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Teen Titans: Episode Guide

 Season One

Overview: With super skills and powers galore, these crimefighting partners kick butt and squash evil like nobody’s business! Watch as the Titans face all your favorite villains – Mad Mod, The Puppet King, Killer Moth and of course their arch-nemesis Slade – in one power-packed showdown after another!

Episode 01: Divide & Conquer
Cyborg quits the Teen Titans after getting into an argument with Robin, and allowing Cinderblock to escape. Can the Titans defeat the morphing Plasmus without their robotic teammate?

Episode 02: Sisters
Starfire’s sister, Blackfire, seems to click with all the Titans better than she does but possesses a secret of which they are unaware.

Episode 03: Final Exam
Gizmo, Mammoth and Jinx – members of Hive Academy – try to make an impression on Slade by taking out the Titans.

Episode 04: Forces of Nature
Dark clouds blow in, bringing Thunder and Lightning, two stormy brothers whose idea of fun is wrecking everything in sight.

Episode 05: Sum of His Parts
Cyborg’s power cell dies during a wild junkyard battle with the Amazing Mumbo. The Titans fear Mumbo has taken their friend, and search the city for Cyborg.

Episode 06: Nevermore
When Cyborg and Beast Boy find a Mysterious Mirror in Raven’s room, they’re suddenly transported to a strange nightmare world that’s somehow connected to Raven.

Episode 07: Switched
When The Puppet King imprisons Robin, Cyborg, and Beast Boy inside wooden puppets, Raven and Starfire are going to have to understand each other if they want to survive.

Episode 08: Deep Six
Aqualad joins the Teen Titans to stop a mysterious amphibious villain named Trident, who has stolen a boatload of toxic waste.

Episode 09: Masks
Red X – a mysterious super-thief blows into town trying to steal a high-tech computer ship. And Red X somehow knows just how to disarm each of the Teen Titans.

Episode 10: Mad Mod
The Titans awake to find themselves captured as prisoners of Mad Mod, a madcap bad guy in a psychedelic suit.

Episode 11: Car Trouble
Cyborg has just finished building the vehicle of his dreams: the super-cool , uberfast, ultra-high-tech T-CAR! But Cy’s new wheels soon fall into the wrong hands.

Episode 12: Apprentice [Part One]
Slade contacts the Teen Titans and unveils his master plan: A Chronoton Detonator – – a sinister-looking high-tech device has the ability to stop time… forever.

Episode 13: Apprentice [Part Two]
With no signs of Robin, the four remaining Teen Titans search the city for their missing leader. But their search is cut short when the Titan signal alerts them to a new villain in town.

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 Season Two

Overview: Dangerous enemy or lifelong friend? That’s the question of Season 2 when Terra, a free-spirited teen with awesome earth-manipulating powers, rolls into town. When Slade eyes the volatile young girl as his new apprentice, trusting Terra could prove to be a fatal mistake for the Teen Titans!

Episode 14: How Long Is Forever?
Warp pulls into his Time Vortex and she is hurled 20 years into the future. There, she makes a disturbing discovery: the Titans are history.

Episode 15: Every Dog Has His Day
It’a a case of mistaken identity when Beast Boy is confused with a strange green alien dog.

Episode 16: Terra
The Titans meet Terra, small teenage girl with big powers. But Terra has a secret… a terrible secret.

Episode 17: Only Human
When the other Titans are captured, Cyborg is forced to fight a giant robot called Atlas. Can Cyborg exceed his limitations and save his friends?

Episode 18: Fear Itself
When a ghostly, unknown force starts hunting down the Titans one by one,Titans Tower turns into a house of horrors – and even Raven gets rattled.

Episode 19: Date With Destiny
Killer Moththreatens to destroy the city with a flying army of mutant moths, unless Robin takes his teenage daughter Kitten to her junior prom.

Episode 20: Transformation
When a strange red bump appears on her forehead, Star becomes concerned. Is Starfire turning into some sort of horrible alien monster?

Episode 21: Titan Rising
Terra returns to Titans Tower — and this time, she’s ready to join the team. Can Terra win the Titans’ trust and become a full-fledged member of the team?

Episode 22: Winner Take All
Robin, Cyborg, and Beast Boy are transported to an alternate dimension. There, the mysterious Master of Games invites our heroes and five other superpowered teens to participate in a friendly competition.

Episode 23: Betrayal
After a few weeks as a Teen Titan, Terra has everything she ever wanted: a nice home, good friends, and even a little romance with Beast Boy. Everything seems perfect… but is it?

Episode 24: Fractured
Robin gets a helpful visit from his Number One Fan: a short little weirdo from another dimension known as Larry the Titan!

