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Teen Titans in PREVIEWS

Dan Jurgens, writer/artist of the best-selling SUPERMAN #75, SUPERMAN/DOOMSDAY: HUNTER/PREY, ZERO HOUR and artist of DC VERSUS MARVEL, is joined by stellar artist George Pérez (NEW TITANS, WONDER WOMAN, SACHS AND VIOLENS) as they introduce a new team of heroes to inherit the mantle of a proud and familiar name: The Teen Titans!

THE TEEN TITANS is the new ongoing series that storms the DC Universe this August with the high-energy adventures of a new generation of metahumans — young heroes brought together by an insidious alien power that may be their common heritage. Combining fast-paced stories with intense characterization, humor, and boldly rendered art, THE TEEN TITANS is a more-than-worthy successor to previous incarnations of the team, and the perfect pick for both new and longtime fans.

On the faraway world of Titan, largest moon of the planet Saturn, alien scientists are conducting an inhuman experiment upon a 16-year-old girl. Her name is Prism, and she, along with several others on Earth — Risk, Argent and Joto — are to be the weapons of conquest in an alien invasion. Their very DNA secretly altered at conception, the genetically programmed teens all go “meta”at once as they become the unwilling pawns in the aliens’ deadly plot. Only The Atom, a classic DC hero who was rejuvenated in ZERO HOUR, can break the aliens’ hold on the kids and galvanize them into a team that can defend their world from the extraterrestrial threat.

With the unprecedented pairing of two creative powerhouses like Jurgens and Pérez, THE TEEN TITANS is certain to be an instant blockbuster with its all-new heroes and 90s flavor. Expect bold adventures, explosive action, deadly villains, and awesome guest-stars as this series supercharges a classic DC tradition.

Preview art by Dan Jurgens & George Pérez.
This image – an homage of the first appearance of the
New Uncanny X-Men – appeared in PREVIEWS magazine.


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