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Teen Titans: The One Year Gap

“You call this the Titans? Since Superboy died, the Titans have gone through over twenty new members. But no one wanted to stay very long. No one got along.”

– Wonder Girl (Teen Titans (third series) #36 [2006])

DC’s “One Year Later” event occurred March of 2006. In Teen Titans #33, Superboy and Nightwing are in the thick of the Infinite Crisis world-shattering event. With Teen Titans #34, a full year has passed since the Crisis. A comatose Cyborg awakens to discover the only active Titans: Robin, Ravager and Kid Devil. Cyborg is told that the Titans had quite a few membership shake-ups during his “missing year.” Readers shared in Cyborg’s confusion. Following the limited series, Infinite Crisis, every DC comic series jumped ahead by one year between February 2006 and March 2006. With DC’s March books, the characters’ histories resumed “one year later.”

The events of that “missing year” were revealed in various DC books throughout 2006-2007. Below is a timeline compiled with information from various sources.


IC: Infinite Crisis
TT: Teen Titans (third series)
O : Outsiders
52: 52
F:TFMA: Flash: The Fastest Man Alive
GA: Green Arrow
SG: Supergirl
WWIII: World War III Specials
NW: Nightwing
R: Robin
WW: Wonder Woman


The Titans aid the heroes during the Infinite Crisis. Their battle with the rampaging Superboy-Prime leads to the deaths of Pantha, Baby Wildebeest and Bushido, while Risk loses his right arm. Wally West and the speedsters contain Superboy-Prime and Wally completely disappears with his wife and twin children. Donna Troy leads a group of heroes on a mission in outer space. While saving the universe from Superboy-Prime and Alexander Luthor, Superboy is killed in battle. Bart Allen returns from the speed force aged four years and powerless. Starfire, Cyborg, Herald and Bumblebee are missing in space. [IC #1-7]

Pantha is brutally killed by Superboy Prime
in INFINITE CRISIS #4 [2005]

Donna Troy acquires Harbinger’s orb and recounts the “History of the DC Universe”. [52w2-11]

As the new age of magic dawns, Zachary Zatara develops backwards-speaking magical powers. [TT #39]

Barbara Gordon turns down a marriage proposal from Dick Grayson, insisting he travel the world and sort out his life. [NW Annual #2]

The Outsiders attempt to break out Black Lightning, who has been wrongfully imprisoned at Iron Heights. Their botched mission results in the deaths of over 40 people. Nightwing goes underground with the presumed-dead team [Grace, Thunder, Metamorpho and Katana] as well as the reformed Captain Boomerang. Arsenal decides to leave the team at this point, but publicly lies to the press to preserve their cover. [O #34, O Annual #1]

Karen Beecher and Mal Duncan are transformed –  as explained in
TEEN TITANS (third series) #36 [2006].

Tim Drake and Dick Grayson leave to travel the world with Bruce Wayne. [IC #6-7]

“Retired” from super-heroics, a powerless Bart Allen settles in Keystone City. [TT #34, F:TFMA #1]

Taking leave from the Titans, Wonder Girl becomes involved with the “Cult of Conner” in an effort to bring back Superboy. [52w2, 52w4, 52w11-12]

With Superboy, Wonder Girl, Robin, Kid Flash, Starfire and Cyborg gone, Raven and Beast Boy try to keep the Teen Titans together. [TT #34]

Speedy tries to keep the Titans together with a team consisting of Hawk, Dove, Aquagirl, Miss Martian, Offspring and Zatara. [TT #34]

After an injury, Speedy goes into seclusion with Conner Hawke and Oliver Queen on an island for a little more than a year. [GA #65-68, TT #34]

Believing his destiny is with Supergirl, a teen from Apokolips makes his way across the universe using the dimension-hopping Father Box. Taking the name “Power Boy”, he arrives on earth hoping to meet Supergirl. [SG #15]

Starfire finds herself marooned in space with Animal Man and Adam Strange. [52w5, 52w7-9]

Herald, Bumblebee and Cyborg return to earth with several lost heroes; Herald’s Gabriel Horn has merged in his body while Red Tornado’s speaker apparatus has become imbedded in his chest. Bumblebee has shrunk to 6 inches high. Cyborg has been merged with Firestorm. [52w4-5, TT #36]

