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The Darkstars

Intergalactic Peace-Keeping Force

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Star Crossed

There came a time when the concept of evil was unleashed throughout the universe and the Maltusians now on Oa felt themselves to blame. Now immortal, these cosmic beings felt it their duty to solve the problem. Their discussions led to a deep, irreparable rift among the male Oans: some wanted direct “hands on” intervention while others felt surrogates were the best way to operate. The more aggressive Oans left their world and their ways, going deep into the universe, their ultimate goals unknown.

Little was heard from those Oans for billions of years until finally, word reached the known populated universe that agents of NEMO (Network for the Establishment and Maintenance of Order) were roaming the stars. They challenged evil in all its forms and fought it bravely, without fear; sacrificing their lives to bring justice to the needy.

Rivaling the fabled Green Lantern Corps themselves, it seems these Darkstars, with their powerful armor and intensive training, were continuing to grow in strength and resourcefulness.

Among these Darkstars was a veteran, a man who had seen just about all you could imagine: Ferrin Colos, survivor of the ravaged world Zamba. When his world was attacked by raiders, he vowed vengeance and signed up to be a Darkstar so no other world would suffer as his did. Over time, his enthusiasm faded and a hard cynicism invaded. Now, feeling old and tired, Cobs did not care if he survived his next mission.

Donna Troy as a Darkstar.

When the Guardians of the Universe went to another dimension in order to reevaluate their goals, the Oans-now called Controllers-had their Darkstars sweep out through the universe, filling the obvious void left by the dismantled Green Lantern Corps. Their influence and success made them respected-and feared. The upstart mercenary organization LEGION. never seemed a concern, and when the Guardians returned and the GL Corps began rebuilding, the Darkstars never slowed down.

So it was that Colos was sent after a drug smuggler and his trail led him to Earth, long considered a backwater planet of above-average cosmic importance. Colos successfully defeated the drug smugglers and their Earth-based processing operation, but rather than return him home, his supervisor, the crafty Huvah Jeddigar, orders him to remain on Earth, opening a base, keeping an eye on this increasingly important corner of the universe.

Seeking help in understanding human ways, Colos settled in Dallas, Texas and chose two humans as his deputies, bestowing upon them Darkstar armor and training in exchange for guidance and maybe even friendship. These humans are Mo Douglas, a homeless Vietnam veteran and John Flint, a narcotics police officer who is just as hardened as Colos. They put on the armor just in time to face Evil Star and his Starlings, seeking vengeance against Green Lantern. They acquitted themselves well and currently continue their training. Together, these three Darkstars patrolled the Earth, seeking out crime and waiting for a call to engage otherworldly threats.

Awkward exes Kyle Rayner and Donna Troy reluctantly team up in GREEN LANTERN #73 [1995].

Darkstar Donna Troy

Donna Troy lost her godlike powers following the defeat of her power-mad son, Lord Chaos. Seeking a new direction, Donna became a member of the Darkstars. Shortly afterward, former Green Lantern John Stewart also became a Darkstar, leading the intergalactic police force.

Following a conflict on the planet Rann, the Darkstar ranks were severely depleted. Darkseid’s son Grayven cut a swath of destruction that decimated the Darkstar forces, destroying most of their super-powered uniforms. John Stewart was crippled in the conflict, and Donna Troy opted to abandon her Darkstar uniform and live a normal life for awhile. The Darkstars continued to police the galaxy, even with their dwindled numbers.

 Powers & Abilities

The powerful Darkstar battle armor augments a person’s strength, speed and agility. The armor also allows the wearer to fly through the atmosphere at high speeds and projects a force field sufficient to withstand wind friction and not harm the occupant. The suit also enabled the wearer to fire low-level laser blasts.

