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The Antithesis

Teen Titans Adversary

Alias: none

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The Teen Titans origin is retold in TEEN TITANS: YEAR ONE #3 [2008].

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Not much is known about the strange entity known as the Antithesis. In an uncatalogued case, the Justice League imprisoned him in their mainframe computer. Accidentally released by Bromwell Stikk, the Antithesis used his powers to send members of the Justice League on a crime spree.

Teenage heroes Robin, Kid Flash, Wonder Girl, Aqualad and Speedy joined together to stop the evil entity and release their mentors from his thrall. This was the first official case of the Teen Titans, who adopted the team name after this adventure. The Antithesis vowed revenge – particularly on Robin, who led the attack.

Sometime later, Antithesis pulled Stikk into limbo, transforming him into the hideous, super-powered Gargoyle. Using the Gargoyle as his pawn, Antithesis has tried to escape limbo on several occasions, but has been thwarted each time.

Gargoyle later corrupted Mal Duncan’s computer-programed “Gabriel’s Horn”, so that each time Mal used it, the fabric of limbo would be slightly torn. The cumulative effect would break the barrier between limbo and earth and free Gargoyle and the Antithesis. But the Titans discovered their ruse, and Mal destroyed his Gabriel Horn, thwarting the evil pair once again.

ABOVE: The Teen Titans’ first case… defeating the evil Antithesis! First detailed in
TEEN TITANS #53 [1978].
BELOW: Antithesis is revealed in SECRET ORIGIN ANNUAL #3 [1989].

Powers & Abilities

Full powers unknown; can mentally manipulate individuals and feed off negative emotions.



The Antithesis’ appearance has changed with each retelling of the Teen Titans’ classic origin. In Teen Titans #53 [1978], he appears as an ugly sci-fi creature; In Secret Origins Annual #3 [1989], George Pérez revamped the him as a multi-tentacled gaseous entity; And in Teen Titans: Year One (6-issue mini-series) #1-3 [2008], artist Karl Kerschl depicted the Antithesis as an sinister wraith.


Essential Reading

Teen Titans #53 [1978]: The origin of the Teen Titans is revealed in flashback as an Untold Tale from the Teen Titans Casebook: the story of how Robin, Kid Flash, Aqualad, Wonder Girl, and Speedy met and formally organized and named the Teen Titans team, between the events of The Brave and the Bold #54 and 60. Robin, Kid Flash, Aqualad, Wonder Girl and Speedy unite when the Justice League of America goes on a crime spree; It is discovered that the JLA was possessed by the Antithesis; The name “Teen Titans” is coined, with Speedy acting as a part-time member. The group disbands a second time to pursue their solo careers and studies; First appearance of Antithesis. First mention of Speedy as a founding member.
Secret Origins Annual #3 [1989]: Dick Grayson’s dream are invaded by the Antithesis, who seeks to break Dick’s spirit so that he will remain in Limbo; Dick survives with the help of old and new Titans alike. The Special gives a post-Crisis history of the Titans, including some revamps and revisions. Includes: First Appearance of Flame-Bird (Post-Crisis ret-con of Bat-Girl); First Appearance of Herald (Post Crisis ret-con of Hornblower and Guardian); First Appearance of Golden Eagle’s new costume; Includes Who’s Who entries for Flamebird, Golden Eagle, Bumblebee, The Herald, Antithesis, and Gargoyle.
Teen Titans: Year One (6-issue mini-series) #1-3 [2008]: See how these teammates bonded, and overcame the sheer awkwardness of being teenagers in this explosive 6-issue miniseries that guest-stars the Justice League of America and retells their original origin story. When their mentors are possessed by the evil Antithesis, it’s up to the teen sidekicks to save the day.


Sources for this entry: DC Who’s Who Series, Secret Origins Annual #3 [1989], The New Titans Sourcebook [Mayfair Games, 1990], supplemented by

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