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Starfire’s Home Planet

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The planet Tamaran lies approximately 26 light-years from Earth in the star -system Vega.

Tamaran is populated by a race of golden-skinned humanoids who (unlike Earthlings, whose ancestral heritage can be traced back to primates) are descended from a feline race and who worship the goddess X’ Hal. Many millennia ago, the Tamaranean race either migrated or was brought to Tamaran from the neighboring planet Okaara. As they made the world their own, the Tamaraneans established a planetary government that evolved into a feudal society. Each landmass was ruled by a royal family, under the dominion of which exist smaller city-states ruled by Influential families.

The Tamaraneans are a passionate people driven more by emotion than reason. While they are unusually fierce warriors, their capacity for love is even greater than their capacity for hate; as a result, war and strife were for many centuries long forgotten on Tamaran. Instead, the people channeled their energies into creating a tropical utopia, a paradise where they could live in harmony with the wildlife and where battle skills were maintained largely for ceremony’s sake.

Unfortunately, with the rise in power in the Vegan system of the bloodthirsty race called the Citadel, Tamaran was eventually reintroduced to war. Tamaran re-ouffitted its armies and, led by the royal house of King Myand’r, managed to lend off a Citadelian invasion for more than an Earth century. Tamaran’s defenses, however, were finally breached when Myand’r’s daughter Komand’r defected to the Citadel and revealed crucial military secrets. In the ensuing battle, millions of Tamaraneans were killed; the entire race would have been annihilated had not King Myand’r ruefully negotiated a solemn truce, the signature of which involved sacrificing his other daughter, Koriand’r, to the slavers of the Citadel.

ABOVE: Koriand’r relates her troubled childhood in NEW TEEN TITANS #3 [1981].
BELOW: Kory reunites with her family in NEW TEEN TITANS ANNUAL #1 [1982].

Civil War

Despite this truce, Tamaran’s troubles were far from over. The citizens of Tamaran saw the sacrifice of their beloved Princess Koriand’r as a tremendous act of weakness on Myand’r’s part and instigated a worldwide civil war. Komand’r returned and in spite of the intervention of Koriand’r – now known as Starfire of the New Titans – she successfully usurped Myand’r’s throne.

During this time, Komand’r seized control of Tamaran, with her parents acting as her advisors. Koriand’r returned to Earth.

Later, Komand’r had come to realize that it was her own hate that made her despise the world that had spurned her. Using her abilities, Komand’r helped to free Tamaran and stopped a terrorist invasion. Komand’r ruled Tamaran justly and honorably, with both a warrior’s fist and a queen’s heart.

Komand’r wrests Tamaran’s rule in NEW TEEN TITANS (second series) #23 [1987].

Deadly Destruction

Starfire later returned to Tamaran, respecting her sister’s rule. But soon, both sisters were embroiled in an interplanetary conflict within the Vegan Star System, incited by Evil Raven. Starfire enlisted the help of the New Titans as well as Cyborg, whose consciousness had been absorbed by the alien Technis. Despite the utter defeat of Evil Raven, the loss was great.

Brave General Ph’yzzon alerted King Myand’r and Queen Mother Luand’r of the situation. The two called for an evacuation plan, to vowed to stay on the planet to man what ground defenses remained. But the Psion attack caused the core of Tamaran to implode, consuming the entire planet – and claiming the lives of  Myand’r and Luand’r.

Myand’r and Luand’r sacrifice their lives in NEW TITANS #128 [1995].

New Tamaran

Komand’r and Koriand’r then gathered the surviving Tamaraneans who were off-world during the explosion, and vowed to rebuild their culture on a planet dubbed New Tamaran. But when the Sun Eater ravaged the galaxy, New Tamaran lay in its path. An alien woman named Dusk tried to warn the Tamaraneans of the impending doom, but Queen Komand’r was too short sighted and xenophobic to listen. Starfire believed Dusk, but Komand’r labeled her sister a traitor and banished her. Starfire left her new homeworld, unable to prevent its destruction. New Tamaran was engulfed by the Sun Eater, along with many of the remaining Tamaraneans.

The Shared Homeworld of Karna

After receiving an urgent summons from Prince Ryand’r, Starfire and her fellow Titans became embroiled in a struggle between the remaining Tamaraneans and their hated enemies, the Gordanians, for possession of the planet Karna. Tempest – using his ambassador skills – offered a solution: the Tamaraneans and Gordanians could share the planet. The Gordanians would allow the Tamaraneans to stay. And in exchange, the Tamaraneans would teach the Gordanians  new trades outside of slavery, thus bolstering their reputation in the galaxy. As both Both races agreed to these terms, Koriand’r elected to remain on Karna and rebuild the culture of her people as Princess.

Shortly afterward, tragedy struck once again. During the “Our Worlds At War” crisis, a series of Imperiex probes destroyed Karna. This marked the third Tamaranean homeworld that was destroyed. To avenge her people, Starfire returned to earth to aid her friends against the Imperiex invasion.