 Essential Reading

Darkstars #22-23 [1994]: Donna Troy finds her new calling – as part of a galactic police force – she becomes a Darkstar! This follow up events of Team Titans #21, where Donna Troy petitions the Titans of Myth to grant her powers again, but they reject her. In Darkstars #22, Donna petitions to become a Darkstar. Colos on trial! Jeddigar has set up Earth’s Darkstar to take a fall, and now he’s determined to see his plan through by trying him for insubordination and treason against the Darkstar Corps before all his comrades in arms. But while Colos fights for his career in a courtroom, John Stewart’s Controller guide reveals information about the real traitor to the Darkstars… and Donna Troy, formerly of the New Titans, is introduced as Colos’s replacement! Donna actually becomes a Darkstar in Darkstars #23. Donna serves as a Darkstar in Darkstars #23-38.
Darkstars #24 [1994]: Donna begins her Darkstar career and time collapses as a result of Zero Hour. The countdown to ZERO HOUR brings some unexpected assistance to new Darkstar Donna Tray on her first mission as a Darkstar from the past joins her, the deputies… and past Green Lantern Abin Sur!
Zero Hour #4-0 [1994]: Donna and the Darkstars assist the heroes battle Extant and Parallax
Darkstars #0 [1994]: A jumping-on issue reveals background on Colos, some history of the Controllers and their cosmic police force, and a recap of the past two years.
Darkstars #25 [1994]: Donna Troy’s orders from Darkstars HQ are contradictory, leading her to suspect Jeddigar is up to no good… a suspicion confirmed when she discovers her predecessor, Colos, has come for his revenge. And when Jeddigar and Colos disappear through an experimental dimensional portal to their apparent deaths, John Stewart steps in to take the reins of command!
Darkstars #26-27 [1994-1995]: Colos discovers that the more things he finds in common with his home dimension in the otherdimensional world he’s been thrust into, the far more different everything is! Meanwhile, back in our reality, new Darkstar director John Stewart continues to rebuild the organization, expanding its ranks with former Green Lanterns… and on Earth, Donna Troy, her deputies, and guest star Starfire continue their life-and-death struggle against the forces of the Syndicate. Guest starring Starfire; Starfire assists the Darkstars and says goodbye to Donna as she leaves earth.
Darkstars #28 [1995]: The gang war between the alien criminal Syndicate and the mysterious Crimelord heats up to deadly levels, catching Donna in the middle. Meanwhile, Mo and Carla reach momentous decisions about their careers as Darkstars, and in the alternative reality. Colos makes some disquieting allies who provide access to rhar dimension’s Darkstar costume and a way to fight back against his evil doppelganger. Meanwhile, Minion tries to kill Psimon but Donna stops him; Minion also learns his father is alive.
Darkstars #29 [1995]: Donna has a rematch with the alien Syndicate and the Crimelord, which comes just as she’s consolidated the Darkstars HQ on Earth with the new Titans facility. Plus Colos is brought to the mining planet where the natives of Jenuwyne are being held in slavery.
Darkstars #30 [1995]: Guest starring Green Lantern; Green Lantern assists the Darkstars
Darkstars #31 [1995]: John Stewart takes on the awesome power of Darkseid! Danilki is on the receiving end of some very bad news, and Donna moves back into the Titans’ new headquarters!
Darkstars #32 [1995]: The Crimelord/Syndicate War, part 1; The Crimelord/Syndicate War begins as Deathstroke and the Titans join forces to stop a deadly power struggle – a war that will change the face of Earth’s criminal underworld!
Darkstars #33 [1995]: Make sure you’re back next month when Ferrin real by learns to master his new Darkstar armor and faces Jeddigar for the final time… Meanwhile, on Earth, John Stewart develops an attraction to a very unlikely person.
New Titans #124-125 [part 1 & 5], Green Lantern #65 [part 2], Darkstars #34 [part 3], Damage #16 [part 4] [1995]: The five-part “Siege of the Zi Charram” crossover storyline.
Darkstars #35-36 [1995]: The Flash guest-stars when he and Donna Troy must investigate the disappearance of a mercenary expedition in Antarctica. In issue #36, Darkstar and the Flash struggle to return a group of fugitive convicts to their Antarctic prison. Meanwhile, Colos finally goes head to head with the Tyrant!
Darkstars #37 [1995]: Colos goes head to head with Guy Gardner!
Darkstars #38 [1996]: last issue!


Darkstar Debriefing

Darkstars #1-38, October 1992 to January 1996

Written by Michael Jan Friedman
Art by Travis Charest, then Mike Collins

Launched in 1992 with Darkstars #1, “Green Lanterns with attitudes” was how DC described the concept to the series. “Crime is universal. That’s one of the theories behind Darkstars, a new DC series following the adventures of Ferrin Colos, a Darkstar who has one of the toughest beats in the galaxy – Earth. Where the heroes of the Green Lantern Corps are akin to Arthurian knights in shining armor, Darkstars are cops with cosmic powers. And, just like real police officers, they suffer from extraordinary job stress.”

“Do we need another super team?” [writer Michael Jan] Friedman mused. “Yes! They fill niche in the DC Universe. There’s a role for them, apart from LEGION. and the Green Lanterns, and an audience for them: People who like the Green Lantern concept, but whose sensibilities take a more no-nonsense form than those books have. Those other groups show up in Darkstars and maybe Darkstars will show up in their books.”

Donna Troy as a Darkstar

Later in the series, Darkstars tied more directly into the DC Universe, featuring crossovers with Green Lantern and L.E.G.I.O.N. The ties were strengthened with the addition of new Darkstars: former Green Lantern John Stewart and former Titan hero Donna Troy.

Donna’s career as a Darkstar was chronicled in New Titans and Green Lantern, as well as the Darkstars series. Most of the Darkstars issues aren’t of much consequence, as far as Donna is concerned. She assumes the Darkstar mantle in Darkstars #22-23. For hard-core Titans fans, I suppose Darkstars #26-27 is of note, as Starfire assists the Darkstars and says goodbye to Donna as she leaves earth. There are a few other Titans crossovers and appearances as well. Minion faces off against Psimon and learns his father is alive in issue #28. Darkstars #30 guest-stars Green Lantern. Finally, the Flash guest-stars in Darkstars #35-36, in which he and Donna Troy must investigate the disappearance of a mercenary expedition in Antarctica.

Two major crossovers linked the various Titans-related titles. “The Crimelord/Syndicate War” was a four-part storyline featured in New Titans #122, Darkstars #32 and Deathstroke #49 and #50. And the five-part “Siege of the Zi Charram” crossover storyline ran through New Titans #124-125 [part 1 & 5], Green Lantern #65 [part 2], Darkstars #34 [part 3], Damage #16 [part 4].

The best handling of Donna as a Darkstar was in the pages of Green Lantern. Assuming the Darkstar mantle for such a short time, Donna made quite a few appearances in that persona.

The Short List of Donna’s Darkstar Appearances

Darkstars #22-38
New Titans #115-130
Zero Hour #4-0
Green Lantern #57-75 [recurring; Donna Troy/Darkstar does not appear every issue]TT

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