After Mal Duncan and Karen Beecher partially recover, the Chief invites them to join the Doom Patrol as Vox and Bumblebee. [TT #36]

Elongated Man and a group of heroes expose the “Cult of Conner” during a ceremony intended to bring back Sue Dibny and Superboy. As the cult falls in ruins, its leader Devem swears altruistic intentions. Wonder Girl is angered by the heroes’ interference. [52w13]

SECOND QUARTER [August-October]

After repairing their spaceship, Starfire, Animal Man and Adam Strange encounter Lobo in deep space. Together, they confront the Emerald Head of Ekron. [52w16-17, 52w19-20]

Wonder Girl meets Supernova and believes he is Superboy in disguise. [52w19]

Joto changes his codename to Hotspot and gets a new costume. [52w21, TT #38]

Power Boy, Little Barda and Hotspot have joined the Titans. [52w21]

Raven and Beast Boy have adopted new costumes. [52w21]

Beast Boy’s rag-tag team of Titans – Raven, Power Boy, Little Barda, Zatara and Hotspot – meet Luthor’s new Infinity, Inc. team of “heroes.” During the battle, Infinity member Eliza Harmon dies. At Eliza’s funeral, Hotspot, Little Barda and Power Boy quit the team. Unknown to the heroes, Eliza’s death was caused by Luthor himself. Sensing something is awry, Gar offers his help to Steel in investigating Lex Luthor. [52w21]

Beast Boy’s substitute Titans team: Hotspot, Power Boy, Little Barda,
Zatara and Raven from 52: WEEK TWENTY ONE [2006].

Black Adam helps Isis locate her brother, Amon, in Yemen. There, they rescue him from near-death at the hands of Intergang. Black Adam shares a fraction of his powers with Amon, who transforms into Osiris. Osiris later joins Isis and Black Adam in their quest to change the world. [52w23]

Professor Stein helps un-merge Firestorm and Cyborg by using the JLA transporter to hone in on Firestorm’s DNA signature. [WWIIIp1: A CALL TO ARMS]

Firestorm and Cyborg have been separated, as Firestorm is shown recruiting a new JLA. [52w24]

Black Adam, Isis and Osiris travel around the world to change it for the better. Amanda Waller begins a campaign to discredit them. [52w24-25]

THIRD QUARTER [November-January]

After a dinner with Sivana at Oolong Island, Osiris befriends the lizard creature, Sobek. [52w26]

Twin geniuses Wendy and Marvin aid the Titans in trying to rebuild Cyborg. It takes them six months to complete the process. [TT #34]

Starfire, Adam Strange, Animal Man and Lobo elude the Head of Ekron and encounter the dangerous Lady Styx. [52w28, 52w31]

Nightwing and Robin return to Gotham, where they discover its been overrun by Intergang. While Robin heads back to Europe to locate Bruce Wayne, Nightwing meets Batwoman. [52w30]

Wonder Girl relates to Elongated Man that the leader of the “Cult of Conner” had a history of mental instability. Even after accepting the cult as a scam, Cassie remains convinced that Supernova is secretly Superboy. [52w31]

Raven mentions that Hawk & Dove have quit the team. [52w32]

Raven mentions that Cassie is “still looking for Superboy.” [52w32]

Raven and Beast Boy hold a membership drive for the Teen Titans after their ranks have been depleted. Outside Titans Tower, many would-be Titans and current-Titans gather for the team, including Argent, Flamebird, Mirage, Red Star, Joker’s Daughter, Captain Marvel Jr., Aquagirl II, Kid Devil, Talon, Miss Martian, Bombshell, Offspring, Young Frankenstein, Mas Y Menos, and Molecule. Osiris arrives to join, only to have Captain Marvel Jr. doubt his intentions. After pleading his case, Osiris is granted probationary membership. [52w32]

As new and old Titans gather during a membership drive, they react to
the impending arrival of Osiris – in 52: WEEK THIRTY TWO [2007].

