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The Mentors

Teen Titans Mentors

As the Teen Titans solve their first case, their mentors display their pride
in TEEN TITANS: YEAR ONE (mini-series) #3 [2007]. 

The Mentors

Superman (Clark Kent): Rocketed to Earth from the doomed planet of Krypton, baby Kal-El was discovered by a kind-hearted Kansas couple and raised as Clark Kent. After his amazing alien powers emerged, Clark moved to Metropolis and fought for truth and justice as Superman.

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Batman (Bruce Wayne): When his parents were brutally murdered before his eyes, young Bruce Wayne vowed that no innocent should ever suffer as he did. Spending his youth honing his physical and mental acumen, Bruce took to the Gotham streets as Batman, the city’s Dark Knight defender.

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Wonder Woman (Princess Diana):Raised among Amazons on Paradise Island, Diana was taught to be a warrior with a pure heart. As an adult, Diana became an ambassador to man’s world, upholding peace and equality as Wonder Woman.

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Flash (Barry Allen): Police scientist Barry Allen’s life was changed forever when a bolt of lightning showered him with electrified chemicals. With that, the forever-slow Allen zipped through life as the Flash, a human thunderbolt who could travel at the speed of light.

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Aquaman (Arthur Curry):  Prince Orin, heir to the throne of Atlantis, was abandoned and left to die. The infant was taken in by a kindly lighthouse keeper who taught him the ways of the surface world. Orin adopted the lightkeeper’s name, Arthur Curry, and became a mighty protector of the ocean depths as Aquaman.

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Green Arrow (Oliver Queen): When millionaire industrialist Oliver Queen found himself stranded on a remote island, he survived by crafting a crude bow and arrow for hunting and fishing. Queen returned to Star City and used his newly-acquired archery skills to defend the helpless as the battling bowman known as Green Arrow.

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Black Canary (Dinah Lance): The daughter of the original Black Canary, young Dinah Lance defied her mother and embarked on a colorful career in crime-fighting. Utilizing her expert martial arts and ultrasonic “canary cry,” Dinah spread her wings as the second high-flying Black Canary.

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Hawkman (Carter Hall): Utilizing amazing gravity-defying Nth metal technology from the planet Thanagar, brave archeologist Carter Hall became the winged wonder known as Hawkman.

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Golden Age Flash (Jay Garrick): After gaining super-speed by breathing a hyper-charged hard water formula, Jay Garrick became the Flash, the fastest man alive. Jay earned great acclaim vanquishing evildoers during Word War II, but these days the retired speedster mostly acts as an advisor to his super-speed successors.

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Max Mercury: His true name is lost in the mists of time, super-fast “Max Mercury” was catapulted through the timestream by the mystical Speed Force. Drifting through many different eras, Max eventually settled in the present – where he used his vast knowledge and experience to advise the next generation of super-speedsters.

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Martian Manhunter (J’onn J’onzz, John Jones): J’onn J’onzz lost his family when a terrible plague struck his home planet of Mars. The grieving alien was accidentally transported to Earth, where he found new purpose as the super-heroic Martian Manhunter. J’onzz had adopted a secret identity as Detective John Jones in an effort to better understand humanity.

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Zatanna: Expert illusionist Zatanna is the daughter of famed magician, John Zatara, and the Homo-Magi sorceress, Sindella. When she’s not on stage, Zatanna uses her mystical might to fight against the forces of darkness.

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Blue Devil: Stuntman Dan Cassidy became an actual Blue Devil when his theatrical costume merged to his skin through the magic of the evil demon named Nebiros. At first a reluctant hero, Blue Devil later accepted his fate as a full-fledged super-hero.

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Moments in Mentoring

Robin joins the Teen Titans with Batman’s initial approval
in BRAVE AND THE BOLD #60 [1965].

Donna ventures into Man’s World (in her very first appearance)
in BRAVE AND THE BOLD #60 [1965].

The Flash allows Kid Flash to run with the Teen Titans
in BRAVE AND THE BOLD #60 [1965].

Aqualad joins the Teen Titans with Aquaman’s approval 
in BRAVE AND THE BOLD #60 [1965].

Superman and the Justice League admonish the Teen Titans in TEEN TITANS #25 [1970].

Roy Harper becomes hooked on Heroin – as told
in the classic tale “Snowbirds Don’t Fly” in GREEN LANTERN #85-86 [1971]


Essential Reading

Detective Comics #38 [1940]: First appearance and origin of Robin.
Adventure Comics #269: Aquaman finds an orphaned boy on a reef. Taking the name Aqualad, the boy works closely with Aquaman, learning to overcome his initial fear of marine life. First appearance of Aqualad.
More Fun Comics #73: Green Arrow takes Speedy as a sidekick.
Flash (first series) #110: Origin of Kid Flash. First appearance of Wally West [Kid Flash].
Brave & The Bold #60 [1965]: The Teen Titans have been formally organized and named since the events of The Brave and the Bold #54. Now organized as the Teen Titans, Robin, Kid Flash, Aqualad, and Wonder Girl respond to a call for help from the teenagers of Midville. With the aid of the professor and the Midville teenagers, the Teen Titans are able to subdue the Separated Man. First ‘Donna Troy’ Wonder Girl. First official appearance of the Teen Titans.
Teen Titans #22 [1969]: Second story: Wonder Girl tells the other Titans her origin for the first time. As a child, she had been saved from an apartment building fire by Wonder Woman, and taken by her to Paradise Island. Becoming Queen Hippolyta’s foster daughter and Wonder Woman’s foster sister, she was unable to compete with the Amazons on a physical level, lacking their special powers, and so was given powers almost identical to those of Wonder Woman by scientist Paula von Gunther’s Purple Ray. Wonder Girl celebrates her new life by designing a new costume and changing her hairstyle. The events of this issue have been negated by the Crisis on Infinite Earths.
Teen Titans #25 [1970]: The Teen Titans are recruited, through Lilith, by Mr. Jupiter, one of the world’s richest men and the financier of a secret government-sponsored training project for teenagers. First appearance of Lilith and Mr. Jupiter. Lilith, Hawk and Dove join the Titans. Robin takes a leave of absence.
Green Lantern #85-86 [1971]: Green Arrow, Green Lantern and Black Canary begin working together, leaving Speedy without much support; Speedy becomes hooked on heroin; Green Lantern and Black Canary help Speedy overcome his addiction. Although this story appears during the Teen Titans series, this story takes place [chronologically] AFTER events of Teen Titans #43.
Teen Titans #53 [1978]: The origin of the Teen Titans is revealed in flashback as an Untold Tale from the Teen Titans Casebook: the story of how Robin, Kid Flash, Aqualad, Wonder Girl, and Speedy met and formally organized and named the Teen Titans team, between the events of The Brave and the Bold #54 and 60. Robin, Kid Flash, Aqualad, Wonder Girl and Speedy unite when the Justice League of America goes on a crime spree; It is discovered that the JLA was possessed by the Antithesis; The name “Teen Titans” is coined, with Speedy acting as a part-time member. The group disbands a second time to pursue their solo careers and studies; First appearance of Antithesis. First mention of Speedy as a founding member.
Young Justice #7: The mentors and parents meet with Red Tornado for a parent-teacher discussion.
Teen Titans (third series) #6 [2004]: The Justice League visits, with disastrous results.
Teen Titans: Year One (6-issue mini-series) #1-3 [2008]: See how these teammates bonded, and overcame the sheer awkwardness of being teenagers in this explosive 6-issue miniseries that guest-stars the Justice League of America and retells their original origin story. When their mentors are possessed by the evil Antithesis, it’s up to the teen sidekicks to save the day.

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