The Shared Homeworld of Rann

Following the explosion of Tamaran, it was assumed Komand’r was killed as well. But the proud Warrior Queen resurfaced again during the Rann/Thanagar War. With the remaining Tamaraneans reduced to a wandering race, Komand’r was determined to find a home for her people regardless of the cost!

Soon Blackfire came into conflict with Vril Dox, who was terraforming the planet Rann in the same location Tamaran once stood. The enraged Blackfire and her troops battled Vril’s R.E.B.E.L.S. quite fiercely. But the tide of battle was turned by new R.E.B.E.L.S. ally, Starfire, who helped quell her sister’s rage once again.

Despite her ruthless methods, Blackfire’s strong leadership kept her nomadic Tamaraneans united. And as usual, Vril Dox had thought of all the angles. As part of the Thanagarian/Rann peace treaty, Dox allowed the Tamaraneans to occupy the uninhabited southern continent of Rann.


Essential Reading

Tales of the New Teen Titans #4 [1982]: 4-issue mini series. As the Titans take a break on a camping trip, the new members reveal their origins. The origin of Starfire.
New Teen Titans #23-25, New Teen Titans Annual #1 [1982]: Princess Koriand’r’s evil sister, Komand’r, captures Starfire and takes the name “Blackfire;” Blackfire seizes control of the Citadel and attempts to usurp control of Tamaran and the Vegan system. The two sisters battle on Tamaran, and the Titans team up with the Omega Men to bring Starfire back to Earth. Robin confesses his love for Starfire.
New Teen Titans (second series) #15-18 [1986]: Komand’r has incited civil war on Tamaran, and King Myand’r tells Starfire that she must marry the Prince of Tamaran’s southern continent in order to stop this mayhem.
New Teen Titans (second series) #22-23 [1986]: Starfire learns that the Tamaraneans prefer Komand’r’s rule over King Myand’r’s; The two sisters battle until their father intercedes, declaring that Komand’r shall remain ruler of Tamaran; The Council of Elders insists that the Royal Family rule at Komand’r’s side.
New Titans Annual #6 [1990]: Karras’ sister Xyannis and her lover Zorgan are shown as wanton criminals. Fleeing authorities, they travel to Tamaran and manipulate the Tamaraneans into doing their fighting for them. Queen Komand’r. summons her sister, Koriand’r to return to Tamaran to aid them. 
New Titans #127-130 [1995]: 
To ferret out Starfire, evil Raven incites a conflict in the Vegan star system. Tamaran is destroyed, killing many inhabitants including Starfire’s parents. A general in the Tamaranean fleet named Ph’yzzon aids the Titans and reveals he and Starfire are married. The Titans are able to destroy evil Raven utterly, and restore good Raven into a new spiritual golden body. Starfire decides to rebuild her culture on a new planet; many Tamaraneans were off-world during the explosion – enough to settle on a new planet dubbed New Tamaran.
Final Night Preview [1996]: 
As the Sun Eater ravages the galaxy, the planet of New Tamaran lay in its path. Starfire leaves the planet and is unable to prevent its destruction. New Tamaran is destroyed by the Sun Eater – along with many of the remaining Tamaraneans and Koriand’r’s new husband, Ph’yzzon. This story was originally produced as a 6-page prelude to the FINAL NIGHT crossover, and given away free. It was later included in the FINAL NIGHT trade paperback. Death of Ph’yzzon.
Titans #17-19 [2000]:
 Starfire and the team head into space to help her people, the Tamaraneans, settle a new world and wind up mixed up in a major star war. The Titans realize they’re backing the wrong side by allying themselves with Starfire’s people. Tempest is able to organize a peace between the Tamaranean and Gordanian outer-space armadas. Starfire quits the team to lead her people on their new shared homeworld, Karna. Meanwhile, back on earth, Arsenal learns some shocking secrets about Damage – that Grant was abused as a child by his foster father. Damage quits the team and begins emotional healing at the reservation Arsenal grew up in. Plus, Dick Grayson reveals his identity to Jesse in an attempt to persuade her to rejoin the team. Starfire and Damage leave the team.
Superman: Our Worlds At War Secret Files #1 [2001]: The destructive force known as Imperiex begins to wreak havoc on untold numbers of worlds. Karna – the Tamaranean/Gordanian shared homeworld – is destroyed by series of Imperiex probes. Starfire joins the alien alliance.
The Rann-Thanagar War #1-6 [2005]: War has broken out between Adam Strange’s adopted planet of Rann and Hawkwoman’s home planet of Thanagar and various alien races are trying to take advantage of the hostilities as various space-based DC characters try to get to the bottom of the conflict. Blackfire returns, revealed to have survived the explosion of Tamaran in Final Night Preview [1996].
R.E.B.E.L.S. #16-17 [2010]: A newly re-powered Blackfire learns Vril Dox has authorized for a new planet Rann to be terraformed where Tamaran once stood. After an enraged Blackfire battles Starfire and the R.E.B.E.L.S., Dox allows the Tamaraneans to occupy the uninhabited southern continent of this new planet Rann.


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