Episode 25: Aftershock [Part One]
A long lost friend of the Titans returns with a vengenance — and Slade orders Overload, Cinderblock, and Plasmus to launch a series of sinister strikes all over the city.

Episode 26: Aftershock [Part Two]
In a world without Titans, Slade has taken control of everything: the streets, the city, and the heart of his young Apprentice. But are our heroes really gone?

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 Season Three

Overview: The brainwashing villian Blood Brother has his mind set on controlling the world and it’s up to the Teen Titans – Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Beast Boy and Raven – to stop him. Even with help from the new Titans East, formed by heroes Speedy, Aqualad, Bumblebee and high-speed flying twin Mas Y Menos, this battle may be too much to comprehend!


Episode 27: Deception
School’s back in session at the HIVE academy, and Gizmo, Jinx and Mammoth are up to something. To find out what, the Titans send Cyborg on a daring undercover mission.

Episode 28: X
When the Titans track down the culprit of a string of recent robberies, our heroes are shocked to find themselves facing the foe they never thought they’d see again: Robin’s evil alter-ego, Red X.

Episode 29: Betrothed
The Teen Titans take a trip to Starfire’s home planet, Tamaran. But this is no ordinary visit: The Grand Ruler of Tamaran has arranged for Starfire to be married!

Episode 30: Crash
When Beast Boy mistakes Cyborg’s system recharger for a video game system, he accidentily infects it with a nasty computer virus.

Episode 31: Haunted
Ever since the Titans final confrontation with Slade, Robin has been haunted by one question: Is Slade really gone? When Cinderblock breaks out of jail, Robin finally gets his answer: he sees Slade.

Episode 32: Spellbound
Raven feels alone at Titans Tower… until she discovers a charming young Wizard named Malchior in the pages of an ancient book.

Episode 33: Revolution
The Titans’ Fourth of July festivities are cut short when Mad Mod reclaims the city for Jolly Old England.

Episode 34: Wavelength
Cyborg learns that Brother Blood stole his blueprints – and the villain is using Cy’s technology to create a doomsday device.

Episode 35: The Beast Within
When Beast Boy begins turning into an angry and aggresive Man-Beast against his will, can the Titans save themselves from their savage friend?

Episode 36: Can I Keep Him?
Starfire adopts a weird mutant silkworm named silkie as a pet.

Episode 37: Bunny Raven
The Amazing Mumbo sucks the Titans into his hat…. where our heroes discover a strange magical world of weirdness.

Episode 38: Titans East [part one]
The final showdown between Cyborg and Brother Blood culminates in the creation of a new branch of the Titans team.

Episode 39: Titans East [part two]
The final showdown between Cyborg and Brother Blood culminates in the creation of a new branch of the Titans team.

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 Season Four

Overview: It’s Raven’s birthday and the Teen Titans are ready to celebrate, all except the birthday girl who dreads the day each year because she knows an awful secret surrounds her birth. Her worst fears come true when a villain fromthe past crashes the party to deliver a fateful present: Raven’s destiny is to destroy the world!

Episode 40: Episode 257-494
Can the Titans make their way through the wacky world of television to catch the channel-flipping bad guy? Or will Control Freak make our heroes flip out?

Episode 41: Cyborg The Barbarian
Cyborg is mysteriously thrown into the distant past and lands in the middle of a barbarian village that needs his help. But with the nearest charging station 5,000 years in the future, Cy has no way to recharge, and his power supply is dwindling.

Episode 42: Birthmark
Slade is back and this time he’s after Raven. But the Teen Titans question why.

Episode 43: The Quest
When Robin is defeated by the malicious martial artist Kitarou, he embarks on a difficult quest to seek a mysterious, legendary teacher known only as … The True Master.

Episode 44: Employee of the Month
Beast Boy has only one real dream in life — to someday, somehow own a Moped. And when Robin won’t buy him one and Cyborg won’t build him one, Beast Boy has only one way to make his dream come true he has to get a job.

Episode 45: TROQ
A brave hero from outer space called Val-Yor comes to Earth, and asks for the Titans help in defeating an otherworldly menace known as The Locrix. But according to Val-Yor, Starfire may be the real problem…

Episode 46: The Prophecy
Why did Slade come back? Ever since the return of their arch-nemesis, the Titans have been searching for answers. But is there something Raven isn’t telling them?

Episode 47: Stranded
An exciting battle on a distant space station ends with a tremendous explosion that blows the T-Ship apart — and sends the Titans flying off in five different directions to crashland on a Strange alien world.

Episode 48: Overdrive
Cyborg is a guy with a “can do” attitude. But when Cyborg meets his multi-tasking match in the duplicitous Billy Numerous, can Cy really push himself to the max?

