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Terry Long

Donna Troy’s Ex-Husband

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Wonder Guy

Not much is known about Terry Long before his association with Donna Troy. At an early age, Terry met and married a difficult woman named Marcia. Soon after getting married, the couple produced a daughter, Jennifer. After a few years of marriage, Terry and Marcia divorced.

After Terry became a professor of history and sociology at Manhattan University, he met and fell in love with fashion photographer Donna Troy. Their relationship flourished although Terry was was ten years her senior.

ABOVE: Donna introduces Kory to Terry Long, her boyfriend in
NEW TEEN TITANS #8 [1981]. BELOW: Terry comforts Donna in
NEW TEEN TITANS #12 [1982].

Shortly into their relationship, Terry discovered that Donna was also the super-heroine known as Wonder Girl. Despite the stresses this sometimes put on their relationship, and despite Marcia Long’s disapproval of their union (Donna was too young, in her opinion), the couple remained together. Soon, Terry proposed marriage.

After some thought, Donna accepted. Terry and Donna wed in a ceremony at Dayton Estates. Terry’s brother stood as best man, while Donna’s sister Diana served as maid of honor. Terry’s young daughter Jennifer Long – who adored Donna – performed duties as flower girl. Terry and Donna enjoyed a healthy marriage even as Donna remained a full-time member of the Titans, as both Wonder Girl and Troia.

In that time, Terry was unable to finish a paper required to keep his tenure at the University. He lost his job, but began freelance writing.

ABOVE: Donna meets Jenny and Marcia Long in NEW TEEN TITANS #28 [1983].
BELOW: Donna Troy weds Terry Long in TALES OF THE TEEN TITANS #50 [1984].

Total Chaos

Donna and Terry soon discovered they were expecting their first child. As Donna’s accelerated pregnancy entered its third trimester, a group called the Team Titans emerged from the future. Their mission: kill Donna Troy before she would give birth to the man who, in their future, becomes the evil Lord Chaos.

Lord Chaos also arrived in the present, determined to insure his own future, even if it meant killing his own mother in the process. Troia eventually gave birth to Robert Long, under the combined protection of the New Titans and the Team Titans. The two teams ultimately defeated Lord Chaos, whose evil essence was absorbed by the Titans of Myth. In the wake of this encounter, Donna decided to give up her Troia identity, and raise her son as a normal woman. The Titans of Myth granted this wish, and relinquished Troia’s godlike abilities.

ABOVE: Lord Chaos seeks to insure his own future in NEW TITANS #91 [1992].
BELOW: A powerless Donna as den mother to the Team Titans in TEAM TITANS #7 [1993].

Donna and Terry relocated to a farm in New Jersey, where they intended to live a normal life. That plan failed to come to fruition, as the farmhouse soon became home to the time-lost Team Titans. As villains and disasters struck their new home, Donna reconsidered her decision to forsake her abilities. She petitioned the Titans of Myth to restore her powers, but was rejected by the capricious gods.

Undaunted, Donna Troy found her new calling as part of a galactic police force known as the Darkstars. But unknown to Donna, her recent choices had created tension in her once-happy marriage. After their New Jersey farmhouse was destroyed by super-powered enemies, Terry divorced Donna and was granted custody of their young son. Although their divorce was initially bitter, Terry allowed Donna to visit Robert on weekends, and she made the most of that time.

Then, tragedy struck. While traveling along the New England Coast, Terry, Robert and Jennifer Long drove through a raging storm. Unable to see, their car plunged off a cliff, killing all three of them.

Terry, Jennifer and Robert meet with a fatal accident
in WONDER WOMAN #121 [1997].

Marcia & Jennifer Long

Marcia Long

Marcia married Terry Long at a very young age. Soon after settling down, the young couple welcomed a daughter, Jennifer. After a few years of marriage, Terry and Marcia divorced.

Years later, Terry began to date Donna Troy, who was also the super-heroine known as Wonder Girl. Marcia never approved of Donna, mostly due to her age and unconventional lifestyle as a super-hero. She was often snide and rude to Donna as a result. When Terry left Donna and took his son Robert with him, Marcia was more than happy to provide a temporary home for her ex-husband.

Marcia’s bitterness towards Donna – and the superhero community – increased upon the deaths of Terry, Jennifer and Robert Long.

Marcia Long makes trouble in NEW TITANS #55 [1989].

Jennifer Long

Jennifer Long was the daughter of Terry and Marcia Long. When Terry remarried Donna Troy, Jennifer gained a caring stepmother who was also a super-hero. Jennifer adored Donna and served a flower girl in her wedding.

