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The Source & Bob

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Beast Boy had only one real dream in life — to someday, somehow own a Moped. And when Robin wouldn’t buy him one and Cyborg wouldn’t build him one, Beast Boy had only one way to make his dream come true – he has to get a job – at the Mega Meaty Meat fast food restaurant.

Things got more complicated when Beast Boy learned that Meaty Meat was really space tufu that came to earth to steal cows and destroy the earth. Beast Boy learned his ‘boss’ Bob was really composed of alien-created newfu, which was created by the otherworldly tofu known as “The Source.”

Beast Boy kidnapped the alien leader and learned to turn all the Bobs back into goo – thus thwarting their alien invasion. Any future plans were also put to an end when Cyborg mistakenly ate the alien tufu leader – who Beast Boy left in the fridge of Titans Tower!

  • Rob Paulsen – the voice of the Source – has done a tremendous amount of voice-over work in animation. He is perhaps best known for his work on “Animaniacs” as the voices of Yakko, Pinky, and others. He also played Arthur on “The Tick” animated series.
  • This episode is partially inspired by the movie, “Soylent Green” where the secret ingredient of food source in the future… is people! The Source’s line, “The secret is …. water!” is similar to Charlton Heston’s revelation in “Soylent Green.”
  • Beast Boy facing down the multiple Bobs is reminiscent of the “Matrix” movies – where Neo faced off against multiple Agent Smiths.

Story Editor  Rob Hoegee on “Employee of the Month”: “[That]  one was a hard episode to write. Just in terms of it being so illogical – yet making it logical. David mentioned earlier about giving each of the Titans their moment to shine. So this was Beast Boy’s moment. And the idea of the talking space tofu – I think that was Glen’s idea. We have these weekly story meetings where we talk about various ideas. I remember the space tofu came up, and Amy was like, “I’m out!” And in turn, I said, “Well, I’m in!” [laughs].

“And Rob Paulsen did such a great job as the voice of The Source. Then there were the cows. And the Bobs. I don’t know – my brain just exploded with wackiness. And there you go. Beast Boy finally got his moped. That was actually a big, big part of it. The genesis of the story was pretty simple: I decided once and for all, Beast Boy would resolve to get his moped. And of course, circumstances wouldn’t allow it so he would have to get a job. I remember we did decide to mix the two ideas: And episode with Beast Boy getting a job and an episode with talking space tofu. And it kind of went from there.”

Bob and the Source did not appear in the comic books; They were created for the animated series.

Employee of the Month

Tom Kane as Bob
Rob Paulsen as The Source

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