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Teen Titans #44 Letter Column

A groovy flashback lettercol
from Teen Titans #44 (the first issue of the 1970’s revival)

That’s right, those terrific Junior super-heroes, the thunderous Teen Titans have returned from comic book limbo and will be featured in their very own book from now on.

But what happened? Why did Robin, Kid Flash, Speedy, Wonder Girl, Aqualad and Mal vanish after that 43rd issue way back in late 1972? And why did they wait so long to make their dynamic revival? Lets look back to find an answer.

Back in 1972 the turbulent throng of super-heroes was fast waning, It was sunset after a sensational surge that began in 1966 with the debut of the fabulously successful Batman television show. Robin, along with virtually every other super-hero, found himself to be a star-a celebrity with fame and recognition tar surpassing that of the comic books he’d appeared in. But after six sizzling years, the flame of fame was flickering out and the smoldering ashes were not enough to keep Robins compatriots flying high. TEEN TITANS bit the dust.

Robin, however, was so well established he had no trouble holding his own-in solo stories in DETECTIVE COUICS and in his mentor’s BATMAN comic and finally, as the rotating lead or as team mate to Batgirl in the pages of BATMAN FAMILY.

We didn’t lose Kid Flash either. He was teamed with Flash and ran through many solo spots in Barry Allen’s alter-ego’s mag. The same is true of Aquaman’s partner. Aqualad, (who will return in our next issue, by the way.).

But we have seen little (If anything at all) of the remaining Titans since that last Issue. What has transpired in the lives of Mal, Lilith, Gnarrk and Hawk and the Dove In those years between then and now? And will we see them all again In these pages?

Mal, as you probably discovered, Is still a member in good standing. In fact, he’s elevated to super-hero status this Issue with his transformation to the Guardian. But what about the others? Lilith, the mental marvel of the group has faded into obscurity. Perhaps, as we last saw her in issue #43. she Is still searching for the family she never knew-seeking the answers to the origin of her strange powers.

Beast Boy, junior member of the famed Doom Patrol, who had the uncanny ability to change his form into any animal of the wilds, has not been heard of for years. Maybe he has joined with his step-father Mento and Is roaming the universe.

Gnarrk, the caveboy from the prehistoric past, has also stepped from the limelight and nothing is known of his present whereabouts, It was often felt he was not at home in this age and it would be best to attempt to return him to his rightful home. Perhaps that task was finally completed.

Hank and Don Hall, in their Identities of Hawk and the Dove, fought crime with force and compassion, respectively, and met the Titans on numerous occasions Ripped from the headlines of the last decade, the pair seems almost antiquated by today and it is assumed they have retired.

Despite the changes in their lives and the passage of time, the remaining Titans came through the mystic limbo of non-publication in good health – unaged, still teens and still titanic.

Confronted with this potentially powerful and popular team, we needed to see If they could once again hold their collective place in the sun. A re-presentations In the first issue of DC SUPER-STARS and in SUPER-TEAM FAMILY clearly showed (by your letters and the nation’s sales reports) that the Teen Titans did indeed deserve a second chance with new, more modern and more exciting adventures.

The task was handed to our Managing Editor, Joe Orlando, who assigned Paul Levitz and Nick Cuti the script and Pablo Marcos and Bob Smith the art. The result of their combined efforts are in your hands and it heralds the second coming of the most powerful team of teens on earth! We reiterate: The Teen Titans are back!”

Where do we go from here? Well, the first step is down the hail to the office of Senior Editor Julius Schwartz who wIll take over the editorial reins of THE TEEN TITANS with the very next issue! Bob Rozakis will be behind the typewrIter and lrv Novick will be leaning over his drawing board for the future of the Teen Titans.

We’d like to know what you think of the new Teen Titans and what you would like to see in their subsequent issued. You can write and tell us at: TELL IT TO THE TITANS, National Periodicals. 75 Rockefeller Plaza. New York, New York 10019l

Next: The Titans find “You Can’t Say No to the Angel of Death (or can you?).” as they face the fearsome street gang known as The Wreckers!


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