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The Brotherhood of Evil

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Plotting nothing short of global domination: They are the Brotherhood of Evil! The sinister crime syndicate is led by the Brain, a genius human brain preserved in a fluid-filled metal tube. The Brain is assisted by his right-hand muscle, Monsieur Mallah, a gorilla given human intelligence. Rounding out the inner circle: the shape-shifting French femme fatale known as Madame Rouge and the brutal General Immortus.

Forever locked in endless battles with their arch-foes the Doom Patrol, the Brotherhood eventually captured the daring adventurers. And it was up to the Teen Titans to embark on a daring rescue mission to save them. Together, the Teen Titans and the Doom Patrol halted the Brotherhood’s latest nefarious plan.

Swearing revenge, The Brain gathered some of the worst foes the Titans have ever faced. “The face of our enemy has changed,” The Brain declared, “No longer is the Doom Patrol our only threat. Now a new generation stands in our way. And those who rule the young will control the future. We have a common enemy. The Teen Titans and their friends will fall. Working together we will destroy them… one by one.”

The Brotherhood began to capture teen heroes around the world, eliminating them one by one. When Robin was captured, it was up to Beast Boy to save them all. Gathering new allies Jericho, Herald, Pantha and Mas, Beast Boy successfully led an assault team to liberate the Titans and defeat the Brotherhood of Evil.

  • In the comic book series, Warp and Plasmus joined the second incarnation of The Brotherhood of Evil
  • The Brotherhood of Evil’s traditional headquarters was set-up in the criminal nation of Zandia – which was also the home of Brother Blood!

Producer Glen Murakami on the Brotherhood of Evil: “I also wanted to do the Brotherhood of Evil. I thought they were quite different from a lot of the villains we had seen before. I though that Slade was the only serious villains we had, and most of the others were sort of goofball villains. So I thought the Brotherhood was a group of villains that was as serious as Slade. I also thought that the Brotherhood mirrored the Titans in a way. They were like evil versions of the Titans.”

Story Editor David Slack on The Brotherhood of Evil: “I think they became more defined in their individual episodes. I think Amy deserves a lot of credit for the really scary character that Madame Rouge turned into. [laughs] And Glen knew exactly what he wanted for The Brain and Mallah – right down to the voices.”

“I do remember us discussing The Brain, and figuring out what he wanted. At first, it seemed obvious that the brain in a jar would want a body, but then we thought, no, The Brain was in a jar because he got rid of the body, because it was in his way. I’m not sure how much that affected the way we wrote him.”

The Brotherhood of Evil first appeared in DOOM PATROL #86 [1963]. The Brotherhood was a powerful international crime syndicate whose inner circle comprised the Brain, a disembodied human brain preserved in a special fluid; Monsieur Mallah, a gorilla given superhuman intelligence through the Brain’s surgical techniques; and Madame Rouge, an elastic villainess gifted with extraordinary disguise skills. The Brotherhood of Evil battled the original Doom Patrol numerous times before Rouge was finally driven insane after one of the Brain’s experimental surgical operations. Allying herself with General ZahI, another of the Doom Patrol’s enemies, Rouge turned against her comrades and tried to kill them.

The Brotherhood of Evil was later revived in NEW TEEN TITANS #12-15 [1981-1982]. Brain and Mallah survived her attack and remained in hiding for the next several years while scouting for new super-villains who could help them rebuild the Brotherhood. From Saint-Tropez, France, came Emil LaSalle, a.k.a. Warp; from London, England, came Angela Hawkins Ill, who called herself Phobia; from Haiti came Jean-Louis Droo, better known as Houngan; and in East Berlin, Germany, the Brain found Otto von Furth – Plasmus.

Homecoming [parts 1 & 2]
Hide & Seek
Calling All Titans
Titans Together

Glenn Shadix as The Brain, Monsieur Mallah
Xander Berkeley as General Immortus
Hynden Walch as Madame Rouge

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