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Tarantula II

Bludhaven Ally/Adversary
Catalina Flores

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Catalina Flores left the FBI to return to her native town of Bludhaven. Finding the city she once loved wallowing in corruption, Catalina wanted to do something to make a difference. She reconnected with her brother, Mateo, who had become the city’s district attorney. Soon, she also met Jon Law, the former hero known as the Tarantula. Catalina had great respect for the Tarantula’s crime-fighting career in the 1940s. Inspired by Law, Catalina decided to become a costumed vigilante as the second Tarantula.

Tarantula took to the skies of Bludhaven and met its most prominent vigilante hero, Nightwing. Tarantula sought Nightwing as a crime-fighting partner, but he refused due to Catalina’s reckless methods. Nightwing later discovered that Tarantula was responsible for the murder of corrupt Police Chief Redhorn. After Nightwing brought her to justice, she was freed thanks to strings pulled by her brother, Mateo. Following that, Bludhaven kingpin Blockbuster employed Tarantula to spy on Nightwing after the criminal kingpin discovering his dual identity.

Catalina as Tarantula II

Blockbuster’s vengeance campaign escalated, as he targeted everyone Dick Grayson knew and loved. The brutal crimelord bombed Dick Grayson’s apartment complex, killing most of its residents, including John Law. This prompted Tarantula to join Nightwing in bringing Blockbuster down. Nightwing reluctantly accepted Catalina’s offer for help, also believing he could rehabilitate her.

Nightwing was able to secure a recorded confession by Blockbuster, but the tape was destroyed by Catalina’s brother, Mateo, who made a deal with the kingpin to secure his sister’s safety. When every legal attempt to bring in Blockbuster failed, Nightwing felt utterly defeated. And as Tarantula shot Blockbuster dead at point blank range, Nightwing neglected to stop her. Following the murder, Catalina took advantage of Nightwing’s fragile state for a moment of passion.

Nightwing’s inaction leads to Blockbuster’s death at the hands of Tarantula,
as seen in NIGHTWING #93 [2004].

Nightwing’s inaction in that moment became a source of tremendous guilt for the young hero. Eventually, Nightwing emerged from his depression and took matters into his own hands. He gave Tarantula one chance to turn herself in. Feeling shocked, betrayed and confused, Tarantula attempted to flee. But Nightwing apprehended the vigilante and turned her over to the Bludhaven Police. Completely unaware of the gravity of her actions, Tarantula undoubtedly feels betrayed by Nightwing.

 Powers & Weapons

Tarantula is an above-average fighter and skilled in martial arts. She also uses low-level poisons to temporarily paralyze her opponents. Tarantula is borderline psychopathic; She has absolutely no sense of the meaning of right and wrong.


A 2001 Nighwing commission by Scott McDaniel.

Essential Reading

Nightwing #71 [2002]: Catalina Flores arrives in Bludhaven.
Nightwing #75 [2002]:
First appearance of Tarantula II. With the city’s police department in chaos, street gangs try to assert themselves, making for a very long night for our hero. Added to the mix is a new rooftop vigilante with a familiar costume – Tarantula.
Nightwing #87-92 [2003-2004]:
Blockbuster’s vengeance campaign escalates as he wrongfully blames Nightwing for the death of his mother. The criminal kingpin bombs Dick Grayson’s apartment complex, killing most of its residents, including Dick’s Romanian grandfather. Tarantula becomes entangled with Blockbuster and then teams up with Nightwing.
Nightwing #93 [2004]: Blockbuster is killed by Tarantula as Nightwing watches.
Nightwing #94-99 [2004-2005]: Nightwing and Tarantula hit the road together on the run. Nightwing is plagued by guilt.
Nightwing #100 [2005]: Nightwing brings in Tarantula and turns himself in for the murder of Blockbuster. Amy covers up Dick’s involvement.

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