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The Hangmen

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The Hangmen heralded themselves as the next generation of assassins, and what they lacked in subtlety, they made up for in sheer firepower. Unhindered by inconvenient traits like honor and principles, the Hangmen were motivated by one thing: money.

The group was hired by a group of Quaraci Nationals who harbored deep hatred toward Cheshire, the international terrorist who had bombed their homeland of Quarac years ago. The Hangmen targeted Cheshire’s daughter, Lian Harper, at the behest of the Nationals. But Lian was saved by her father, Roy Harper, the hero known as Arsenal.

During the Infinite Crisis, the Hangmen allied themselves with the Secret Society of Super-Villains. Ever the opportunists, the mercenary group used the Society’s full-scale assault on Metropolis as a cover to loot the city. When Dr. Psycho discovered their duplicity, he psychically forced a group of citizens to literally tear the Hangmen limb from limb!


BREATHTAKER: A devious American girl who can control the wind, using it to suck the air out of her victims’ lungs – the perfect way to kill someone without leaving behind any evidence.

PROVOKE: A sadistic Australian who can dominate the mind of one person at a time. He uses this talent to “convince” people to commit suicide.

STRANGLEHOLD: A Puerto Rican, Stranglehold stands 8 feet tall and is immensely strong.

SHOCK TRAUMA: A Japanese youth, he’s the youngest Hangman, and can generate electricity.

KILLSHOT: A Russian cyborg who possesses the latest in hi-tech killing hardware, from smart bombs to surface-to-air missiles.


Essential Reading

Titans #21-22 [2000]: The Titans have never met anyone quite like the assassins know as the Hangmen! Their ultimate target is Cheshire, but to get to her, they’ve targeted her and Arsenal’s daughter, Lian. Lian’s babysitter, Chanda, is torn when Quaraci nationals approach her for aid. Meanwhile, they hire the assassin Deathstroke – and it’s Arsenal vs. Deathstroke for the life of Cheshire. During the melee, Cheshire avoids capture. First full appearance of the Hangmen in #21.
Manhunter #21 [2006]: Dr. Psycho stands trial for his crimes, represented by attorney Kate Spencer. Witnesses relate the brutal murder of the Hangmen under Dr. Psycho’s thrall. Death of the Hangmen revealed.

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