Starfire, Adam Strange, Animal Man and Lobo team up against the powerful Lady Styx. [52w32, 52w35]

At Christmastime, Nightwing and Batwoman form an alliance to confront Intergang. [52w33]

At Christmastime, Black Adam, Isis and Osiris reveal their human forms to the world. [52w33]

Osiris mentions that Argent and Molecule just went through an “awful break-up.” He also mentions a recent Titans mission where the team helped Kid Eternity stop the Keeper’s plans for controlling the dead. [52w34]

After being rejected as a Titan during open auditions, Eddie Bloomberg seeks aid from Zatara, who gives Eddie advice that leads them both to the wishweaver, Neron. Eddie makes a dangerous deal with the devilish trickster, who transforms him into a honest-to-gosh red-skinned Kid Devil. [52w32, TT #42]

Zatara helps the now-super-powered Kid Devil join the Teen Titans. Zatara and Kid Devil both fight Kid Crusader. [TT #42]

Red Star quits the Titans after getting fed up with their disorganization. [TT #38]

Amanda Waller sends her newly-restored Suicide Squad to provoke a battle with the Black Marvel Family. During the assault, Osiris inadvertently kills The Persuader. This was actually Waller’s intention: To incite and incident that would portray Black Adam and his brood in a bad light. [52w34]

Osiris’ Titans membership is revoked. [52w36]

The Titans – Beast Boy, Raven, Offspring and Aquagirl – assist a group of heroes to contain the destruction caused by the “Rain of Supermen.” Offspring recovers at Plastic Man’s side after saving over 20 people. [52w35]

In Kahndaq, Osiris despairs over the death of The Persuader, as he reads a newspaper proclaiming him a murderer. Osiris relates to Sobek he has been kicked out of the Titans. [52w36]

Animal Man seemingly dies at the hands of Lady Styx. Starfire and Adam Strange resolve to find their way home. [52w36-37]

FOURTH QUARTER [February-April]

The Titans – Beast Boy, Raven, Offspring and Aquagirl – assist Steel in assaulting Lexcorp and exposing Lex’s manipulations. [52w40]

Starfire and Adam Strange crash land on Mogo, the living Green Lantern planet. [52w41]

Believing Black Adam’s powers had cursed him, Osiris travels to the Rock of Eternity to ask Captain Marvel to remove his powers. Black Adam and Isis intervene and convince Osiris he could do a lot of good with his abilities. Osiris relents and returns to Kahndaq with Sobek. Once there, Osiris reveals to his lizard-friend that he still believes he was cursed. Sobek suggests that Osiris revert back to human form in an effort to remove his powers – thus ending the curse. Osiris does just that by speaking “Black Adam,” causing him to revert back to his human form. At that point, Sobek subsequently murders and devours his once-friend, revealing himself as Famine, the Fourth Horseman. [52w43]

Red Star repels an alien invasion in the heart of Moscow – earning the praise and accolades of his people. So much so, the president appoints Red Star “State Protector” – a title the young hero takes quite seriously. Red Star co-opts the fallen alien spacecraft for his own use: to observe and protect his nation using super-technology. [TT #38]

Tim Drake has located Bruce Wayne and Diana in Nanda Parabat. [52w47]

Beast Boy offers Natasha Irons membership in the Teen Titans, but she turns him down. [52w47]

Nightwing and Renee Montoya join forces to save Batwoman from crime boss Mannheim, who seeks to sacrifice her to fulfill an old prophesy. [52w47-48]

Kid Devil becomes lost in New Azarath for two weeks. He is rescued with the help of Zatara, although the two teens are almost eaten by the Phantasm. Following this adventure, Zatara quits the team. [TT #39]

Wonder Girl adapts a new costume. [52w50]

Black Adam ignites World War III. [52w49]

Jason Todd appears in New York City as Nightwing, meting out his own brand of brutal justice. [WWIIIp1: A CALL TO ARMS]

Black Adam takes down the Doom Patrol – Elasti-Girl, Negative Man, Robotman, Mento, Vox and Bumblebee – in Italy. [WWIIIp1: A CALL TO ARMS]

Donna Troy assumes the mantle of Wonder Woman. [WWIIIp1: A CALL TO ARMS, WWIIIp2: THE VALIANT]

Deathstroke plants seeds of doubt with Batgirl, and invites her to join him. [WWIIIp2: THE VALIANT]

Aquaman and Aquagirl discover the ocean is apparently rejecting the transformation wrought on the people of Sub Diego, slowing killing them. Aquaman, with the guidance of some sea gods, uses the power in his water-hand to raise the city, but suffers this transformation as a result; He is transformed into the Dweller. [WWIIIp2: THE VALIANT]

