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The Brain & Monsieur Mallah

Alias: unknown

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Brothers In Arms

Little has been revealed of the history of either the French scientist and criminal genius known as the Brain or his right-hand ape, Monsieur Mallah.

According to The Brain, he was once a peer to Dr. Niles Caulder, who would later lead the Doom Patrol as The Chief. The Brain claims that Caulder was jealous of his accolades and awards; So envious, he set out to destroy him by triggering an explosion in his lab. His body now obliterated, Caulder saved his brain with the intention of placing it in a new, copper body. But before Caulder could create his first “Robot Man”, an intelligent gorilla rescued The Brain from his fate.

The Brain took that gorilla and oversaw a delicate operation which enhanced its intellectual prowess. The gorilla’s I.Q. was brought up to 178 – genius level – and the ape was taught to read, speak, and behave as a human being. The Brain’s original intent had been to have himself implanted into the body of the slavishly faithful ape, which he had renamed Monsieur Mallah; instead, armed with Mallah’s might, the Brain became the cornerstone of the international crime syndicate known as the Brotherhood of Evil.

Later recruiting the Parisian Madame Rouge and, for a short time, Mr. Morden, the Brain led the Brotherhood in several battles against the original Doom Patrol, who stood between the evil organization and its expansion into the United States. Eventually, Madame Rouge was cured of her evil tendencies (albeit temporarily) and she joined the Doom Patrol, at which time the Brain attempted to have her assassinated. When Rouge’s dark side once more took control, she returned to get revenge against the Brotherhood and believed she had killed them. She was mistaken; the Brain and Monsieur Mallah later returned with a new Brotherhood of Evil, which met defeat at the hands of the New Teen Titans.

ABOVE: The original Brotherhood of Evil plots and plans in DOOM PATROL #90 [1964].
BELOW: Brain and Mallah from TEEN TITANS (third series) #37 [2006].

Brotherly Love

Mallah and the Brain went into hiding until the Doom Patrol was revived once more; the two then infiltrated the Doom Patrol’s mountain headquarters outside Happy Harbor, Rhode Island, with the intent of transferring the Brain into one of Robotman’s old bodies. They were unaware that the robot body they had chosen had itself become sentient and had booby-trapped itself against accepting a human brain. When the transfer was completed, the ensuing explosion apparently destroyed both the Brain and his friend Mallah – but not before they could, at last, embrace and confess their long-unrequited love for one another.

Brain and Mallah have since resurfaced, having survived the explosion. They have resumed their criminal activities, using Zandia as their base. In one of their boldest schemes, Mallah sought to create a cloned body for The Brain so they could be together at last. The clone’s molecular structure proved unstable and the Brotherhood’s plan was ultimately halted by the combined might of the Teen Titans and the Doom Patrol.

Powers & Abilities

The Brain possessed an incredible intellect, capable of designing complex criminal schemes and highly advanced weaponry. On a few occasions, the Brain utilized the body of a giant robot named Rog to become mobile. Monsieur Mallah, while not as brilliant as his mentor, was nevertheless a genius well versed in science and surgical techniques. Stronger and more agile than non-powered humans, Mallah was quite formidable in hand-to-hand combat.



Essential Reading

Doom Patrol (first series) #86, 87, 90, 93, 96, 97, 101, 104, 107-112, 118, 119, 121 and Brave and the Bold #65 [1963-1969]: The Brotherhood of Evil battle the Doom Patrol. On the cover of the first issue to be called The Doom Patrol, (#86), the DP witnessed through their monitor screen what readers would soon learn was a human brain encased in a transparent globe and immersed in bubbling nutritive fluids giving orders to a gorilla armed with a submachine gun and a bandolier of cartridges. “This is the ultimate mission for which I created you – the destruction of the Doom Patrol! Summon the others!” said the brain’s electronic voice. “Yes, Master, I will obey!” replied the gorilla. This was the first appearance of the Brotherhood of Evil. While the Brain served as the mastermind of the Brotherhood of Evil, there were stories in which he did gain a “body”: Doom Patrol #93 (Feb. 1965), where he infiltrated the DP by transplanting his brain into Robotman’s body, #101 (Feb., 1966) and #107-108 (Nov.-Dec., 1966) as Kranus and Ultimax, two robotic foes of the DP, and in #110 (Mar., 1967) where he sported a body made of photonic particles. The Brain’s first creation and right hand “man” was the machine-gun-toting Monsieur Mallah. Mallah’s intellect was a consequence of the Brain’s experimentation and the gorilla was as intelligent as any learned scientist. With his animal strength he made a good foe for Robotman, so he and Cliff Steele would often tangle. Drake chose the gorilla, not because of DC’s well-known predilection for gorillas (common to the books edited by Julie Schwartz and Mort Weisinger) as much as because the gorilla is so close to man, yet retains its animal heritage. [information courtesy of Amazing Heroes Magazine].
New Teen Titans #13-15 [1981-1982]: Robin, Cyborg and Kid Flash meet up with Robotman, and the group rescues a drugged Steve Dayton from Madame Rouge’s underground city in Africa. The Titans reunite and are attacked by Steve Dayton in his Mento identity, who is under Madame Rouge’s control; Raven brings Dayton back to normal, and the heroes follow Madame Rouge and General Zahl to Zandia; Zahi’s forces defeat and capture the Titans while Changeling is taken prisoner by the New Brotherhood of Evil. Changeling agrees to work with the New Brotherhood of Evil, and the group rescues the Titans; General Zahl is killed by a bullet which ricochets off Robotman’s body, Madame Rouge is killed by Changeling, and the Brotherhood is allowed to go free. First appearance of New Brotherhood of Evil in issue #14; First appearance of Warp, Houngan, Phobia and Plasmus.
New Teen Titans #29 [1983]: The Brain, believing that Raven has information that will help him defeat Brother Blood, sends his New Brotherhood of Evil to capture the empath; Frances Kane returns because her powers are resurfacing, and witnesses a battle between the New Brotherhood of Evil and the Titans, in which Raven thinks that Kid Flash is Trigon (due to Phobia’s manipulation) and nearly kills him; Raven leaves the Titans because she cannot handle Kid Flash’s hatred.
New Teen Titans #30 [1983]: The New Brotherhood of Evil follows Raven; Raven seeks solitude in St. Peter’s Cathedral, where the New Brotherhood of Evil finds her; During the Titans’ and the New Brotherhood of Evil’s battle in Times Square on New Year’s Eve, Raven’s soul-self is shattered yet again when she tries to envelop Brotherhood member Plasmus; The New Brotherhood of Evil takes Raven to Zandia.
New Teen Titans #31 [1983]: Kid Flash is confused about his feelings for Raven, who is being tortured by the New Brotherhood of Evil; Raven takes the New Brotherhood of Evil to Brother Blood’s pool, and the Titans clash with them; In the ensuing battle, the Titans and the New Brotherhood of Evil are defeated when Raven becomes so enraged that Trigon is temporarily unleashed.
New Titans Annual #6 [1990]: The Titans fight the Society of Sin [formerly the Brotherhood of Evil], with their new member, Trinity. Following that, they are summoned to Tamaran.
Teen Titans #34-37 [2006]: One Year Later, it’s “The New Teen Titans!” A new year of exciting adventures begins with the “new” Teen Titans, the bizarre Doom Patrol and the mysterious and secretive Titans East! The latest version of The Brotherhood of Evil debuts. Mallah tries to clone a body for The Brain. The origin of The Brain is revealed in issue #37.

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