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The Clock King

Alias: unknown
Teen Titans Adversary

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Time Is On His Side

A technological genius, the Clock King possesses the ability to see what is about to happen approximately 4.6692 seconds into the future, allowing him to anticipate an opponent’s every move. He exists in a state of perpetual precognition, making him near impossible to surprise. The Clock King is unpredictable, manipulative, and clearly has a lot of secrets. The time master lives in a dimension where time intersects and he does not age, which means that he may actually be much, much older than he appears.

The manipulative Clock King gathered together a team of teen legacy villains known as the Terror Titans for his own mysterious agendas. He also entangled himself in a romantic tryst with Disruptor, whom he had rescued from a life of misery.

Clock King first encountered the Teen Titans when he tried to capture them for the Dark Side Club, a secret underground fight ring. Although the Terror Titans ultimately failed in that mission, Clock King was intrigued by Ravager, who possessed similar precognitive abilities.

ABOVE: Terror strike in TEEN TITANS (third series) #56 [2008].
BELOW: Clock King makes Ravager an offer in TERROR TITANS #1 [2008].

Time For Terror

Since founding the Dark Side Club, Clock King had captured dozens of meta-human teenagers who he planned to use as his own personal militia. To his surprise, Ravager arrived at his doorstep, having quit the Teen Titans, and announced her intention to join Clock King. Ravager proved to be an untrustworthy wild card, whose true motivations remained in question. This seemed to further intrigue Clock King, who saw Ravager as a fascinating new challenge. He also appreciated the fact that Rose shared his gift to exist outside of time; Finally, he found someone he didn’t have to precisely delay his words and actions for – someone he could truly be with.

Meanwhile, Clock King tasked his Terror Titans each with a specific challenge in an effort to make them better soldiers. His draconian manipulations were truly for his own sick amusement, as he watched each of his team members fall deeper into self-loathing and despair.

Clock King eventually created his own meta-human militia of brainwashed super-teens, and ordered them to cause senseless destruction in Los Angeles. It seemed that the creation of mayhem and violence was a source of entertainment for the bored temporal-powered mastermind.

ABOVE: Clock King explains his plan – such as it is – in
TERROR TITANS (mini-series) #5 [2009].
BELOW: Clock King punishes Disruptor for failing
his challenge in TERROR TITANS (mini-series) #6.

But once Ravager and Miss Martian freed the enthralled super-powered teens from Clock King’s control, Clock King subsequently murdered Disruptor and abandoned the remaining Terror Titans, leaving them at the mercy of the heroes. Ravager tracked down the Clock King in his time dimension, where she denounced his sick methods and left him brutally beaten. This only made him more captivated by her complicated and conflicted nature.

Dreadbolt, Copperhead and Persuader were initially captured, but later escaped and together vowed to one day exact retribution on the Clock King. Having abandoned his Dark Side Club headquarters, Clock King’s current whereabouts (or whenabouts) are unknown.

 Powers & Abilities

The Clock King possesses the ability to see what is about to happen approximately 4.6692 seconds into the future, allowing him to anticipate an opponent’s every move. He is also a technological genius, creating devices such as teleporters, communications jamming equipment, and even an anti-gravity platform, all of them modeled after timepieces.


The Clock King by Eddy Barrows


 Essential Reading

Teen Titans #56-60 [2008]: The new Clock King pushes his Terror Titans to capture the entire Teen Titans team so he can sell the heroes to the Dark Side Club, an underground fight club run by people who believe they’re the avatars of the New Gods. After Kid Devil and Miss Martian are captured, the remaining Titans have a showdown with the Terror Titans in Clock King’s time dimension, where the time tinkerer is stymied by Ravager, who possesses similar precognitive abilities. In the wake of their confrontation, Ravager leaves the team. First full appearances of the Terror Titans, Clock King II, Dreadbolt, Copperhead II, Persuader III and Disruptor II.
Terror Titans #1-6 [2008-2009]: They stood against the Teen Titans, and now the Terror Titans spin off into their own miniseries! Clock King hatches a plan for his team of teenage legacy villains, as well as their deadly new member – the Teen Titans’ own Ravager! But if he’s to succeed, Clock King must first stabilize the underground metahuman gladiator arena known as the Dark Side Club.


Sean McKeever on The Clock King

Sean McKeever on the Clock King (courtesy of “The Terror Titans were created by the Clock King as teen legacy villains. He gave them their suits, which have their powers. And his purpose is to use them for his own goals. And his M.O. is that he likes to create chaos out of order. He likes to build things that destroy. It’s something that he enjoys immensely. He’s really a Machiavellian, string-pulling kind of guy, and that’s what his Terror Titans are for. And now that he’s made himself more of a partner, almost, in the Dark Side Club, he’s using them to round up teen superheroes to use in the arena to beat the tar out of each other.”

Eddy Barrow’s sketch of the Clock King


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