Zachary Zatara aids the magic-wielding heroes at the Rock of Eternity. [52w50]

The Titans – Beast Boy, Raven, Offspring, Talon, Young Frankenstein, Hawk & Dove and Terra – confront a rampaging Black Adam in Greece. Black Adam brutally kills both Young Frankenstein and Terra. [ WWIIIp3: Hell is For Heroes]

ABOVE: Young Frankenstein makes a fatal mistake in WORLD WAR III: HELL IS FOR HEROES [2007].
BELOW: Terra is brutally killed by Black Adam in WORLD WAR III: HELL IS FOR HEROES [2007].

The Titans gather with Donna Troy, Arsenal and all the heroes to battle Black Adam. [WWIIIp4: UNITED WE STAND, 52w50]

Having joined the team as a spy for Deathstroke, Bombshell leaves Titans Tower with the stolen Jericho disk. [TT #40-41]

Raven and Beast Boy break up. [TT #34]

Raven leaves the team after learning there was a traitor in their midst. The traitor is later revealed as Bombshell. [TT #34, 38, 40-41]

Ravager joins the team at the request of Nightwing. [TT #34]

Miss Martian and Ravager become uneasy roommates for two days. Miss Martian’s attempt at humor backfires when she hits Ravager in the face with a pie. [TT #39]

Miss Martian quits the team, after feeling isolated by her teammates. She relocates to the Tanami Desert in Australia. [TT #39]

Deathstroke begins injecting Batgirl with his “Deathstroke serum,” which causes psychosis. [TT #43-44]

Batgirl takes control of the League of Assassins and plots the death of Nyssa. [R #150]

Robin gets a false summons in Budapest to return to Gotham to aid Cassandra [Batgirl] Cain. The request was from Cassandra herself, in an effort to test the Teen Wonder – and recruit him to rule the League of Assassins at her side. [R #148-152]

Robin adapts a new red-and-black costume as a tribute to Superboy. [52w51]

Robin returns and rejoins the Teen Titans. The only active members are Beast Boy, Ravager and Kid Devil. [TT #34]

Beast Boy quits the team to aid the Doom Patrol. [TT #34]

Robin experiments with cloning in an attempt to bring back Superboy. [TT #34]

The Teen Titans: One Year Later

A large group of heroes – including a powerless Bart Allen, Donna Troy (as Wonder Woman), Wonder Girl, Robin, Ravager and Kid Devil – gather to mourn Superboy, Terra and Young Frankenstein. Donna comforts Wonder Girl. Robin reaches out to Wonder Girl, but she either ignores him or doesn’t hear him. Ravager meets Kid Devil for the first time. Kid Devil is anxious to meet Robin. [52w51]

The Green Lanterns help restore Starfire to full-power. Starfire returns to earth and visits Animal Man’s wife, Ellen. Once there, she discovers Animal Man is alive before she passes out from fatigue. [52w51]

Robin invites Wonder Girl to rejoin the team several times, but she refuses. [TT #34]

“One Year Later” begins. A rebuilt Cyborg awakens. The only active Titans members are Robin, Ravager and Kid Devil. Wendy and Marvin have become caretakers of Titans Tower. The team encounters the new Brotherhood of Evil. Wonder Girl is angered at Robin for abandoning his friends after Superboy’s death. [TT #34]

“One Year Later” begins. Jason Todd continues to operate as Nightwing in New York City. Dick Grayson tracks down rumors of Nightwing sightings in Manhattan. [NW #118]

“One Year Later” begins. Donna Troy – as Wonder Woman – faces her sister’s deadliest foes. [WW#1]

“One Year Later” begins. Bart Allen – after settling in Keystone City following the events of Infinite Crisis – finds that his speed powers have returned him. Now twenty years old, Bart assumes the mantle of the Flash and must battle his friend Griffin, who was acquired dangerous super-powers of his own. [F:TFMA #1]

“One Year Later” begins. Deathstroke recruits Risk, Riddler’s Daughter, Joker’s Daughter, Batgirl, Kid Crusader, Match, Sungirl and Inertia as his “Titans East” team. [TT #38, 43]

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