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Superboy Spotlight: Scott Lobdell

To celebrate the release of the first DCnU Superboy trade paperback, Scott Lobdell spoke with DC’s The Source blog:

“I would have been a lot more intimidated at the thought of reintroducing Superboy to a new audience if I wasn’t working with the phenomenally talented artist R.B. Silva. From the Jimmy Olsen back-up feature to illustrating the all new adventures of Superboy? It made perfect sense to anyone who saw how devoted he is to making sure his characters nearly leap off of every page!” writer Scott Lobdell told THE SOURCE.

“While the original intent was to preserve as much of Superboy’s original origin as possible … as changes were made to Superman (the Kents were not alive) and Teen Titans (this was to be the first gathering of teen superheroes with that name) it became clearer that Kon El just could have not existed as he was originally created. So it was left to me to try to preserve what was most important about his origin — the core of the character — so that new fans and old would come to love Superboy for the always exciting character that he is and always has been!”

“Since you are reading this exclusive SOURCE blog, it is only fair that I give you an exclusive story… but only if you promise not to blab it all over the Black Hole that is Tumblr! When I was naming Daniel Templar in Superboy, I accidentally typed a ‘Z’ instead of ‘D.’ When I read it after I turned it into my editor (hey, Chris!) I noticed the typo and I thought ‘Zaniel?! What an interesting name!’ and so I left it!”

Read the whole article here.

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    “Preserver what was more interesting about the character”?

    With all due respect, nothing about the new Superboy is remotely close to old one that people were reading two years ago and before that.

    The original was a kid with a good heart, but who made impulsive decisions. He was a fun although something full of himself, little horndog. His whole thing was that he wanted to be Superman one day, but in truth just wanted to be part of something special (his family with the Kents and Titans would be that thing). He matured into a smart and sweet character, who cared about everyone around him, and who always tried to do the right thing, even when he did the wrong thing.

    The new Superboy is a heartless creature, who doesn’t understand anything about the world, who doesn’t seem to really care about doing the right thing, and who has to be force fed morality by people like Red Robin and Bunker. He’s not fun, but overly stoic, and he just comes off as a completely didn’t character.

    He has none of his history and none of his personality. This is a brand new character completely. I’m not sure one can claim the original stuff was preserved in comparison.

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    I believe Lobdells comments are born out of trying to appease the critics. I remember how upset I was when superboy was killed off, DCnU is the equivalent of killing off all of the characters we love. They exist in name only but are noting like their classic counterparts. Over the course of superboys life we saw him grow as a character, brash and impulsive and then grow to someone who took the responsibility of his place in the DCu seriously. THAT superboy is dead, and nothing remains on the new version.

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    The 1990s Kesel/Grummet Superboy is one of my favorite comic book runs, so it’s hard to top in my eyes.