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TEEN TITANS #99 Cover, Issue #97 Preview

From Newsarama: Here’s an exclusive preview of the cover of August’s TEEN TITANS #99, featuring Superboy Prime’s new Legion of Doom, and a preview of this week’s issue #97. Check out the preview here.

Looks like Superboy Prime, Head Case, Ineria, Sungirl, Persuader II, Indigo and Zookeeper. Interesting! Looks like this series might be going out with a bang!

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    I rather like this. It comes off as a very epic conclusion for the current version of the Teen Titans. They’re final battle against their most vicious foes, all led by Superboy Prime who lets be honest is solely responsible for the teams instability for the last few years. After he killed off Conner Kent, the team never really regained its footing. They constantly were shifting in terms of members, no one got along and the more time passed the more the team looked ready to collapse on itself. This story kinda brings us full circle. The team that’s been assembled is the strongest it’s been in years. This a team who not only likes each other, but works well with each other. Having them face off the guy who ruined it all and their greatest enemies, looks to be a good farewell.

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    Good insights, Red Robin. And I agree! Too bad Krul and Scott couldn’t have lasted longer…