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Teen Titans #1 Cover Controversy

CBR writer Janelle AsselinĀ breaks down the Anatomy of a Bad Cover:

“Artist Kenneth Rocafort is not completely to blame for the fact that the new “Teen Titans” #1 cover is terrible, although he is obviously partially responsible. A really talented artist, I think Rocafort has the potential to draw comics I want to read. The color on this cover is gorgeous. His faces are wonderful. But beyond those positive aspects, there’s just too much wrong.

Let’s start with the elephant in the room: Wonder Girl’s rack. Perhaps I’m alone in having an issue with an underaged teen girl being drawn with breasts the size of her head (seriously, line that stuff up, each breast is the same size as her face) popping out of her top. Anatomy-wise, there are other issues — her thigh is bigger around than her waist, for one — but let’s be real. The worst part of this image, by far, are her breasts. The problem is not that she’s a teen girl with large breasts, because those certainly exist. The main problem is that this is not the natural chest of a large-breasted woman. Those are implants. On a teenaged superheroine. Natural breasts don’t have that round shape (sorry, boys).”

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