Tragically, Jennifer was killed along with her father and half-brother, Robert, in a car accident.

Creator Commentary

George Pérez on the Terry Long/Donna Troy Relationship: “Everything’s become a little lighter. I was determined, as was Marv, actually, that Donna’s wedding was going to be ideal, as far as her relationship with Terry. Not idealistic, in the sense that they never had arguments, but in the fact that they understand each other. He’s not Steve Trevor, God forbid, he’s not Lois Lane, you know, that type of relationship. They’re two adult people who understand each other, respect each other, and genuinely love each other. And that whole thing has become a big thing in the stuff I tend to do. I tend to do a lot of happy stuff. […] Terry and Donna have a nice, adult relationship, thank God! I think there are still some in the world. ”

Marv Wolfman on Donna/Terry break-up: “The break up happened in Team Titans after I left it. I disagreed with it and said so, but the writer did it anyway. It was wrong in my mind to do it–Donna and Terry would not suddenly split up that way. They may have split up if we saw a real problem between them but I just had them occasionally have Donna’s power come between them–something they would have gotten through. Once the divorce was done though, and I got the character back, I could not simply undo what was done. Hence my following up on it etc. It was an editorial decision that led Donna to Kyle… which I also don’t feel was right, but had no real reason to argue. IF Donna split with Terry and Dick was splitting with Kory, I would have very slowly had Dick and Donna get together… which I did suggest in an overview memo. ”

Essential Reading

New Teen Titans #8 [1981]: Donna introduces Kory to Terry Long, her boyfriend. Kory becomes a model for Donna’s fashion shoot. First appearance of Sarah Simms and Terry Long.
New Teen Titans #28 [1983]: Donna Troy meets Terry Long’s ex-wife, Marcia, and his daughter, Jennifer; Terra and the Titans confront her parents’ supposed captors.
New Teen Titans #30 [1983]: Terry Long proposes to Donna Troy. Terra joins the Titans.
New Teen Titans #38 [1984]: Dick Grayson works to help Donna Troy discover the truth about her past..
Tales of the Teen Titans #49 [1984]: While the Titans prepare for the wedding of Donna Troy and Terry Long, Dr. Light attacks Central City, only to be stopped by Wally West and Frances Kane in their public identities.
Tales of the Teen Titans #50 [1985]: Donna Troy and Terry Long are married on the Dayton Estate. The ceremony begins as Dick Grayson leads the bride-to-be to the altar. Terry and Donna recite their vows and are officially joined in wedlock. Later, Sharon Tracy and Joe Wilson catch the thrown bridal bouquet and garter, respectively, and as the reception breaks up, the Titans present Gar Logan with a special medal in honor of his catering services. Finally, Terry and Donna leave on Steve Dayton’s private jet for their honeymoon in Greece. Donna Troy and Terry Long wed this issue. Appearances by just about every Titan, past and present.
Total Chaos: New Titans #90-92, Team Titans #1-3, Deathstroke #14-16 [1992]: The Team Titans have been sent to the past to kill the pregnant Troia before she gives birth to her son, who could become a god-powered dictator named Lord Chaos in the future. The Team is defeated, and Troia, having lost her powers, gives birth to a normal baby boy. Mirage of the Team Titans kidnaps Starfire and impersonates her so that she can date Nightwing. Birth of Robert Troy Long.
Team Titans #21 [1994]: Dozens of Team Titans are stranded in the past and ponder their futures. Donna Troy petitions the Titans of Myth to grant her powers again, but they reject her. Donna searches to reunite with Terry, only to find he has left her and is living with his ex-wife, Marcia. This issue guest stars Wonder Woman. Chronologically, Titans #25 [2001] follows up on these events with a flashback sequence wherein Terry asks Donna for a divorce.
Wonder Woman #121 [1997]: While driving along the New England Coast, Terry, Robert and Jennifer Long try to drive through a raging storm. Unable to see, their car plunges off a cliff, killing all three of them. Death of Terry, Robert and Jennifer Long.
Titans #25 [2001]: Part 3 of the “Who’s Troia?” trilogy. The evil Dark Angel is erasing Donna from existence throughout Hypertime. The Titans are joined by the Titanic team from The Kingdom — traveling through different points in Donna’s history before the evil Dark Angel can erase them. A flashback reveals Terry Long asking Donna for a divorce.
Teen Titans/Outsiders Secret Files #1 [2003]: At Donna’s funeral service, Marcia Long appears and rails against the super-hero community.


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