Episode 49: Mother Mae-Eye
Every child needs a mother — even five superpowered sweeties who live in a giant “T” …

Episode 50: The End [Part One]
The stars are aligned. The sun is in eclipse. All of Slade’s labors are about to reach fruition — and the Titans are about to face their greatest challenge ever. But is there really any hope of preventing the end of the world?

Episode 51: The End [Part Two]
The Titans are about to face their greatest challenge ever. But is there really any hope of preventing the end of the world?

Episode 52: The End [Part Three]
The Titans are about to face their greatest challenge ever. But is there really any hope of preventing the end of the world?

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 Season Five

Overview: The teen scene is over for these adolescent phenoms – Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Beast Boy and Raven – as they launch into a feud with the ultimate team of villains: The Brotherhood of Evil. Led by criminal mastermind Brain, this motley group – Madam Rouge, Monsieur Mallah and General Immortus – plots to rid the world of every young super hero.

Episode 53: Homecoming [Part One]
When Beast Boy’s former team THE DOOM PATROL is in trouble, the Titans must embark on a daring mission to save them.

Episode 54: Homecoming [Part Two]
The Doom Patrol has been saved, but the sinister Brotherhood of Evil is still on the loose. It’s just like old times for Beast Boy when he finds himself back on the team for one last mission – to stop the Brotherhood once and for all.

Episode 55: Trust
The Brotherhood of Evil has begun its master plan to eliminate all of the young superheroes around the globe, starting with honorary Titans Wildebeest and Hotspot.

Episode 56: For Real
Control Freak returns to Titan Tower with “The Ultimate Titans Challenge”, and faces off against Titans East.

Episode 57: Snowblind
When Starfire is lost in a blinding snowstorm, a reclusive young soldier named Red Star comes to her aid. When Robin and the rest of the Titans arrive, they discover Red Star hides not only a tragic past, but a destructive secret.

Episode 58: Kole
While in the Arctic Circle, the Teen Titans once again take on Dr. Light. And when an accident sends the Titans through the ice, they discover a new exotic Underworld –and two new superheroes, Kole and her caveman sidekick Gnarrk

Episode 59: Hide and Seek
Raven must transport three rambunctious future superheroes to safety. But this simple task turns into an adventure in babysitting as Raven and her young charges are chased through the Alps by the Brotherhood of Evil’s Msr. Mallah.

Episode 60: Lightspeed
The Hive Five’s crime spree is cut short when a new hero in town spoils the fun. Handing him over to the Brotherhood of Evil may score the Hive Five points, but actually catching this lightning-fast do-gooder is much harder than it seems.

Episode 61: Revved Up
Robin’s most prized possession is stolen by the hip hot-rodder DING DONG DADDY, and to get it back they’re going to have to beat him in a cross-country ROAD RACE.

Episode 62: Go
How did ROBIN meet STARFIRE? What was BEAST BOY’s first joke? Why did CYBORG build his Sonic Cannon? When did RAVEN first call the Titans her friends? Return to the very beginning and see how it all started – from the word “GO!”

Episode 63: Calling All Titans
The final game has begun. While the Titans are spread out throughout the globe on one last mission, Brotherhood mastermind the Brain makes his move.

Episode 64: Titans Together
One by one, the Brotherhood of Evil takes all the Titans down. But as The Brain claims his victory is assured, one brave hero manages to slip thorough the Brotherhood of Evil’s grasp.

Episode 65: Things Change
The Teen Titans are finally back home. But a walk through the city reveals that things are no longer as they remembered. And while Beast Boy wants everything to be just like it was in the past, he has to face the fact that in life things change.

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 “Teen Titans: Trouble In Tokyo” + Lost Episode

Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo is the first feature-length animated adventure for the popular superhero unit, and its producers pull no punches in delivering a stylish and crowd-pleasing story for the Titans’ considerable fan base. Trouble takes the Titans–Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Raven, and Beast Boy–to the Land of the Rising Sun after the ninja Saico-Tek assaults Titans Tower. Once in Japan, the team discovers that a mysterious figure known as Brushogen (who is considered only a myth by the authorities) is behind Saico-Tek and a horde of anime-inspired creatures that are laying waste to Tokyo.

Will the Titans locate Brushogen before his monsters cause more havoc? And will the long-simmering emotions shared by Robin and Starfire finally come to a head in this exotic location? The answers, of course, are all to be found in this 75-minute blast, which gives the Titans faithful all the action and smart scripting they’ve come to expect from the weekly series, as well as a few pleasant surprises and numerous nods to Japanese pop culture.

The DVD contains two supplemental features: “The Lost Episode,” which aired only on the site, and an interactive game, “Robin’s Underworld Race Challenge.”

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