the Veil’s leader, Pylon.
Teen Titans #4-5 [1997]: Supergirl and a strange creature are kidnapped by a mysterious organization known as the Veil; The Teen Titans, with the aid of Nightwing, Captain Marvel Jr. & Robin, eventually rescue Supergirl and the bizarre creature that will become known as Fringe.
Teen Titans #21-24 [1998] Deathstroke hunts the Titans and delivers them to the H’San Natall. Once there, Prysm discovers her mother, known as Queen Miraset, is alive and living among the H’San Natall. Prysm also meets her father, Ch’ah, who has a glasslike appearance similar to Prysm. Pylon reveals the H’San Natall used a group called the Veil as a front for their objectives. On the outside, the Veil was an organization with one objective: Eliminate all alien influence from the planet earth. In actuality, its leader Pylon was a member of the H’San Natall. The Titans and Superman are able to talk to H’San Natall out of any further acts of aggression. The team also discovers that Joto is alive! They rescue him, but Prysm and Fringe elect to remain in space. The rest of the team return to earth but decide to go their separate ways and disband.


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