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The Titan Seeds

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Titan Seeds [left to right]: Gentle Xanthi, Power-Mad Sparta, Noble Athyns


Titanic Tale

The goddess Rhea scoured the universe and rescued twelve special children, all orphans, from certain death. Taking them back with her to New Chronus, Rhea and her fellow Titans of Myth raised the young foundlings as their own. There, they were christened with names of the great city-states of Earth that gave the gods worship, including Athyns, Corinthia, and Xanthi. The children were also given special powers, knowledge, and the secrets of the universe. One of these Titan Seeds was Donna Troy, the spiritual “sister” of Wonder Woman, whose connection to the Olympian Gods made her a perfect candidate to become a new Titan.

Titans Seeds origins, from TITANS #25 [2001].

When they reached thirteen years of age, the seeds were sent back to their worlds to become gods. Tragically, one of the Titan Seeds, Sparta, went insane and began killing her brothers and sisters and taking her power. Launching a war against her siblings, Sparta claimed the lives of all but three: Xanthi of Ozyron, Athyns of Karakann, and Troy of Earth. With the help of the Teen Titans, Donna Troy returned to New Chronus and defeated Sparta, but at a great cost; Xanthi sacrificed his own life to save Athyns from Sparta’s wrath. Sparta, now wasted and mindless, was taken by Athyns to the planet Ozyron where he would serve Xanthi’s homeworld.

But by ending Sparta’s reign of terror, Donna Troy restored the powers of the Titans of Myth and the glory of the crumbling New Chronus As a reward to their chosen daughter, the gods gave Troy tokens of great power, which she fashioned into a new costumed identity as Troia.

The Titans Seeds explained in NEW TITANS #50-55 [1989]
and recapped nicely in WONDER WOMAN SECRET FILES #2 [1999].

The Return of Donna Troy

Years later, it was revealed that the Titans of Myth knew that the universe was going to be destroyed during the events of Infinite Crisis and believed that one of the twelve children they had rescued would save them from oblivion.

To serve their ends, Troia was reborn on New Chronus with false memories as the wife of the Titan, Coeus. The Titans of Myth looked to exploit galactic strife to their own power-hungry ends. They took advantage of hostilities between warring planets in an effort to expand their control throughout the galaxy and gain safe passage to another reality. Donna Troy was used as their puppet, until the Teen Titans and the Outsiders located their former colleague and awakened her from this spell.

But the battle had its cost. Donna’s sister-in-arms, Sparta, was used by the Titans of Myth in their mad quest for power. Having been stripped of most of her power, Sparta sacrificed her life while serving in the Titans gods’ royal military.

Athyns – the sole survivor of his planet – joined the battle against the Titans of Myth on the planet Minosyss. Allied with the remaining battle-torn Minosyssians, Athyns banded together with the Teen Titans and Outsiders to defeat the Titans of Myth, trapping them in Tartarus for an eternity. In the wake of this pyrrhic victory, heroic Athyns elected to lead the fractured Minosyssians.

Donna Troy – protector of New Chronus – from DC SPECIAL: THE RETURN OF DONNA TROY #1-4 [2005].


Essential Reading

New Titans #50-55 [1989]: “Who Is Wonder Girl?” the post-Crisis origin of Donna Troy. The Titans of Myth return to Earth to collect Wonder Girl so that she might help the gods defeat Sparta, a renegade Titan. Wonder Girl learns that she was raised by the Titans of Myth, is given new powers, and takes on the code name Troia. First appearance of Donna as Troia in issue #55. Danny Chase fired as a Titan in issue #55.
Total Chaos: New Titans #90-92, Team Titans #1-3, Deathstroke #14-16 [1992]: The Team Titans have been sent to the past to kill the pregnant Troia before she gives birth to her son, who could become a god-powered dictator named Lord Chaos in the future. The Team is defeated, and Troia, having lost her powers, gives birth to a normal baby boy. However, the Titans of Myth intervene, and strip the baby of his godlike powers. Donna Troy petitions to be stripped of her powers as well, in an attempt to lead a normal life. The Titans of Myth grant this request.
Team Titans #21 [1994]: Dozens of Team Titans are stranded in the past and ponder their futures. Donna Troy petitions the Titans of Myth to grant her powers again, but they reject her.
DC Special: The Return of Donna Troy #1-4 [2005]: Donna Troy has reemerged among the Titans of Myth as Troia, Goddess of the Moon. But memories of a different life haunt her as she leads the Titans of Myth in the final battle of a long campaign of interplanetary conquest, gathering weapons, warriors, and worshippers to fulfill a mission she has begun to doubt. It will take the combined might of the Outsiders and the Teen Titans to solve this cosmic mystery and reveal Troia’s true destiny to her: a cosmic hero destined to unite legions against a threat to the entire universe! Death of Sparta. Death of Hyperion and Thia in #4.


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